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US soldiers with a 1941 Mercedes-Benz 540K custom armor-reinforced 'Special Roadster' thought to be Hermann Göring’s, in 1945
Union Boss Jimmy Hoffa flipping off attorney Robert Kennedy during a Senate committee hearing in 1957
1911: Chester McDuffee and his ADS diving suit, aluminum alloy weighing 485 lbs/200 kg
Queen Elizabeth II's wedding cake, 1947
'The Tamale' Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, late 1920's
The old "Telefontornet" telephone tower in Stockholm, Sweden, with approximately 5,500 telephone lines c. 1890
Launch observers react to the Shuttle Challenger tragedy, 1986
Private John Drugan and 'Pal' in Okinawa, 1945. Pal saved a platoon from ambush when he located a well-hidden enemy machine gun nest.
1950s 'Nuclear Tourism' looking at bomb test crater near Las Vegas
Astronaut Dave Scott looks at Earth from the Apollo 9 Command Module in March, 1969. NASA photo
Rain in the Face, a Standing Rock Sioux Chief, in North Dakota circa 1910. He fought with Sitting Bull at Little Bighorn in 1876. Photo by Frank Bennett Fiske
Enzo Ferrari driving an ALFA 40-60 at the 1920 Targa Florio
1929: The 'George Bennie Railplane System of Transport' experimental railway in Scotland
Salvation Army 'Doughnut Girls' distributing treats to GIs during WWI (this is the origin of Donut Day). c.1917
Floyd and Lucille Burroughs on their porch in Hale County, Alabama, 1936, photo by Walker Evans
Workers and the huge chain links forged for the Titanic's anchor, 1910 at Hingley and Sons
Empire State Building under construction, 1930
Princess Elizabeth in 1945, 'subaltern' #230873 in the Auxiliary Territorial Service
1893 Chicago World's Fair, lighting by Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse, photo by William Henry Jackson, from the Field Museum archive
1947: Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing in flight near Muroc Air Force Base (now Edwards AFB).
Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin duck hunting, 1966
Uncle Sam balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade of 1940
Duck and Cover drill in a grade school, late 50s/early 60s
1940: German engineers test a Messerschmitt BF109 at the Luftfahrtforschungsanstalt's giant fan wind-tunnel.
1965: Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin With His New Matra Djet Sports Car, In Front Of The Monument To The Conquerors Of Space, Moscow.
Deutsche Reichsbahn 19-1001 Steam Locomotive, 1941
Country store in North Carolina, 1939
1936: NY Central Mercury leaving Cleveland.
1922: "Cow-shoes" used by Moonshiners to disguise their tracks
Wernher von Braun and German military officers at the Peenemünde Research Center, where the V-2 was developed, 1941
Circus Clown taking a smoke break, 1950's
A Group Celebrating Juneteenth in Texas, 1900
'Tacit Blue' in flight, top secret stealth experiment at Area 51 1978-1986, declassified by the CIA in 1996, Northrup-Grumman archive photo
US officers with a 1941 Mercedes-Benz 540K custom cabriolet thought to be Goering's - at the end of WW2
Japanese-American children being transported to a detention camp, San Pedro, CA, April 5, 1942 photo by Clem Ablers
Los Angeles City Hall under construction, 1927
Margaret Gorman, the first Miss America, 1921
Miners ready to descend for their shift, copper mine near Calumet, MI, 1905
'Epco Robot' plays chess at a coin operated Machine Show, held at the Hotel Sherman in Chicago,1927, Movietone News
Australian engineers manoeuvre a dummy tank, made of wood and canvas, ahead of an assault on the Hindenberg Line in 1918
1963: Ferruccio Lamborghini with a model of a 350 GT, the company's first production car
Les Paul at age 14, 1929
"The Worker and the Farm Woman" (kolkholz woman) sculpture above the entrance to the USSR Pavilion of the 1937 Paris Expo
1951 'Dog' test in Operation Buster, with a yield of 21 kilotons of TNT, first U.S. nuclear field exercise conducted with live troops maneuvering on land. Troops shown are 6 mi (9.7 km) from the blast. The Nevada Test Site was/is 65 miles NE of Las Vegas, 100 mi. from St. George, Utah.
1961 Technicians at Goodyear Aircraft Corp work on an inflatable space habitat concept for NASA [2048x1638}
Indian Rail Scooter, circa 1917
Berlin 1955: High tech vending machine that announced/showed news, weather, and sports updates.
Sir Malcolm Campbell and the Campbell-Railton-Rolls Royce Blue Bird in 1933 - 36.5 liter 2,300 hp V-12, hit 272 mph at Daytona,
1955: 'Catwalk Cop Cars' added in the NY-NJ Holland Tunnel - pic from Hoboken Historical Museum
Amelia Earhart with her Lockheed Electra and Cord 810 in 1937
1916: Mountain Chief records the Blackfoot language and songs.
1973: Just-released American ex-POWs celebrate leaving North Vietnam aboard a C-141 Starlifter dubbed the 'Hanoi Taxi.'
1945 - GI with a captured Killinger and Freund motorcycle - 600 cc 3 cyl 2-stroke, front wheel drive
WWI veterans with facial disfigurements wearing 'portrait masks' made by American sculptor Anne Coleman Ladd, Paris, 1918
1909: First Coca-Cola delivery truck in Knoxville, TN - a 'Rapid Truck' manufactured in Pontiac, MI
Ray Bradbury in the 'Time Machine' movie prop, circa 1960 [800x11660
SS Normandie at New York City's Pier 88 on Feb. 9, 1942. Burner, rolled, and sank. Article link in comments.
Salvador Dali poses after shooting paint bullets at a canvas on the 'Ed Sullivan Show' in 1961
US GIs in the unfinished hull of a German 'GW Tiger' tank prototype, 1945
Carl Sagan with a 'galactic greeting card' plaque that went into space on Pioneer 10 in 1972 (one also went on Pioneer 11 in 1973).
Soviet Pepsi-Cola, 1972
Motorized Nanny, 1922
Technician with a 250 MB hard drive in 1979
1963: Corvette Stingray Split-Window Coupe and the LAX Theme Building
William Harley and Arthur Davidson, 1914
Gentleman with 1936 Willys Model 77 parked near the City of San Francisco rail engine
Tariff wars in days past: The Subaru Brat had seats and carpet in the truck bed, which allowed Subaru to import them as passenger cars - to avoid a 25% 'Chicken Tax' tariff on light trucks. 1979 photo.
Medalists Tommie Smith (center) and John Carlos raise their gloved fists in a black power salute during the U.S. national anthem at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.
1958: 'Cosmo the Robot' being tested to make deliveries and run errands, France
Woody Guthrie backstage, 1941
Protesting the high school dress code that banned slacks for girls, Brooklyn c.1940
Members of 'The Family' keep vigil outside the LA Hall of Justice during Charles Manson's trial in 1971.
1962: Inventor Allyn Hazard testing his proposed moon suit in a lava crater in the Mojave Desert. The suit carried oxygen and food.
1895 train wreck, Gare Montparnasse terminal, Paris
Victorious Presidential Candidate Harry S. Truman displays incorrect headline early on Nov. 3, 1948
Scuttling the decomissioned USS Oriskany - for artificial reef - near Pensacola, 2006
Futuristic file system, Prague, 1937, info link in comments
Full-size cutaway demonstration model of an M190 "Honest John" cluster bomb chemical warhead section containing demonstration M134 GB (Sarin) bomblets. Circa 1960.
People walking above and below Niagara Falls during the 1911 'big freeze'
In 1925, André Citroën leased the Eiffel Tower and had the Citroën brand name embellished across it using 250,000 lights. This continued until 1934.
Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki Expedition raft crossing the Pacific Ocean in 1947
German U-boats on display in Kiel, 1938
1937: Amelia Earhart in her Lockheed Electra Flies Over The Golden Gate Bridge
1967: TV Helmet aka Portable Living Room, early version of VR designed by Walter Pichler
US troops and Huey helicopters near Saigon, 1966
1968: Keir Dullea (Dave) in spacesuit, Stanley Kubrick in blue jacket, and crew work on final scenes of '2001: A Space Odyssey'
1966: M-497 'Black Beetle' New York Central Railroad Jet Powered Train, set the still-standing US rail speed record of 183.68 mph (295.60 km/h) link in comments
1936 Schlörwagen 'Pillbug' German concept never went into production due to WW2 - was later (40s) fitted with a Soviet snow vehicle prop.
Martin Luther King Jr. welcomed to Chicago's Marquette Park, Summer 1966
Inuit women and child at Ashe Inlet, Canada, 1884 (in what is now Nunavut)
Northrop YB-49 42-102367 Flying Wing takes off from Northrop Field in Hawthorne, California, October 1947 - U.S. Air Force archive
March 1966 Blizzard in North Dakota, pic taken by Highway Dept. crew. Caption: 'I believe there is a train under here somewhere!'
Geronimo (in tophat) and members of the Ponca tribe pose in a Locomobile - Oklahoma, 1905
Testing an early "Bell 30" helicopter, 1946
Driving Simulators at the 1962 "Century 21 Exposition" World's Fair in Seattle
REO Speedwagon fuel tanker in Melbourne, 1937
Heebe-tee-tse, a man of the Shoshone Nation, in 1899
Racing legend Carroll Shelby in an Aston Martin DBR1/300 at 'The 24 Hours of Le Mans' in 1959. He won by a full lap.
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, 1934
Watermelons being sold at a shop in Amderma, in arctic Russia, 1952
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