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Watching the puppet show, Paris 1963. Colourised.
A pair of Cambridge undergraduates 1926. Colourised
Hungarian Revolution 1956, Budapest resistance fighters. Colourised .
Spanish Civil War, Republican militia German volunteer Liesel Carritt, September 1936. Colourised.
Spanish Civil War, Republican militia near Aragon front, September 1936. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian Sergeant Simon Steinberger, 14th Gendarmerie Command, in 1916. Colourised.
Raquel Welch in the 1950's. Colourised
WW1 Zeppelin LZ 49 attacks Paris, crashes on the return journey and is captured, 1916. Colourised.
Spanish Civil War, a Republican group of volunteer British ambulance drivers in Barcelona 1937. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian 3rd Battalion, K.u.K Infantry Regiment No.35 in Bohinjska Bistrica, 1915. Colourised.
WW1 Austro-Hungarian outpost on Monte Pin, 1916. Colourised.
WW1 German demonstration method of bombing from a plane, forward airfield Kolomea, Galicia 1916. Colourised.
Man Ray and his model, Paris 1930. Colourised.
Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich in 1959. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian alpine infantry 1916. Colourised.
Lt. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt outside his command tent, Camp Wikoff, Montauk in 1898. Colourised
WW1 German General August von Mackensen in 1914. Colourised.
Spanish Civil War, Republican Volunteers, Barcelona 1936. Colourised.
WW2 17 year-old Cecil Appleby on a visit to Junior Leaders school 1942. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian soldiers with a 4km range 70 cm diameter oxy-acetylene powered searchlight, 1916. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian Zugsführer(NCO), K.u.K Feldjäger Battalion, Eastern Front 1917. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian fighter ace Captain Raoul Stojsavljevic getting ready to fly a reconnaissance patrol on the Italian front 1917. Colourised.
WW2 1st East Surreys after battle patrol in enemy territory, Italy 1943. Colourised.
American shooting ace Annie Oakley photographed in the 1880's. Colourised.
Irish revolutionary Michael Collins in 1916. Colourised.
A young Clarke Gable during his oil worker days in the early 1920's. Colourised.
Spanish Civil War, young refugee girl in Barcelona, photographed by Robert Capa in 1939. Colourised .
French actress Danielle Darrieux photographed in 1954. Colourised .
WW2 Sniper Lance Corporal A.P. Proctor cleaning his rifle, Italy 1943. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian cavalry soldier, 1916. Colourised.
Al Capone after his arrest for vagrancy in Miami, 1930. Colourised.
WW2 Dutch Resistance fighter Freddie Oversteegen, ca 1942. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian soldiers billeted in an Italian farm house on the Piave Front 1918. Colourised.
WW2 Soldiers from the Polish 3 Carpathian Rifles, Faenza, Italy 1945. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian anti-aircraft machine gun position at Mihalyszallas 1917. Colourised.
WW1 German forward airfield Stanislau, Galicia in 1915. Colourised.
Vietnam War, Tet Offensive 1968, wife of government official grieves after his execution by Viet Cong insurgents. Colourised .
WW2 Polish AK officer Gustaw Budzyński, awarded Virtuti Militari Order during Warsaw uprising 1944, passed away this week aged 97. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian Regimental officers kitchen near Malga Laghetto, Trentino, May 1916. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian Lieutenant K.u.K. Tiroler Jägerregiment "Kaiserjäger“, ca. 1916. Colourised.
WW1 Officers of the III Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the Austro-Hungarian Polish Legions, eastern front circa 1916. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian officers of the K.u.K Kraftfahrtruppe in the Ottoman capital Constantinople, 1916. Colourised.
Spanish Civil War, Republican soldiers during the siege of Madrid, winter 1936-37. Colourised.
English novelist Georgette Heyer, popular in the 1920-30's. Colourised.
Kemal Atatürk founder of modern Turkey circa 1920. Colourised
Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, August 1968. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian paved trench of the Honvéd Infantry Regiment No.309 near Sosnów, 1916. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian infantry squad posing for the camera, circa 1916. Colourised.
The real life Dr Zhivago: Boris Pasternak with Olga Ivinskaya & her daughter Irina Emelyanova in 1957. Colourised.
WW2 French le Goumier Marocain North African colonial trooper fighting with the Americans in Sicily 1943.
WW1 Austro-Hungarian Polish Legion officer Lt. Col. Kazimierz Sosnkowski, 1915. Colourised.
WW2 Corporal A. Mulholland getting ready for a patrol in enemy territory, Italy 1944. Colourised.
Dancing for the bear, Paris 1961. Colourised.
A young Mick Jagger, circa 1950. Colourised.
Charles Dickens in 1867.
Actress Gloria Jean, circa 1941. Colourised.
Josie Caudill dreaming beyond the fence, Pie Town, New Mexico 1940. Colourised.
English mathematician Alan Turing in 1928. Colourised.
American singer Merrilee Rush in 1969. Colourised.
Six-Day War, Israeli general Ariel Sharon in 1966. Colourised.
Austrian Volunteer Corps in Mexico, Maximilian I reign, 1864-67. Colourised.
The Lady Of The Lake, Mary Ann Hillier photographed by Julia Cameron 1869. Colourised
Italian children waiting for milk distribution in Naples, 1948. Colourised.
WW1 German flying ace Leutnant Heinrich Gontermann, killed in 1917.
Actress Greta Garbo photographed by George Hurrell in 1930. Colourised
Spanish Civil War, Gerda Taro and Republican soldier during an attack on the Córdoba front, 1936. Colourised.
WW2 Women pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary Service during the Battle of Britain, 1940. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian crashed kuk fighter plane in Ostrozets, Volyn 1916. Colourised.
WW2 era actress Lynn Merrick celebrating Easter, mid 1940's. Colourised.
WW2 Czech soldiers Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš, SOE trained executioners of Reinhard Heydrich, 1942. Colourised.
Spanish Civil War, Czech and Canadian Republican volunteers, ca 1937. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian fighter plane takes off from Koledzyani airfield, Narajów, Galicia 1917. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian officers outside their shelter on the Piave Front 1918. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian officer 1916. Colourised
Spanish Civil War, Republican group of volunteer New Zealand nurses in 1937. Colourised.
English polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1909. Colourised
WW1 Austro Hungarian soldier Jozef Kovacs and his wife Rosa, Vienna, November 1916. Colourised.
WW2 Winston Churchill, 1941. Colourised.
WW2 AK nurse Zofia Langner, killed Warsaw uprising 1944. Colourised.
Spanish Civil War, Republican militia in Grañén, September 1936. Colourised.
A young Israeli sentry starts at her watch near Haifa, 1951. Colourised.
Lee Harvey Oswald in police custody after his arrest on the 22nd November 1963.
WW1 Senior officer inspection German forward airfield Brzezany, Galicia in 1915. Colourised.
WW2 prelude, signing of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact in August 1939. Colourised.
Actress Norma Shearer by George Hurrell 1939. Colourised
Barbara Bush(née Pierce) circa 1943. Colourised.
From a Daguerreotype of an old man, mid 1800's. Colourised.
WW1 Austro Hungarian troops after an Italian attack on their Kleiner Pal positions in September 1916. Colourised.
James Arthur Salter, 1st Baron Salter, the long forgotten co-founder, with his friend Jean Monnet, of the EU, 1936. Colourised.
Sheriff Pat Garrett circa 1880. Colourised.
James Butler Hickok in the early 1870's. Colourised.
British actress Sheila Sim, 1944. Colourised.
WW2 Paris Liberation Day 25th August 1944. Colourised.
Three Spanish women, Alicante 1933. Colourised
A young Alison Wilson, sometime in the 1940's. Colourised.
Le Flic, Tour de France 1935. Colourised.
WW2 Battle Of Britain RAF fighter pilot Flight Lieutenant Richard Hillary in 1940. Colourised.
Riccardo Clements, aka Adolf Eichmann, in Buenos Aires, Argentina ca 1960. Colourised.
Polish Nobel Prize Winning Author Henryk Sienkiewicz in the 1880's. Colourised.
The show trial & execution of Polish war hero Hieronim Dekutowski by the Communists in 1948. Colourised
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