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As an army political agent, Adolf Hitler was sent to report on an emerging far-right group, the German Workers' Party (later renamed the Nazi Party). Finding he agreed with their nationalist, anti-Semitic beliefs, he joins the obscure group as its seventh member.
The Nazis announced that they had found the mass graves in Katyn, where officers, policemen and intellectuals were executed, captured by the Red Army in the invasion of Poland and deemed a threat to the Soviet regime. April 13 1943
A friendly kiss between a Soviet and an American soldier, Berlin, 1945.
USS Pittsburgh missing her bow. June 1945
Prisoners liberated at Buchenwald concentration camp, 1945
Gas chamber in Auschwitz base camp immediately after the dispersal of the camp. January 1945, Poland
A survivor of the Ebensee concentration camp in Austria following liberation. May 7-8 1945
During the Battle of the Bulge , allied soldiers decorated their helmets with lace curtains, after realizing it provided excellent camouflage in the snow. Dec 1944
The USS Missouri armors were hit by a Japanese kamikaze in the Okinawa bulls. Minor damage caused by the plane crashing on the side of Zahlini did not hinder Missouri's activity. April 11 1945
Funeral of a German airman, Kharkov, Ukraine, Oct-Nov 1941
Adolf Hitler awards the oak leaves with swords and diamonds to Erwin Rommel 11 March 1943
A teenage boy is brought by the Einsatzgruppen and forced to view his dead family before being shot in the neck and joining them, Zboriv, Ukraine. July 5th, 1941.
The Chernobyl disaster occurs at the No. 4 reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR. April 26 1986
A celebration of Germany's surrender takes place on Paris' Champs Elysees, as seen from the top of the Arc de Triomphe, on May 8, 1945.
Soviet infantrymen running past a dead German sergeant during the Battle of Berlin. April 1945
The Soviet 3rd Shock Army captured the Moltke Bridge in Berlin after fierce fighting against 5,000-strong SS and Volkssturm elements. Red Army soldiers would advance to the Reichstag after they had captured the Moltke Bridge. April 29 1945
New York City at sundown, 1930s
Adolf Hitler: Eiffel Towor, Paris 23 June 1940
Sailing into yokohama Harbor, Japan
Paratroopers landing during operation market garden by the first allied airborne army in the Netherlands, September 17th 1944.
Shell-shocked Raindeer in Murmansk, Soviet Union 1941
Aftermath of 19 mines placed underneath German positions near Messines by the British on June 7, 1917. -10K troops died. One of the biggest non-nuclear blasts ever, it was audible in Dublin & London.
Hitler receiving gifts from not one, but two Father Christmases in 1937
Hitler looks over Prague, 1939
two German officers enjoying the view against the Eiffel Tower - Paris, 1940.
"Foot of the North Col, China (Tibet), 20 March 1922. Mount Everest Expedition 1922. -March 20th, 1922
Pfc. Paul Edward Ison of the 1st Marine Division running across "Death Valley" while dodging heavy machine gun fire during the Battle of Okinawa, May 10, 1945.
July 29th, 1921] Adolf Hitler is elected party chairman of the NSDAP by the general assembly. He gains dictatorial power and sometimes uses violence to propagate political goals. (Hitler in 1921)-
A column of German Panther tanks moving towards the Colosseum, Italy, 1944.
Major Winters and Captain Nixon with fellows rest at the Berghof, Hitler's residence. Bavaria, Germany. May 1945
US Army convoy making its way through the devastated ruins of St. Lô, France, Aug 1944.
Charlie Chaplin visits London and is met by thousands.
- The first issue of Time magazine is published.
German military camera crew filming in Dunkirk, France shortly after the conquest, Jun 1940
Tank and infantry advance through the town of Carlentini Syracuse 15 July 1943 Sicily.
Kemal Pasha inspects Turkish forces, Izmit, 18 June 1922
Red Army troops pass a dead German solider. Stalingrad Dec 1942
A member of the Polish Home Army defending a barricade in Warsaw's Powiśle district during the Warsaw Uprising, August 1944. The soldier is armed with a Polish manufactured "Blyskawica" machine pistol.
The colors being hoisted for the first time aboard the USS Yorktown (Essex-class) during the ship's commissioning ceremonies, 15 Apr 1943 at Norfolk, Virginia, United States
British informant HMS Glowworm was sunk by the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper, which was on its way to landing troops in Norway as part of "Operation Weserübung". Photograph: A photograph taken by a German officer aboard Admiral Hipper as Glowworm sank. April 8 1940
Mussolini's Italian Fascist Party headquarters, 1934
Erwin Rommel inspecting the Atlantic Sea Wall installation in France-March 28, 1944 (499x450]
Soldiers manning a 37mm gun blast a Japanese pillbox during fierce fighting on Kwajalein Atoll, world war II , January or February 1944
- Khojaly Massacre; Armed Armenian groups that entered the city of Khojaly in Azerbaijan killed 613 Azeris.
Loggers hold a cross-cut saw across a giant Sequoia tree's trunk in California. 1917
General Erwin Rommel's funeral ceremony held in his hometown of Ulm,Württemberg, October 18th 1944.
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