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A Japanese family returning home from an internment camp find their home and garage vandalized in Seattle, Washington 1945.
Workers on the Eiffel Tower, 1932
Salvador Dalí painting, 1948
A crowd in Orlando waits for Walt Disney World's Main street to open in October 1971
The headquarters of Mussolini's Italian Fascist Party, 1934
Jesse Owens on the podium after winning the long jump at the Berlin Olympics, 1936.
Students in class at a college in Afghanistan, 1960s
Black store owner stands guard in his doorway during Detroit riots (1967)
Chuck Yeager with the X-1 supersonic research aircraft in 1947, shortly after breaking the sound barrier.
Employee of Jewish owned shop clears up broken glass from damage done by Nazis on the morning after The Night of Broken Glass in Germany. November 10, 1938.
A milkman delivering milk on a London street after a Luftwaffe, German bombing raid in 1940.
American pilots resting with a Japanese skull they took as a trophy, 1944
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