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Lee Harvey Oswald being escorted by a detective, moments before being shot by Jack Ruby (in the grey fedora on the right). November 24, 1963.
Gene Cernan smiling for the camera, with his suit caked in lunar dust. December 13, 1972.
A twelve-year-old Bill Cliton with his tenor saxophone. 1958/1959.
Mission Control watching a broadcast from the Apollo 13 crew, moments before one of the spacecraft's oxygen tanks exploded. Gene Kranz, the flight director, is in the center of the image. April 14, 1972.
The Earth as seen from the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. July 20,1969.
The iceberg that is believed to have sunk the Titanic, photographed a few miles south of Titanic's last recorded position. April 15, 1912.
Titanic's crew, nine days before the beginning of the voyage. Of the nine men in this picture, only four survived. April 1, 1912.
Wilbur Wright watches as his brother, Orville, becomes the first pilot of a powered flying machine. December 17, 1903.
Ninety years ago, the famous "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" photograph was taken. Contrary to popular belief, this was taken during the construction of the Rockefeller Plaza, not the Empire State Building. September 20, 1932.
Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee pose in their spacesuits. Twelve days later, they would die in the infamous Apollo 1 fire. January 15, 1967.
While on the surface of the Moon, astronaut Charlie Duke left a framed picture of his family - his wife and his sons - in a small plastic bag on the surface. April 1972.
British PM Neville Chamberlain shows journalists a signed agreement between him and Hitler, with a promise that Germany will not invade Czechoslovakia. The following March, Germany occupied Czechoslovakia. The following September, Germany invaded Poland. September 30, 1938.
Adolf Hitler (in white) and his general staff, looking at the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. Almost precisely a year later, Hitler would repeat Napoleon's mistake. June 23, 1941.
Robert Scott and his team at the South Pole, a month after Amundsen's Norweigian team became the first to the Pole. Scott's team died on the way back to camp two months after this picture was taken. January 17, 1912.
Snoopy and Charlie Brown stand on one of the consoles in the Mission Control Room. May 18, 1969
Former President Richard Nixon stands in front of several presidential portraits, including his own. September 3, 1992.
Manhattan Project engineers preparing 'The Gadget' for the first nuclear detonation - the Trinity Test. Louis Slotin, the man with the open jacket, would later die in an accident involving the demon core. Summer 1945.
Neil Armstrong smiles back at the camera, with the lunar surface in the background. This picture was taken after the one that's used in this subreddit's banner. July 20, 1969
President Woodrow Wilson performs the opening throw for a baseball game. circa 1916.
Albert Einstein on his sailboat on Saranac Lake. Sometime in the 1930s.
Lyndon B. Johnson stares down senator Richard Russel. December 17, 1963.
Astronauts Charlie Duke, Jim Lovell, and Fred Haise listen on during Apollo 11's final lunar descent. July 20, 1969
88 years ago today, the RMS Queen Mary slid into the water for the first time. 136 feet (41m) longer and almost 40,000 tons heavier than the Titanic, she would break multiple speed records across her career. September 26, 1934
The crew of Apollo 12 pose in front of their matching corvettes. Mid 1969.
The Earth as seen from the crew of Apollo 13, almost twenty hours after an explosion crippled the spacecraft. The crew of this mission - Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert - have travelled further away from Earth than any other humans as of 2022: roughly 400,000 km. April 14, 1970.
John Young performing an off-the-ground salute during the Apollo 16 mission. April 21, 1972.
The USS Ticonderoga approaches the Apollo 17 capsule, marking the end of the last manned lunar mission. December 19, 1972.
A fourteen-year-old Albert Einstein. circa 1894.
Although more easily recognized in their spacesuits, these seven men are actually the very first group of NASA astronauts participating in a survival school at Stead Air Force Base in Nevada. Portions of their clothing have been fashioned from parachute material. Sometime in 1960.
Damage from the MLK riots in Washington DC. April 1968.
The four highest ranking survivors of the crew of the RMS Titanic. April 1912.
The RMS Titanic and her twin sister ship, RMS Olympic. March 6, 1912.
A postcard featuring the world's three largest ships (at the time) in New York Harbor. 1940.
NASA Astronauts Gus Grissom and John Young pose for LIFE magazine. Grissom was the second American in space, and Young would later walk on the Moon and command the first Space Shuttle Mission. Late 1964/Early 1965
Titanic's Lifeboat 6 approaches her rescue ship, the RMS Carpathia. April 15, 1912.
Sixty years ago, John F. Kennedy made his famous “We Choose to Go to the Moon” speech at Rice University. September 12, 1962
Einstein and Oppenheimer, circa 1950.
The RMS Olympic, Titanic's twin sister, sails into New York Harbor at the end of her maiden voyage. June 21, 1911.
A Panzer crew inspects their tank as the French cruiser Colbert burns in the background. November 27, 1942.
A Greek woman says goodbye to her son as he departs for the Albanian front. Sometime earlier in the year, Italy began its famously disastrous invasion of Greece. Late 1940.
Former FLOTUS Nancy Reagan (in red) waves from the Crown of the Statue of Liberty. This was after the 100th anniversary renovation of the famous statue. July 4, 1986.
Wire-walker Phillipe Petit lies back on a wire strung between the towers of the Notre Dame. June 1971.
Visitors on the viewing platform on the South Tower's roof, looking north toward Midtown Manhattan. June 21, 1984.
American astronaut Alan Bean holds a lunar sample collected during surface exploration. His colleague, Charles "Pete" Conrad can be seen in the reflection of Bean's visor. These men were the third and fourth people to walk on the Moon. November 19, 1969.
A nineteen year old Cassius Clay (a.k.a Muhammad Ali) training underwater. 1961.
President John F. Kennedy inspects John Glenn's space capsule. Glenn is to Kennedy's right. February 23, 1962.
A baby George W. Bush looks up at his parents. circa 1947.
Stephen Hawking and his first wife - Jane Wilde - pose for their wedding picture. Hawking's condtion (diagnosed two years prior) has led to Hawking's reliance on a walking stick. July 14, 1965.
The last two men to walk on the Moon - Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. December 18, 1972
This is the N1 - the rocket that was designed to carry Soviet cosmonauts to the Moon. Due to several launch failures, internal conflict, faulty design, and lack of funding and interest by the Soviet government, it never entered space. Late 1967.
Mission Control celebrates as the Apollo 13 crew board the aircraft carrier Iwo Jima after a successful end of their mission. Flight controllers Glynn Lunney and Gene Kranz (L-R) are smoking cigars in the foreground. Commander Jim Lovell is on screen in the background. April 17, 1970.
The SS Normandie ablaze in New York harbor. February 9, 1942.
Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini poses for the camera alongside his political allies. Soon after this photo was taken, he would appoint leaders for the March to Rome - and then travel to the Swiss border, ready to flee if his planned coup failed. October 24, 1922
A crescent Earth as seen from the Lunar Module of Apollo 14, the third successful lunar Mission. February 5th, 1971.
Several astronauts and officials listen to the crew during Apollo 13's journey back to Earth. April 13, 1970.
Along with being the second person to walk on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin was also the first person to take a selfie in space. November 12, 1966.
A prototype for the German Tiger tank, manufactured by Porsche. 1942.
An American helicopter lands near an abanoned Soviet anti-aircraft gun during the American-led invasion of Grenada. October 1983.
Crowds of people watch as Blackshirts march into Rome on horses. This was the March on Rome that but dictator Benito Mussolini in power. Ironically, Mussolini wasn't present - he was in Northern Italy, preparing to flee to Switzerland in case the coup failed. October 28, 1922.
Lyndon B. Johnson giving a medal to a US soldier during his visit to Vietnam. October 26, 1966.
Japanese soldiers march through Vladivostok, Russia. circa 1918.
A family photo of the Kennedys. Robert is on the far left, with John behind him. circa 1931.
Hitler talks with his general staff in front of the train carraige in which the 1918 armistice was signed. June 21, 1940.
Adolf Hitler and Wehrmacht Generals look at a statue of French General Ferdinand Foch, next to the train car that the WW1 armistice was signed. The day after this photo was taken, France would sign another armistice with Germany in the same train car. June 21, 1940.
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