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The Imprint of a Mitsubishi kamikaze Zero along the side of H.M.S Sussex. 1945.
Delivering Bread in the Irish Civil War. 1920's.
A Beggar catches up with the carriage of King George the V, London. 1920.
Leningrad Gas mask drill, 1939.
Belfast, 1980.
The Hindenburg Takes Shape, 1932.
Bonnie and Clyde in Joplin Missouri shortly before they were shot dead. 1934.
A couple seated on an 1886-model bicycle for two. The South Portico of the White House, Washington, D.C., in the background.
The Pink Spitfire, Usually flown at Sunrise and Sunset to avoid detection. 1940's.
Two captured Luftwaffer Airmen escorted out of London Underground. 1940
The Avengers, The Jews who planned to kill Germans after the War. 1946.
A False Horse, Used by Snipers on both sides during World War One.
RAF pilot ejecting from a Harrier GR9 in Kandahar. 2009.
These huge piles of aluminum pots and pans were contributed by English housewives to be melted down into metal for British fighting planes. Workers are sorting the material,, 1940.
Training to diffuse mines at night, 1940.
Cat and Dogs Meat Man, London, 1930's,
Deakin's Entire, (Pub) on Smith Door(an Alley) Manchester. England. 1875.
The Beatles Apple Shop. London. 1967
Female IRA Volunteer, 1970.
A Woman fighting with Police in Dean St, Brooklyn 1940's, Below and above, as it is now.
Sarah Forbes Bonetta, Goddaughter of Queen Victoria. 1850.
View from a German Panther Tank, 1944.
Concorde Factory, Bristol England, the Sixties.
Soldiers Demonstrating how a metal rod can prevent a rider being killed by a wire stretched across the road , 1944.
In 1940, knowing that France was falling into the hands of the Germans, the workers of the Louvre took action. All 400,000 works were evacuated and sent to the south of France where they would remain for five years, 1940's
West Ham's Manager Ron Greenwood holds the FA cup while waiting for a Tube train, 1964,
Military Motorcycles for sale. 1946.
Queen Elizabeth entering NY Harbour with GI'S. 1945.
The Guinness Brewery, Dublin. around 1910.
B-25s from the 447th Squadron of the 321st Bombardment Group passed very near the erupting Vesuvius on their way to bomb targets. 1944.
Deck and turret of U.S.S. Monitor seen from the bow. 9th July, 1862.
Owney the Dog. 1911.
Today, the nation will mark the anniversary of the Armistice of 1918. Millions of people will keep a two minutes’ silence in memory of the men and women who died in the Great War, and other conflicts. 1918,
Inside an Ambulance Train used during the Front in Belgium and France. 1918.
82nd Airborne, Sicily, 1943.
In a large warehouse, somewhere in Britain, Lend- Lease American bacon and hams are treated to remove salt before they are sent out to retail shops. 1940's.
Steam Hydraulic forge press, Krupp, Germany. 1920's
Bedloe's Island, New York. 1948.
Soviet Propaganda, early Photoshop of a MiG flying under a bridge on the river OB, Siberia, 1965.
NZ soldiers trout fishing using rifles near the Syrian and Turkish border, 1942.
John Letherbridge invented the first diving machine out of an air tight oak barrel the allowed the diver enough time to retrieve underwater materials. 1715.
RAF Mechanics rolling out a Stirling Bomber for a raid on Germany, 1940's.
An American Soldier in the ruined Monument to the Battle of Nations, Leipzig. 1945.
One of the Leyland Buses sold to Cuba in 1964, One shipment was sunk in an alleged CIA plot.
The Ruins of a Confederate Round House, Atlanta, 1864.
British rear gunner practicing shooting in a moving model cockpit on rails. World War I.
Adolph Hitler in a World War 2 Staring Contest. 1943.
British Soldiers Training with Welbikes, 1940's.
The Royal Albert Hall , London, under Construction. 1867.
Sweeney Todd's Barber's , London. 1930's
Stalin's son Yakov Dzhugashvili captured by the Germans, 1941
Marking the Line between British and Soviet Sector Potsdamerplatz, Berlin. 1948.
An oil covered Navy diver after working on one of the sunken ships at Peal Harbor. 1941.
World War1 Belgian Machine gun unit
Madame Tussauds Mannequins 1930.
London Scottish Regiment, Kit inspection, Dorking. London. 1916.
US navy employing an out of date hollow square 1915.
Finding a Buried 1974 Dino 246 GTS Ferrari. 1978.
British Infantry Square, around 1900.
The Royal Welsh Fusiliers on Parade at Harlech Castle. 1870.
Drogheda, Ireland, 1890.
Padaung Women in London. 1935.
Batting a polio outbreak, Santa Monica. 1948.
Soldiers of the Eight Nation Alliance, Beijing, 1900.
Two Looters caught after the San Francisco Earthquake, 1906.
Jungle Equipment Carried by British Troops during the Malaya Emergency. 1950's.
Giant snow cruiser built for the Admiral Byrd Antarctic expedition when it was rolled out of the Chicago construction yards on October 24, 1939.
Youths attacking British Troops, Belfast. 1971.
Lifting Steam Train the Flying Scotsman on the Saxonia for it's trip to the States, 1969.
Rorkes Drift, Buffalo River. Natal, 1879.
Bombardiers Station in the Nose of a B-17 Bomber. Date unknown,
Urinals, Paris. 1876.
Old Mission Church. Zuni Pueblo. New Mexico. 1873.
Refuelling the Queen Mary, Southampton. 1946.
Jane Fonda in Hanoi. 1972.
The Tree of Tenere, 1961, knocked down by a drunk driver in 1973.
The Queen Mary at Southampton. the Forties,
Gun Synchronizer on a Messerschmitt 1O9E. 194O'S
Operating Theater, Bellevue, New York. 1891.
The Stone of Destiny. 1950.
The old “Chance”, as man of war, merchantman, and whaler for over one hundred years. In her last resting place. Bluff, New Zealand. 1902.
Hydrogen Balloon exploding at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1918.
the IRA assembling Weapons Blindfolded, Seventies.
Osker Hilner in his Cooking pot Armour. 1916.
Scene from the Film Battle of Britain, 1969
Soldiers of the 164th Depot Bragade form a service flag at Fort Riley, Kansas. 1917.
A German aviator's suit is equipped with electrically heated face mask, vest, and fur boots. Open cockpit flight meant pilots had to endure sub-freezing conditions. 1917,
A woman circus performer, dressed in a leopard skin gladiator costume, places her head in a lion's mouth, 1900.
Royal Airforce Dakota over Burma. 1940's
Girl in a Bubble, 1963.
Laying a road, 28th Street, Manhattan. 1930.
Tower Bridge, London. 1890.
The Praying Mantris, British Second World war Fighting Machine, 1943.
The brainchild of a former kamikaze pilot, this midget auto gets its power from a 30-volt battery. At speeds between 25 and 30 miles per hour, It is priced at about $2,400. Tokyo,1947.
The High Jump, The Olympic Games. London. 1908.
Princess Elizabeth inspects a parade at Shrewsbury, 1949.
Engineering Gang erecting a Telegraph Pole, 1895.
British Soldiers sheltering behind wall in Andersontown, 1971.
Nikita Khrushchev in Afghanistan, 1955.
Australian Camp, Egypt, 1916,
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