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Shoemaker’s Lunch, 1944. by Bernard Cole
Homosexual prisoners at the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen, Germany, wearing pink triangles on their uniforms on December 19, 1938.
Actress Marilyn Hare set out to kiss 10,000 soldiers in order to raise the morale of troops fighting in WWII. On her first day she kissed 733 men, 1942. by John Florea
Miner at His Evening Meal, 1937. by Bill Brandt
Brooklyn Gang, 1959. by Bruce Davidson
Hiroshima, 1945. by Alfred Eisenstaedt
Davide Chislagi, the Italian inventor, testing his single-wheel engine in France. 1933
An African boy in a cage watched by two white girls. Belgian Congo (1955)
Yangtze River, China. 1946. by Dmitri Kessel
Soldiers Farewells, New York City, 1944. by Alfred Eisenstaedt
Hippie dad and his daughter in Amsterdam 1968.
Sister Mary Thomas (right), an administrator at St Elizabeth's Hospital, convinces another nun of the convenience of an electric scooter, circa 1955.
Route 9W, New York, 1969
New York, Penn Station, 1949. by Simpson Kalisher
12th July 1968. Lisa Adams at her stall in Lexington Avenue, New York, where she encourages passers to help the Emergency Committee for Gun Control in Manhattan. The Committee calls for tighter laws following recent assassinations.
A beauty salon in Tehran, Iran. 1956
NYC, 1982. by Miron Zownir
Zito's Bakery, Bleecker Street, New York, 1948. by Berenice Abbott
New York City, 1993. By Jeff Mermelstein
Gary Anderson, a 23-Year-Old USC Student who designed the recycling logo for a contest, 1970.
Santa Monica, California, 1940. By Ralph Crane
New York City, 1974, by Joel Meyerowitz.
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Washington DC, USA, 1963. by Leonard Freed
First time watching TV, Burgundy, France, 1962. by Janine Niépce
New York. 1978. by Susan Meiselas
New York, 1958. by Gordon Parks
Women Ride Home from the Fields, Little Carpathians, Czechoslovakia, 1968. by James P. Blair.
LaSalle at Amsterdam Avenue, New York. 1946. by Todd Webb
Ypres. British Soldiers, World War I. 1917. by Frank Hurley
England, Margate. 1986. By Martin Parr
New York City Subway, 1947. by Stanley Kubrick
Paris, 1963. by Mario Dondero
Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor, Spain. 1959. by Burt Glinn
The opening ceremony of Anoushiravan Dadgar High School, the first all-girls school in Iran, 1936.
Bruce Davidson recorded the gentleman in the mirror frame as if it were one of those picture frames on the wall. East 100th Street, 1966. by Bruce Davidson
Children play in the alleys behind their terraced houses in Salford, Manchester, 1962 - by Shirley Baker (1932 - 2014)
Butlins Holiday Camp, 1982. by Barry Lewis
1980s. by Jean-Francois Jonvelle
Homecoming Prisoner, Vienna, 1946-48
Belfast, Northern Ireland, Shopping over the watchful eye of the ever-present British soldier. 1973. Philip Jones Griffiths
A canal being drained and cleaned in Venice, Italy, 1956 - by Bill Perlmutter
The 1949 Dance Teachers Strike. by Francis Trevelyan Miller
In Aachen, two children stare in amazement at Krone's circus seal and its puppet show. Germany 1962
Looking for food. Freiburg, Germany. 1945
Nubian Woman Carrying Water, 1858, by Roger Fenton.
Israel, Sinai, Taba Beach resort, 1982. by Micha Bar-Am
Policeman, 59th Street, 1964, New York. By Evelyn Hofer
Red Light, Rome, 1956. by William Klein
Sunday, West Germany. 1965. by Leonard Freed
Asleep in the Sarcophagus in Christ Church, Spitalfields, London, 1940.
New York, 1992. by Ferdinando Scianna
Two Soviet soldiers reset german clocks forward to Moscow time. 1945. By Dmitri Baltermants
The Election of the First Beauty Queen in Communist Poland, 1956. By Erich Lessing
Café de Flore, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris. Robert Capa, 1952
Soldiers Farwells At Penn Station, 1944. by Alfred Eisenstaedt
French youth listening to radio on a beach. Arcachon. France, 1965. by Janine Niépce
A coal miner takes a bath after a shift in the mines. Cambria County, Pennsylvania, United States, April 1943. by Alfred Eisenstaedt
Cuba, Cuban revolution. 1959. by Burt Glinn
Penn Station, New York, 1947. by Ruth Orkin
Ahmad Shah Qajar, Shah of Iran and the last ruling member of the Qajar dynasty, in Paris, 1922.
Trafalgar Square, King George VI’s Coronation Day, 1937. by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Drinking After Work, Savoie, France. 1929
Americans Seen, Boston Mass, 1980. by Sage Sohier
Pride Street, Pittsburgh ,1955
Demonstrators opposed to the regime of the Shah of Iran sit on the East Front Capitol steps with protest signs. The Shah was in Washington for an official visit. (Photo by © Wally McNamee) 1978
New York, 1966. by Tod Papageorge
Untitled, 1969. by Tony Ray-Jones
Portrait of the artist's brother, Eugenio Kertesz, 1919. by André Kertész
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