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A Filipino-American family posing for a family portrait, Philippines 1912
Cats Blackie and Brownie Catching Squirts of Milk During Milking at Arch Badertscher’s dairy farm, Fresno, California, 1954
An elderly man in Innsbruck, Austria, circa 1975
King Island Eskimo woman and child, King Island, Alaska, between 1915 and 1925
Man in pressure suit with a beaker of boiling water in a vacuum chamber simulating an altitude of 65,000 feet, Feb. 8, 1953
An undercover police officer on duty in the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, New York. 1 July, 1969.
Eskimo man wearing gut parka holding string of fish, Nome, Alaska, between 1898 and 1900
Vincas Juska, A Lithuanian book smuggler that transport language books into Lithuania proper circa late 1800s.
Testing prototype space suit intended for use in NASA's Apollo moon landing program, Mojave Desert, California 1962
Portrait of Caucasian nobleman from Imeretia Ovalyani, taken in the studio of photographer Ermakov, Tbilisi, Georgia around 1890
Eskimo mother and child in Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska 1927
Glass worker carrying a tube of rolled glass at Pilkington Glass Ltd of St Helen's, Lancashire, 1918. photo by George P. Lewis
A Native American and White couple, El Reno, Oklahoma taken between 1889 and 1907
Two Maltese women talking, Malta circa 1950
Astronaut John B. Herrington, mission specialist, A Chickasaw man became first enrolled member of a Native American tribe to fly in space. 2 April 2002
Knife thrower and child in 1940s
Eskimo woman in mid-air during traditional Blanket Toss, Alaska, probably between 1960 and 1970
Eskimo medicine man exorcising evil spirits from a sick boy, Nushagak, Alaska, 1924
A twin in a Russian street, Soviet Union, 1968
A Spanish police officer guards the wreckage after two Boeing 747 airliners collided and burned that kill 583 people on the runway of Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport in the Canary Islands, Spain 1977
Human Statue of Liberty made with 18,000 men, Camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa, 1918
28 people stand on DKW F8 to test strength of the wooden body, 1932
A man with pigeons on his arms and shoulder as he feeds them outside St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London, England, January 1920.
Eskimo woman fleshing polar bear hide, Barrow, Alaska between 1939 to 1959
Alsatian children, Alsace circa 1900
Eskimo father and child, King Island, Alaska 1938
An Eskimo woman with long hair, Nome, Alaska between 1896 to 1913
A teenage girl having her hair straightened with an iron, Queens, New York City, 1964
A Jewish women waiting before her deportation to the Westerbork camp, Amsterdam, The Netherlands July 1942.
An Inupiat Eskimo touches a California gray whale on the nose as it rests in one of the breathing holes carved during the two-week rescue effort which gained worldwide media coverage in Beaufort Sea ice off Point Barrow, Alaska October 1988
Bulgarian bride and groom on their wedding day, the Sofia region, Bulgaria 1893
Eskimo girls holding puppies, Alaska ca. 1904
Kenowun, a Eskimo woman wearing jewelry. Nunivak Island, Alaska, 28 February 1929
Eskimo basket maker, King Island, Alaska, between 1915 and 1925
A Jewish couple, Mauritz Jacobs and Berta Levi on their wedding day,Hague, Netherlands Summer 1942
Subcomandante Marcos, the spokesman of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, striking a pose while smoking a pipe atop a horse in Chiapas, Mexico, 1996.
Unangax/Aleut hunter, Ivan Suvorov wearing a gut parka with a large harpoon, Umnak Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska in 1909
A banner announcing the opening of Great Dog Butchery, a canine butchery in Paris, France, 1910
Tlingit woman named Kaw-Claa wearing her potlatch dancing costume, Alaska, 1906.
The mask alleged to have been worn by sex offender Edward Paisnel aka "The Beast Of Jersey" when he committed a number of sex crimes on Jersey, 25th November 1971.
Crimean Greek woman in native costume, Tauride province (Crimea), Early 1900s
Spanish Milk Man Posing with His Donkey in the Street, Seville, Spain 1910
Bride from Jämtland, Central Sweden between circa 1880 and 1889
Man wearing a traditional clothing, Dorgali, Sardinia, Italy, ca 1910.
Children wearing straw cape, Japan in 1962
Eskimo in whale's mouth between 1950 and 1969, Alaska
Child in a tiger suit, Beijing, China between 1918 to 1919
A dancing bear and its keeper on a Salonika street, Greece, 1940
Captured Jewish women in Wesselényi Street, Budapest, Hungary 20–22 October 1944
A shepherd with his children in Khinalig, Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union, 1970s
With fellow British soldiers on guard, corporal Steele enjoys a shower in the heat of North Borneo. 1964
Young Eskimo girl with baby, Mekoryuk, Nunivak Island, Alaska May 1964
Rear view of a 'Voice for Estonia' demonstrator carrying a placard, with one of the points of a 'red star' having stabbed him in the back, outside the United Nations in New York City, New York, 7th October 1975.
Spanish harvest worker with grain. Costilla County, Colorado Oct. 1939
Armenian woman from Shamakhi, 1883
A worker in bakery kitchen, decorating a Kransekake with miniature Norwegian flags, Norway circa 1955
A group of soldiers with a cloth to throw one of them into the air during preparations for the battle at the front. England, 1915
A prototype spacesuit for the moon designed by the Republic Aviation Corporation, March 16, 1960.
Mukpie, a Point Barrow Eskimo girl, youngest person aboard and one of the survivors of the S.S. Karluk Canadian-Arctic (Stefansson) Expedition, Alaska. 1914
Eskimo berry pickers, Nome, Alaska, between 1900 and 1907
Snake handling at the Pentecostal Church of God. Lejunior, Harlan County, Kentucky. 15 September 1946
Eskimo woman and child fishing for spider crab, near Nome, Alaska between 1913 to 1939
A Masurian fisherman, Masuria before 1930
Native wedding, Afognak,Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska, 1919
A young woman weeps during the deportation of the Romaniote Jews of Ioannina ,Greece on 25 March 1944.
A beautician in the newly-opened Bare Leg Beauty Bar at Kennard's store in Croydon, paints stockings onto a customer's skin during stocking rationing, London, England in 1941
Three children drawing, on panels, Japan, 1909
Siberian Eskimo woman, East Cape, Siberia, between 1917 and 1927
Siberian Eskimo man constructing sled, East Cape, Siberia, between 1917 and 1927
Russian Orthodox priest officiating at wedding of Aleut man and woman, Pribilof Islands, St. Paul, Alaska, circa 1950 s
Eskimos from East Cape, Siberia in boat on the Snake River, Nome, Alaska, between 1898 and 1908
St. Paul Aleuts gaze at their homes in as the USAT Delarof pulls away from the dock, taking them to internment camps in southeast Alaska, 15 June 1942
Eskimo Dancers - 4th of July celebration - Kotzebue. Loon headdress man dancer. 1962
A Carnival in Pamplona, Spain 1972
Jews take refuge in one of the local schools after a pogrom destroyed their community, Salonica, Greece between June - July 1931
Jewish people stand in line to receive protective passports in front of the Swedish legation, Vadasz St. Budapest, Hungary 1944
Seanchaí (storyteller/historian) Séan Ó hEinirí possibly being the last known monolingual Irish speaker before his death in 1998 , Kilgalligan, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland, 1985
Eskimo hunter harpooning from ice floe with dead seal at his feet, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, between 1908 and 1915
Mrs Walsh Wearing A Kinsale Cloak, Kilrossanty, County Waterford, Ireland Circa 1890
Six year old Rachel-Sarah Osmo, a Jewish girl dressed up as a Greek freedom fighter for Purim, Corfu, Greece 1942
Joshua Okpik competing in the ear weight contest in World Eskimo Indian Olympics, Fairbanks, Alaska, 1984
Hungarian and German soldiers drive arrested Jews into the city theater, Budapest, Hungary, October 1944
Siberian Yupik (Yuit) woman with intricate facial tattoos, Photograph by R.N. Hawley, St. Lawrence Island (Sivuqaq), Alaska, 1901
Eskimo woman in overcoat, Indian Point, Siberia, May, 1901
A Jewish man injured during the pogrom convaleces in a hospital, Salonica, Greece between June and July 1931
A Maltese woman with her child, Malta circa 1950
Spanish-American farmer whetting his knife. Chamisal, New Mexico 1940
Eskimo in Umiaks making way through ice, St. Lawrence Island. Spring 1960
Eskimo standing in front of native dwellings, Uganik, Alaska between 1910 and 1930
Eskimo woman, Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska, ca 1905
Spanish people at fiesta, Taos, New Mexico 1940
Eskimo man holding walrus ivory and carving tool, Nome, Alaska, between 1907 and 1917
Spanish-American girl pitching hay. Chamisal, New Mexico 1940
Springing on walrus hide, Indian Point(Chaplino), Siberia, May, 1901
Shmuel Benjamin Bachar, Chief Rabbi of Plovdiv's Jews, at a reception for David Ben-Gurion during his December 1944 visit to the city ,Bulgaria
Jewish people waiting in line at the Glass House (Üvegház) in Budapest, 1944.
St. Paul Aleut residents gaze at their homes in 1942 as the USAT Delarof pulls away from the dock, taking them to internment camps in southeast Alaska
Yupik man on crutches, Siberia, 1901
Woman posing with a seal skin float, Deering, Alaska July 1, 1950
Local Spanish-American boy broadcasting native songs over the parish broadcasting system,Questa, New Mexico. 1943
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