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The scene on the highway near Palermo after a bomb killed anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife, and three police escort agents on 23rd May 1992. The bombing was a terror attack by the Sicilian Mafia who placed 400 kg of explosives under the highway (Sicily, Italy 1992)
Press photographers and police snipers lie side by side on a roof opposite the Kreditbanken bank on Norrmalmstorg square in Stockholm. A misfired robbery turned into a six-day standoff that gave birth to the phrase "Stockholm syndrome" (Stockholm, Sweden 1973)
Young Jean-Claude Fide being treated with Penicillin by his mother (Mont-pres-Chambord, France 1948)
Vasily Arkhipov. On 27 October 1962, by refusing to agree to the firing of a nuclear torpedo at a US warship during the Cuban Missile Crisis, he adverted nucler war (1955)
Woman preparing pies for Methodist church dinner (Hartford, Michigan 1947)
"The bare-chested man in front of the occupiers tank" by Ladislav Bielik. The photo was taken in Bratislava during the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968
Marshal Tito (Josip Broz) fishing (Yugoslavia 1948)
Rock and roll musicians Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash as "The Million Dollar Quartet". This was a one night jam session at Sun Studios (Memphis, Tennessee 1956)
Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls attempts a dunk during the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest at Chicago Stadium (Chicago, Illinois 1988)
Sitting Bull (Bismarck, Dakota 1885)
Ishi, the last known member of the Native American Yahi people (California, USA 1910s)
Italian child looking at copy of the "Houston Post" newspaper, which was wrapped around American supplies, sent from Houston, Texas, through the Junior Red Cross, to the starving Italian children in Udine (Udine, Italy 1921(?))
Sophie Schliemann, wife of archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, wearing the jewels of Helen of Troy (1876)
A street in Tromsø (Norway 1960s)
Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen at the South Pole. Ann Bancroft was the first woman to cross both polar ice caps to reach the North and South Poles (South Pole 2001)
Film maker Walt Disney filming on Brazilian beach (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1941)
An African man reads on a bench marked "Europeans Only" in a South African park (South Africa 1970)
Building sand castles in Westerland (Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900)
Latitude 41' 46N and longitude 50' 14W, the place where the 'Titanic' sank (Atlantic Ocean 1912)
Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I shake hands as they meet at the Roman Catholic Apostolic Delegation atop the Mount of Olives. It was the first meeting in over 500 years between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches (Jerusalem 1964)
An FBI agent sits next to the (then) suspect Richard Reid (R) as he is transported from Logan International Airport. Richard Reid, also known as the "Shoe Bomber", is a British terrorist who attempted to detonate a shoe bomb on a transatlantic flight in 2001 (Massachusetts, USA 2001)
Children mutilated by Congo Soldiers. Soldiers were required to provide the hand of their victims as proof when they had shot and killed someone, but to save ammunition they sometimes "cheated" by simply cutting off the hand and leaving the victim to live or die (Congo Free State 1904)
Pelé (1970)
Norma Mc Corvey (L), known as "Jane Roe" of the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion, holds a pro-choice sign with her attorney, Gloria Allred (R) in front of the Supreme Court building (Washington DC, USA 1989)
Group of Croat Chiefs (Croatia 1855)
A Sami family (Norway between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900)
Melon vendor (Samarkand, Uzbekistan between 1905 and 1915)
The Last Shot (III) by Pavo Urban. In the early morning of December 6, 1991, he began to photograph the assault on the city of Dubrovnik. On this date, at the end of the dramatic series of 12 photographs, he was killed (Dubrovnik, Croatia 1991)
A soldier belonging to strict Moslem Taliban militia looks down the barrel of his AK 47 assault rifle to check for dirt (Afghanistan 1996)
Sex Pistols in Norway (Trondheim, Norway 1977)
"Tragedy by the Sea" by John L. Gaunt. A couple is photographed moments after learning that their 19-month-old child had been swept out to sea (Hermosa Beach, California 1954)
Gheorghe (Ioryi) Mucitani, leader of the first Aromanian band in the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (1903-1907)
Nelson Mandela walks out of the gates of Victor Verster prison (Paarl, South Africa 1990)
Blood streams from the cut eye of Ervin Zador, injured during a brawl with Russian water polo players during the Soviet Union-Hungary match at the Summer Olympics in Melbourne. The match ended in chaos with the crowd booing the Russians (Melbourne, Australia 1956)
A woman watching as the cherries are being weighed at the market (Zagreb, Yugoslavia 1948)
Shaquille O'Neal with his high school basketball team in San Antonio (Texas, 1989)
Swiss actress Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder in a scene from the James Bond film Dr. No (1962)
A young man holds up a hand-drawn poster denouncing Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu in Palace Square. After being tried and convicted of economic sabotage and genocide, Ceausescu was sentenced to death and immediately executed by firing squad on 25 December (Bucharest, Romania 1989)
Pope John Paul II Skiing (Adamello Mountain, Italy 1984)
An injured bear cub rescued from a forest fire in New Mexico in 1950 was named "Smokey Bear" and eventually sent to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. (1950)
Mongolian woman working in a state controlled textile mill in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia 1962)
The painting of the Last Supper during the building of its anti-aircraft protection of sandbags supported by metal scaffolding (Milan, Italy 1940)
Unidentified soldier of the First Australian Imperial Force (Australia between 1915 and 1918)
A group of African Americans, including civil rights activist Rosa Parks, waiting at a bus stop following the Supreme Court ruling that Alabama's racial segregation laws for buses were unconstitutional (Montgomery, Alabama 1956)
Photographers gather after the Munich massacre, during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich (Munich, West Germany 1972)
World Champion haggis eater Doreen Maunsell prepares to defend her title by tackling a 10lb/4.5kg haggis. She is practising at Waterloo Station (London, UK 1972)
The interior of the Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura destroyed by the terroristic attack of Piazza Fontana. The bomb killed 17 people and wounding 88. The attack was carried out by the far-right, neo-fascist paramilitary terrorist group Ordine Nuovo (Milan, Italy 1969)
Belgium, British and Italian Troops drinking at Le Jockey Cafe (Casteau, Belgium 1967)
African-American athlete Jesse Owens fills up a car at a petrol station in his a uniform of cap, shirt and bow tie (United States 1935)
Emperor penguins (Antarctica 1964)
Tiger Woods receives the Masters Green Jacket, after winning the Masters in Augusta (Augusta, Georgia 1997)
Chinese troops assembled for the 1950 Communist Chinese government invasion of Tibet ( 1950)
Restoration of the oldest Quran in the world (Cairo, Egypt 1993)
Assyrian refugees in the Khabour region of Syria in 1935. They were among many who fled Iraq after the 1933 Simele massacre (Khabour region, Syria 1935)
Soviet Army tanks parked in Moscow’s Red Square after a coup toppled Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev (Moscow, Russia 1991)
Man carries water in Skopje (Vardar Macedonia 1910)
Martin Luther King is served breakfast in bed by "Lucia Light Queen" Christina Bernstrom (Stockholm, Sweden 1964)
Battle Of The Metals. Woman testing efficiency of pots and pans made of different metals as she cooks various foods including potatoes in an aluminum pot, cutlets in a cast iron skillet, peas in a stainless steel pan and sauce in a copper pot with lid (USA 1939)
Interior hallway of Nidaros Cathedral (Trondheim, Norway 1880-1890)
Soviet space pilot Major Yuri Gagarin at a press conference during his visit to Finland (Helsinki, Finland 1961)
The first issue of King James Bible, and other old Bibles, being kept at the Library of Congress (Washington DC 1941)
A young female protester wearing a helmet faces down helmeted and armed police officers at an anti-Vietnam War demonstration outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention (Chicago, Illinois 1968)
Survivors from the "Andes Flight Disaster" wait to be rescued. Of the initial 45 passengers and crew, only 16 survived (Chile/Argentina border 1972)
A young wombat named Wimpie having a meal on the lap of his trainer who runs a firm supplying animals for TV shows. He is the first wombat ever to make a video (Australia circa 1950)
Sir Edmund Hillary returns to the "Endeavour", during the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (McMurdo Sound, Antarctica 1957-1959)
Yu Tse Ming, proprietor of a tea shop (China 1941)
Dennis Wolfe, a full-blooded Cherokee indian (Cherokee, North Carolina between 1980 and 1990)
Two boys making up as Guy Fawkes in preparation for November 5th celebrations (UK 1934)
Sean Connery during the filming of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (Petra, Jordan c1989)
Traditional folk musicians in Macedonia (Yugoslavia 1960)
The courtyard of the University of Prague during the funeral of Jan Palach. Palach decided to sacrifice himself in protest of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and set himself on fire, in Wenceslas Square, on 16 January 1969. He was 20 (Prague, Czechoslovakia 1969)
Selling cool drinks in Syrian Quarter (Little Syria, Manhattan between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915)
A man walking up the stairs, exiting the metro station (Paris, France 1946)
Ted Williams, Red Sox outfielder & best hitter in the Major leagues, showing off his powerful baseball swing as he follows through to an eyes-closed finish for photographer Gjon Mili (New York 1941)
New Guinea man-eaters bringing in their prey (New Guinea c1919)
Black Cat Auditions In Hollywood (Hollywood, Los Angeles 1961)
The funeral procession of Giuseppe Verdi in Foro Bonaparte. Some 300,000 people crammed the streets of Milan as the immense funeral carriage passed in slow procession (Milan, Italy 1901)
Jackie Robinson, who broke major league baseball's color bar, sitting with son Jackie Jr. and wife Rachel (Brooklyn, NY 1950)
A liquidator, clad in a gas mask and protective clothing, pushes a baby in a carriage who was found during the cleanup of the Chernobyl nuclear accident (Chernobyl, Ukraine 1986)
Lithuanian demonstrators stand in front of a Soviet tank during the assault on the Lithuanian Radio and Television station in Vilnius. Soviet troops opened fire on unarmed civilians, killing 14 and injuring 140+. Lithuania declared unilaterally its independence from USSR in 1990 ( 1991)
An infant seated on the lap of his mother, who is covered head to toe in a black sheet. This technique, referred to as the "Hidden Mother," was often used in turn-of-the-century child photography (Ohio 1890s-1900s)
Tunnel workers Philippe Cozette from France (R) and Graham Fagg from UK shake hands while holding national flags during the historic breakthrough in the Channel Tunnel (English Channel 1990)
Romanian boys posing together on the grounds of a school (Chisinau, Bessarabia, Romania 1940)
A nun overcome by the damage caused to the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi after it was hit by an earthquake (Assisi, Italy 1997)
An old man (Montenegro 1920)
Portrait of sculptor Korcrak Ziolkowski, the artist who created the Crazy Horse Mountain Memorial (South Dakota, USA 1975)
Jim Hines of the United States (#279) crosses the finish line in first place gold medal position to win the Men's 100 m event in a world record time of 9.95 seconds. He was the first man to officially break the 10-second barrier in the 100 m (Mexico City, Mexico 1968)
Welsh costumes (Wales c1890)
Showgirls from casts of shows "Oklahoma!" and "Carousel" being vaccinated against smallpox before curtain time (New York, NY 1947)
An aerial view of village of Aberfan following a landslide from a nearby spoil tip which killed 116 children and 28 adults (Aberfan, Wales 1966)
Portrait of Adolf Lindstrøm, chef and polar explorer, with a plate of hot cakes (Framheim, Bay of Whales, Antarctica 1911)
The Hughes H-4 Hercules "Spruce Goose", the largest flying boat ever built, on the day of its maiden flight near San Pedro, California (United States 1947)
Japanese emigrants to Brazil learning Portuguese aboard the Japanese emigrant ship Seattle-Maru (1917)
Matt Groening in 1990 at the age of 36 with a little Homer Simpson (1990)
Garry Kasparov during his 1997 match against Deep Blue, IBM's chess-playing computer (New York City, USA 1997)
Marilyn Monroe by Alfred Eisenstaedt (Hollywood, Los Angeles 1953)
Street in San Juan (Puerto Rico 1941)
British PM Margaret Thatcher on the steps of 10 Downing Street after being deposed in a leadership challenge (London, UK 1990)
The cargo plane Antonov An-225 Mriya, with Soviet Space Shuttle "Burane" on its back, lands at the Le Bourget Airport, after a demonstration flight at the Paris Airshow. The only completed An-225 was destroyed in February 2022 during the Russian invasion of Ukraine (Paris, France 1989)
The fish market in Bergen (Norway 1890-1910)
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