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Roland, a 4,000 pound elephant seal, getting a snow bath from his handler at Berlin Zoo, c. 1930.
Jewish couple wearing yellow stars, Berlin, Germany, 1941.
Japanese anti-British propaganda, c. 1941.
West Germans face East German border guards at the Brandenburg Gate, 1989.
The headquarters of Mussolini's Italian Fascist Party, 1934.
A shot of Venice, Italy, c. 1900.
A Rescue worker holds a cat amidst the devastation and rubble caused by a V-bomb in Judd Street, London, February 13, 1945.
Children play with snowballs in front of Buckingham Palace, London, January 4, 1955.
Two French nuns arrested by the Argentine military regime, forced to pose with the banner of the Montoneros guerrilla group, shortly before being killed, Argentina, 1977.
German soldiers visiting the Amphitheatre of Pompeii, c. 1940s.
A cinema for German soldiers in occupied Paris, 1940-44.
A man standing in the lumberyard of Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing, 1939. (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt)
The Graf Zeppelin practicing a water landing in preparation for the 1931 polar flight.
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels at Charlottenburg Theatre, Berlin, 1939.
A group of Victorians doing the cakewalk, c. 1890.
A crowded ship bringing American troops back to New York Harbor, 1945.
Brothers Sril and Zelig Jacob shortly after their arrival at Auschwitz, 1944.
An image of Saturn taken by Voyager 1 in 1980.
German officer admiring the Eiffel Tower, 1940-41.
The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, ca. 1927.
A shot of a wet London in September, 1933.
Polish teacher Władysław Bieliński moments before he was executed by the Germans, 1939.
Ocean liner Queen Elizabeth sinks in Hong Kong harbour, 1972.
The Montreal Biosphère engulfed in flames, Canada, 1976.
A boy wearing an Adolf Hitler mask, London, 1938.
The Statue of Liberty in Paris, France, 1884.
A synagogue on fire in Hanover during Kristallnacht, 1938.
A US soldier mocks Hitler, c. 1944-45. (Colorized)
An express train at Moscow's Udelnaya station, 1939.
Silhouette of the Titanic at Queenstown on her maiden voyage, 1912.
Chinese youths wearing Western fashion, 1980.
An ARP warden comforts a crying girl during the Blitz, 1939-45.
Christmas trees lining the west side of the Berlin Wall, ca. 1961.
A girl and her teddy wearing gas masks, c. 1940.
Last change of the guard under military rule, Brazil, 1985.
A test audience reacting to the chestburster scene in Alien, 1979.
Frances Griffiths with the "Cottingley Fairies", 1917.
The Eiffel Tower in 1928, Paris, France.
A torchlight parade in Nuremberg during the 1938 Reich Party Congress.
Neil Armstrong's wife Janet watches the launch of Apollo 11, 1969.
A man sits on a girder above New York City at night, ca. 1935.
German officers and cadets attend a Christmas party in Munich, December 18, 1941.
Gay club in Berlin, 1930.
Father and son with Christmas tree, 1949.
The Castle Berg, an iceberg in Antarctica, 1911.
Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna in 1887.
A couple relax in 1980s New York with the twin towers visible in the background.
Berlin at night, c. 1930s.
A group of fashionable women on a British beach, ca. 1930.
A man is rescued from the French trawler 'Jeanne Gougy' after it ran aground off the Cornish coast, 1962.
An aerial photograph taken during a raid on Berlin, September, 1941.
Boys diving into the Thames during an April heatwave in London, 1933.
A football team of British PoWs at camp E715, Auschwitz, 1943-45.
13-year-old Hitler Youth captured by the Allies, 1945. (Colorized)
The HMHS Britannic shortly after her launch in 1914.
Palm Beach, Florida, 1905.
The Houses of Parliament in darkness as a blackout is conducted in preparation for war, 1939.
A man on the frozen Russian ship Urania in the Kattegat, 1895.
German bombers over the English Channel, 1940.
The wake of the Lusitania, c. 1910s.
WWI soldiers sharing a kiss, ca. 1914-18.
A soldier standing guard next to barbed wire barricade on an English beach during World War 2, 1939-45.
Hitler casting his vote during the March elections, 1933.
A nuclear test in the Marshall Islands, 1946.
November, 1978, more than 900 members of Peoples Temple led by Jim Jones died in a mass suicide/murder in Jonestown, Guyana.
World's Fair, Paris, France, 1889.
Berlin decorated for the 1936 Olympics.
In the summer of 1989, NASA's Voyager 2 became the first spacecraft to observe the planet Neptune.
Australian soldiers at the Mena Camp in Egypt during WW1, c. 1914.
A photograph of eight people taken by police during a raid on a gay club in Fitzroy Square, 1927.
One of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders during bayonet practice, 1941.
New York, 1953, photographed by Vivian Maier.
Martin Luther King at the Berlin Wall, 1964.
Canyon de Chelly photographed by Edward S. Curtis, 1904.
Air Raid Precautions dog 'Rip' sits on top of a pile of brick rubble and timber, following an air raid in London, 1941.
A witch doctor of southern Africa, c. 1920s.
A Jewish boy wearing the compulsory Star of David, Prague, 1941.
Jewish men from the Polish town of Olkusz are forced to lie down while German troops abuse and humiliate them, July 31, 1940.
The unbroken seal of the fifth shrine in Tutankhamun's burial chamber, 1922.
A billboard alerting people of the Hong Kong flu pandemic, Iowa, 1968.
A shot of Times Square in 1987.
A street scene in Belfast, 1978, taken by Chris Steele-Perkins.
Halloween shop at S. Howard St., Baltimore, Maryland. 1950.
A man looks across the River Thames towards Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, 1939.
Nazaré Beach, Portugal, 1955.
A group of female survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau trudge through the snow through as they depart from the camp through the main gate, 1945.
A family wearing gas masks at the Empire Pool, London, 1938.
A dance class in the Soviet Union, 1983.
A view of Tokyo at night, c. 1970.
Dancing ladies on the Overhanging Rock at Glacier Point, Yosemite, ca. 1890s.
Mark Hamill with Miss Piggy, c. 1980.
Film director Leni Riefenstahl witnessing the massacre of Polish civilians by German soldiers, 1939.
East German border guards monitor a demonstration in West Berlin at which tear gas was fired, 1988.
May Day celebrations in Berlin, 1937.
Floriańska Street in Krakow, 1936.
A German sniper in the Soviet Union, c. 1942.
Fingerprinting at the Federal Armory during WWII, 1944-45.
Three girls walking barefoot at the beach, c. 1890s.
Listening to the Birds, 1892.
The Bibighar Well, where the remains of around 200 murdered British women and children were thrown, Kanpur, India, 1857.
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