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Freddie Mercury with his mother, 1947
The world's 1st digital image, 1957
Mt. Lowe Railway, California, 1893
Half-naked FBI agent carries a case with $1 million ransom to a hijacked Delta DC8 jet in Miami, 1972
Kurt Cobain having a smoke with Ronald McDonald in Singapore, 1992
1953 buick waiting for steam locomotive
Armored "Heimwehr" cars are patrolling the streets in Vienna, Austria, July 1934
Janis Joplin and her Porsche, 1965
Empire State Building Window Washer, 1936
Spring break, Miami Beach, 1980s (Photo: Keith McManus)
Inflating cow skins to use as boats in the Indian Himalayas, 1903
Salvador Dali at a book signing, 1963
How people dressed up for Halloween in the 1930s (more in comments)
North of the Colorado River Plateau, 1872 (Photo: T. O’Sullivan)
Early Video Gamers playing on a Magnavox Odyssey, 1972
Prague Spring, Czechoslovakia, 1968 (Photo Bill Ray)
Liz Taylor and James Dean on the set of “Giant” taken during a break, 1955
Men and boys swarm over the wreckage of a train in Buckeye Park in Lancaster, Ohio, in 1896
Writer and Journalist Hunter S. Thompson on his ranch near Aspen, Colorado, 1976
Manhattan in 1609 and 2017
Disneyland Matterhorn Climbers, 1959
Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong plays the trumpet while his wife sits listening at the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, January 28, 1961
Statue of Louis Agassiz after an earthquake in San Francisco, 1906
DynaTAC 8000x, the first commercially available cell phone, 1983, and his inventor Martin Cooper
Mulberry Street was at the very centre of Manhattan’s Little Italy, 1900
Steeplejacks on Woolworth Building, NYC, 1932
Andy Warhol, Studio 54, December 1977
Alvin 'Shipwreck' Kelly celebrates Friday the 13th in October of 1939 by standing on his head on a board stuck out from the 54th floor, and dunking doughnuts over Manhattan
2-horn listening device to detect distant aircraft before the advent of radar, Bolling Field in Washington, D.C., 1921
Venice Bathing Beauty Pageant, 1926
Roger Williamson crashes at 209 km/h during a Grand Prix at the Zandvoort racing circuit, 29-07-1973 (Photo: Cornelis Mooij)
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