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High School principal R. Wiley Brownlee was tarred and feathered by the KKK after he left a board meeting where he proposed the school district honor Martin Luther King, Jr. A student took this photo of Brownlee when he returned to the school for help. April 3, 1971. Michigan.
De Beer mine workers are X-rayed at the end of every shift before leaving the diamond mines. Kimberly, South Africa. 1954.
Civil War Veteran Jacob Miller was shot in the forehead on Sept.19th 1863 at Brock Field at Chickamauga. He lived with an open bullet wound for many years, with the last pieces of lead dropping out 31 years after he was first shot. 1911.
Dr. John Bayard Britton with the .357 Magnum he carried for protection when visiting the Pensacola Ladies’ Centre to perform abortions. He was murdered the following year after this photo was taken by anti-abortion extremist Paul Jennings Hill. 1993.
The engineers of the Forth bridge demonstrate the principles of the cantilever construction by sitting on kitchen chairs. Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker with their arms stretched out support Kaichi Watanabe sitting on a seat in the air between them. 1887.
The office manager tucks into lunch in a dining room adjoining the surgery suite of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Photograph by J. Ross Baughman. ca. 1983.
John Kennedy Jr. saying goodbye to the White House Kitchen staff. 1963.
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