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The world's last commercial ocean-going sailing ship - The Pamir - rounding Cape Horn, 1949.
Using a vacuum cleaner, 1906.
JFK speaking in Appalachia, USA in 1960
"Down with CPSU" Soviet punks during the August 1991 coup in Moscow.
Marie Curie in her Paris laboratory in 1910.
1915 (WW1) French Trench Raider.
An American soldier, PFC Douglas Page, offered a mocking Nazi salute inside the bombed-out ruins of the Berliner Sportspalast, or Sport Palace, The venue, destroyed during an Allied bombing raid in January 1944, was where the Third Reich often held political rallies.
British Spitfire fighter attempting to topple a German (Nazi) V-1 flying bomb with its wing tip, c.1944-45. These bombs were aimed at London as revenge weapons.
The Pillow Fight - Harry Benson 1964.
Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin enjoy a pre-launch breakfast at the NASA Kennedy Space Centre, before suiting up for the mission to the Moon. Liftoff was at 9:32 am EDT. July 16, 1969.
1966, Yuri Gagarin smoking a cigarette during his visit in Klintsy (USSR - Russia).
Yes, this is Hitler, though some wish to dispute that because it does not fit the stoic image. It is a picture he hated. Hitler loved fedoras, but stopped wearing them in the '30s because they did not fit the image. Early 1930s.
ConVair Car Model 118, the first flight of a flying car, California, November 1947.
Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) stroking his cat in the village of Gorki, Russia, 1922
May Fourth Movement, Students gather for a demonstration in Tiananmen Square, ca. 1917–1919.
Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova feeding a baby tiger at the Berlin Zoo. 1963.
Dixie Mission commander Colonel David D. Barrett and Mao Zedong in Yenan, 1944. The Dixie Mission, was the first US effort to establish official relations with the Communist Party of China and the People's Liberation Army, then headquartered in the mountainous city of Yan'an.
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