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Finnish soldiers hanging out with Lenin in Petroskoi (Petrozavodsk), Karelia, in October 1941, during the Continuation War
A week before Christmas, a Finnish soldiers finds a suitable Christmas tree, and now it is taken to decorate the dugout, Valkeasaari, Russia, 19 December 1943
Estonian Soldiers laughing on a fake vehicle sometime during the Estonian Independence War (1918-1920)
An Estonian family on Muhu island in 1913
Relocation of a house in Valga County, Estonia, 1951, relocation was used to help anti-communist partisans, as it reduced Soviet control over inhabitants
Estonian Partisans playing Accordians on New Year’s Eve 1951/1952, Võru County, Estonia. From left: Endel Tikerpuu, Taisto Praks and Milbert Pilv
Estonian Forest Brothers, not much is know about this photo (1945-1960?)
Lithuanian ‘Forest Brother’ partisans of the Tauras military district in 1947
Group of Estonians in the Infantry Regiment 200 of Finland (or ‘Finnish Boys’) during the Continuation War in 1944
Armored vehicle „Estonia“, used in the Estonian War of Independence, Tallinn, 1918/19
An Estonian Biplane in the Estonian War of Independence in 1918/19
The first time a estonian Flag was ever displayed higher than 7000 Feet, Atop Lenin Peak in 1989
A Finnish soldier gets his revenge on a Stalin statue, Räisälä (Melnikovo), Karelia, in 1941 during the Continuation War
Danish volunteers learn to ski in Finland, January 1940
Estonian troops of the 3rd Infantry Battalion in a town in northern Latvia in June 1919 during the Landeswehr War/Independence War
Estonia's leaders before the Soviet occupation, celebrating the country's Independence Day for the last time, on 24 February 1940
Ruins of a farm in Kautla(now Kõrvenurga), Harju County in northern Estonia. The farm was burned down by an destruction battalion of the interior ministry of the Soviet Union on 31 July 1941
Armored vehicle „Estonia“, used in the Estonian War of Independence, Tallinn, 1918/19
Pohjan Pojat (“The Boys from the North”) commanded by Colonel Hans Kalm- Kalm is centre front, to his right is Chief of Staff Elja Rihtniemi -and his Officers, in 1918, during the Estonian War of Independence
Artillery Battery No.1 of the 1st Artillery Regiment of Estonia in position in Narva-Jõesuu in February, 1919
Finnish 44th Flying Squadron’s pet cat in a pilot's shoe during the Continuation War, Joensuu, 16 August 1942
Estonian Officers of an Armored Train in December 1918, Estonia.
Julius Kuperjanov, Commander of the Estonia Tartumaa Partisan Battalion, in 1917
Estonian refugees celebrating the Estonian Independence Day at a DP camp in Germany in 1948
Polish fighter from Ruczaj Battalion carries a flamethrower before an attack during the Warsaw Uprising, 1944
Estonian artillery crew operating a field gun in Autumn of 1919
Polish submarine ORP Orzel, She was damaged after Soviets pressured Estonia to take all/most navigation equipment in 1940
Plane flying over the Baltic Way (1989) which connected Vilnius-Riga-Tallinn
Estonians erecting barricades to protect Toompea from Soviet troops and armoured vehicles on 21 August 1991 during the Singing Revolution
Installing bombs on a plane in Vana-Nursi, Võrumaa, before a combat flight towards Ostrov, Estonia. 17/VIII/1919, Estonian Independence War
German soldiers in Saaremaa during Operation Beowulf, in the Summer War. September 21st, 1941
Tallinn Department Store (left) on Estonia Avenue, Tallinn during the 1980s
View of Suur-Karja street during 1944, Destroyed buildings in background, Kesklinn, Nazi Occupied Tallinn
Entrance of the Kosmos Cinema, Kesklinn, Tallinn During 1965
A group of Estonians of the Forest Brothers in central Estonia meeting with a German unit in July, 1941
Traffic Jam on the A2 highway in Lithuania during the Baltic Way in 1989
The coffin of Lieutenant Julius Kuperjanov in the Vanemuine theater before his funeral procession, February 7th, 1919, Tartu, Estonia
A Estonian Orchestra in the Forest sometime between 1949-1960
Military training of students of Tallinn on Tornide väljak in 1919 during the Estonian War of Independence
Artillery platform „Võitleja“ of Estonian broad-gauge armored train No. 5 in the composition of armored train No. 2 in Riga in October 1919 during the Estonian Independence War
Estonian-Latvian border point in Valga/Valka in May 1931
The funeral of Julius Kuperjanov (1894-1919) who died fighting the Red Army in the Battle of Paju in 1919
German soldiers lined up in Estonia in August, 1941, during the Summer War
Soviet tanks and military vehicles entering Tallinn next to the Tallinn Airport Parking lot, via the Tartu Highway, for the last time in August 1991
Border crossing between Estonia and the USSR in 1930
Eha Cinema, featured in a travel brochure, in Tallinn, 1976
Estonian Baltic Way in 1989 photo by Jaan Künnap
Estonian Military Parade in Pskov(Pihkova) in 1919
Polish ordnance on the Teatralny Square during the Warsaw Uprising, 1944
A Tram on Viru Square in Tallinn, Estonia, 1978
Artillery wagon of an Estonian Armored train in 1920 during the Independence War
The Baltic Way in Estonia, showing a sign which protests the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact which divided the Baltic states between Germany and the USSR unjustly, 1989, 50 year anniversary of the pact
The Tallinn Airport, Lasnamäe, Tallinn during 1980
A group of Estonians of the Forest Brothers operating in Northern Estonia in the summer of 1941
Estonian volunteers, Soomepoisid, serving with the Sisu unit, pictured in Lapua, Finland in 1944
Commander of the 2nd Battalion of Estonia, Staff Captain Anton Irv (left) and Commander of the 1st Battalion of Estonia, Staff Captain Karl Parts in 1918 (right)
General Andres Larka of the Nationalist Estonian ‘Vaps Movement’ speaking and doing the Roman/fascist salute in 1933 at Peetritehases
Finnish volunteers laying a wreath on the grave of Julius Kuperjanov, an Estonian lieutenant who lead a battalion to liberate Tartu without any reinforcements during the Estonian Independence War, Raadi Cemetery, Tartu, Estonia, in 1933
Demonstrators at the Hirvepark rally with the slogan “We commemorate the victims of Stalinism and fascism”, 23 August 1987 in Tallinn, Estonia
Lithuanian partisans in the Biržai forest, 1952.
Lithuanian Forest Brother partisans in the forest, 1950
Estonian ‘Forest brothers’ Endel Tikerpuu, Juhan Tikerpuu, and Taisto Praks with a moonshine distiller, 1950
Joaoru district of Narva damaged by Bolshevik Russia’s Artillery fire in 1919 during the Estonian War of Independence
Participants at the Hirvepark rally on 23 August 1987 in Tallinn Estonia. The anti-communist, pro-Estonian independence, anti-MRP rally had an estimated 5 000 participants
Konstantin Päts speaking on occasion during the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia in 1938
Forest Brothers in the forest of Parmu in 1950 with a ???(please identify) on a wooden table
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