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'I am an American' sign displayed by a Japanese-American store owner, Oakland, California, United States, 8 Dec 1941.
A British soldier gives a V-for-Victory sign to German prisoners captured at El Alamein, 26 October 1942.
A group of US Marine artillery men display the Black Power fist with a homemadeBlack Power flag. Con Thien, South Vietnam. December 1968.
Eleanor Roosevelt holds up a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. November 1949.
King George VI of the United Kingdom and President Franklin Roosevelt of the United States during the King’s visit to the Roosevelt home in Hyde Park, New York, United States, Jun 10, 1939, the day before the famous hot dog picnic.
Paper boys of The Daily Reflector as they get ready for the morning routes. Pitt County, North Carolina. December 10, 1955.
Charles de Gaulle inspecting Free French Navy sailors in the United Kingdom, 1941.
American POWs stand for role call in the courtyard of Nga Tu So prison, Hanoi, North Vietnam. March 1973.
Aili Jõgi, an Estonian schoolgirl who on the night of 8 May 1946, together with her school friend Ageeda Paavel, blew up a Soviet War monument in the Estonian capital of Tallinn.
1st Lt. Samuel Griffin, 3rd Bn., 1st Marines, provides assistance to Cpl. Gary Froberg as he completes his absentee voter registration while sitting on the edge of a Vietnamese jungle. 1968.
The last photograph of President Franklin Roosevelt, taken at Warm Springs, GA by Nicholas Robbins. FDR died the following day on April 12, 1945.
Prisoners celebrating the arrival of United States Army troops, Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany, 29 April 1945.
Lydia Myakisheva of 419th Separate Reconnaissance Company of Soviet 1st Front, 1944.
US Army soldiers recovering remains of comrades at Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, 6 June 1944.
Soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division carry a wounded comrade through the jungle. South Vietnam. May 1966.
Two German Nazi Party SA men putting up an election poster for Adolf Hitler, Mecklenburg, Germany, summer 1932.
Two women look over the battlefield of Verdun, France. 1920s.
Hitler Jugend Soldiers of the 12th SS Panzer Division Captured during the Battle of the Bulge December, 1944.
Teddy Roosevelt (center, glasses) and his Rough Riders. 1898.
Russian conscript with his family before being deployed to the front, Karachev, Bryansk, Russia, 1943.
Japanese boy on stilts, Tokyo, Japan, fall 1945.
An open rail carriage carrying Jewish prisoners, Warsaw, Poland, 1944.
Professor Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong, at Tu Du Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, is pictured with a group of handicapped children, most of them victims of Agent Orange. 2004.
Londoners taking shelter in an underground train tunnel during an air raid. London, England, 8 Oct 1940.
Major James A. Ellison reviewing the first class of Tuskegee cadets, Tuskegee, Alabama, United States, 1941.
A group of Vietnamese children smile for the camera. Saigon, 1938.
Queen Elizabeth II attends a garden party in her honour at Home House in the Cocos Islands, Territory of Australia. 1954.
Photograph of Anne Frank, 1941.
Before noon on August 10, 1945, a mother and her son have received a boiled rice ball from an emergency relief party. One mile southeast of Ground Zero, Nagasaki.
The first photo from space, 24 Oct 1946; taken from a Devry 35mm movie camera attached to a V2 rocket at altitude of 65 miles; the rocket was launched from US Army White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.
Soldiers of the 463rd Combat Engineers in France near the German border pause to observe Christmas the best way they could, 25 December 1944.
U.S. soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division relax on the long boat trip back to their base camp after a day trudging through the coconut groves of Kien Hoa province in the Mekong Delta. 14 January 1969.
Victims of the Zoot Suit Riots, where groups of servicemen scoured the streets of Los Angeles looking for and attacking individuals, mainly Mexican-Americans, wearing Zoot Suits. June 1943.
A crowd gathered outside the White House await further news following the announcement of President Roosevelt’s death. April 12, 1945.
The Day the Music Died. The wreckage of the plane that carried rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and "The Big Bopper" J. P. Richardson, which crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa. 3 February 1959.
High school girls wave cherry blossom branches as Second Lieutenant Toshio Anazawa departs on a Kamikaze mission in his Ki-43 IIIa carrying a 250kg bomb bound for the waters around Okinawa. 12 April 1945.
Manhattan Bridge under construction. March 1909.
Totem 1. The first atomic weapon detonated by the British on the Australian mainland. Emu Field, South Australia. 15 October 1953.
A U.S. Marine holds an injured Vietnamese child. Cape Batangan. 1965.
Norito Takamoto, Albert Masaichi, and Hisashi Sansui stand at the barbed wire fence of Manzanar Relocation Center for deported Japanese-Americans, 1944. This photo was taken by professional photographer, Toyo Miyatake, who was also an internee.
Howard P. Perry, the first African-American to enlist in the United States Marines Corps on June 1, 1942.
North Korean leader Kim Il Sung speaks with U.N. Secretary Kurt Waldheim in Pyongyang. A large calcium deposit tumor is noticeable on the back of Kim’s head. 4 May 1979.
High school students are hit by a high-pressure water jet from a fire hose during a peaceful civil rights protest in Birmingham, Alabama. May 3 1963.
US Army Brigadier General Douglas MacArthur, St. Benoit Chateau, France, September 19, 1918.
USS Arizona's forward magazines exploding during the Pearl Harbor attack, US Territory of Hawaii, shortly after 0800 hours, 7 Dec 1941.
Marine Lance Corporal David Cruz listens to the latest news on the Apollo 11 moon landing on his helmet-mounted radio while on guard at Marble Mountain, Da Nang, South Vietnam. 17 July, 1969.
Soviet and US troops take a photo together after meeting near the Elbe River, Germany. 28 April 1945.
Filipino students walk past on one the war damaged buildings on the campus of the University of the Philippines, Manila, Late 1940s. The campus and city would see intense fighting during the Second World War.
A young Cambodian woman. 1930s.
Earl Louis Mountbatten in the uniform of a colonel of the British Household Cavalry, at Knightsbridge Barracks, London, 1976.
Men of the US Marine Corps Third Ammunitions Company on Saipan, Mariana Islands, Jun 1944; Pfc Boykin on bicycle; Pfcs Anthony, Shackelford, and Purdy watching.
A freshly-constructed wall across a street in the city center defines the boundary of the Warsaw Ghetto for the city’s approximately 500,000 Jews, 20 Dec 1940.
A soldier of Polish 22nd Transport Artillery Company playing with Private Wojtek, the Soldier Bear, Middle East, 1942. Wojtek would reach the rank of corporal.
A V-1 buzz bomb falling into the Covent Garden area of London, England, United Kingdom, 14 June 1944, the second day of the V-1 assault on London.
USAAF intelligence aerial photograph of the Auschwitz I main camp at Oświęcim, Poland taken 4 Apr 1944. This is a scan of an enlarged print taken from the original negative and captioned by the CIA in 1978.
Hitler Youth members in an event to encourage the recycling of tin tubes and foil, Worms, Germany, 1938.
Young Japanese-American boys waiting their turn for baggage inspection at the Assembly Center in Turlock, California, while in route to an internment camp. 2 May 1942.
John Kennedy, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Dwight Eisenhower at Eleanor Roosevelt's funeral at Hyde Park, New York, United States, 10 Nov 1962.
Miners bound for the Klondike Gold Fields. Chilkoot Pass, Territory of Alaska. c.1898.
US Navy airship K-101 of Airship Patrol Squadron ZP-14 at Pisa, Italy, May 1945.
US artillerymen relax under a crudely made peace flag near the Laotian border. 1971.
French citizens shaving the head of a French girl as punishment for being in a relationship with a German soldier, Montélimar, France, 29 August 1944.
WAVES personnel getting vaccination from an US Navy doctor, circa late 1944.
US Army Sgt. Edward F. Good feeding a fellow wounded soldier, Pfc. Lloyd Deming, a turkey leg during the Christmas dinner, 2nd Field Hospital, San Jose, Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 25 Dec 1944.
US Marine Private Grady Hogue on a horse, Okinawa, Japan, April 1945.
A young German soldier captured by British forces near Caen during Operation Goodwood. 18 July 1944.
Residents of San Francisco look down Sacramento St. as fire starts to engulf the city following a 7.9 magnitude earthquake earlier that morning. 18 April 1906.
Group photo of some California miners. 1850s.
A column of Belgian infantry march to the front during the first weeks of the First World War. August 1914.
King Christian X of Denmark riding through Copenhagen on his 70th birthday during Nazi occupation, 26 Sep 1940.
Mt. Vesuvius spewing ash into the sky, erupting as a U.S. Army jeep speeds by shortly after the arrival of the Allied forces in Naples, Italy, late March 1944.
French Resistance fighters in La Tresorerie near Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 14 September 1944.
'Where they burn books, they shall burn people'. A SA member throws a handful of books into a bonfire. Opernplatz in Berlin. 1933.
Emperor Hirohito and President Richard Nixon at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, United States, 26 Sept 1971.
President John F. Kennedy sits with his daughter Caroline aboard the yacht Honey Fitz off the coast of Hyannis, Massachusetts. August 25, 1963.
Senator Robert F. Kennedy delivers remarks to a crowd of supporters shortly after midnight in the Ambassador Hotel moments before being assassinated in the hotel kitchen by Sirhan Sirhan. 5 June 1968.
The moment a soldier of the 1st Calvary Div. punches a Viet Cong prisoner. Bồng Sơn, South Vietnam. 1967.
A Russian soldier with PPSh-41 submachine gun guards a German prisoner of war following the German Army surrender in Stalingrad. February 1943.
British and German troops meeting in no man’s land during the unofficial Christmas truce, Bridoux–Rouge Banc Sector, France. Christmas Day, 1914.
US Army Private First Class Harvey White administering plasma to wounded Private Roy Humphrey, Sicily, Italy, 9 Aug 1943.
German soldiers talking with French women in front of the Moulin Rouge in June 1940, shortly after the German occupation of Paris.
Japanese children, September, 1945.
Japanese-Americans awaiting their release from the Poston War Relocation Center, Arizona, United States, Sep 1945.
Bob Hope hitting a golf ball off of the flight deck of USS Ticonderoga, off Vietnam, 26 December 1965.
Addie Laird, a 12 year old spinner in a cotton mill. North Pownal, Vermont. February 1910.
Female worker being helped out of a BL 15 in gun after she had finished cleaning the rifling, Coventry Ordnance Works, England, 1914.
US Marines of 9th Marine Regiment prepare to load an Air Force transport which will take them to Okinawa under President Nixon’s 25,000 troop withdrawal from Vietnam. Da Nang Airport, July 25, 1969.
As seen from the Fleet Street rooftops, a V-1 Flying Bomb strikes near Kings Way with the Law Courts towers in the foreground, London, England, August 3, 1944.
US Marine Raiders at Cape Totkina, Bougainville, January 1944.
US Marine code talker Samnuel Sandoval of III Amphibious Corps Signal Battalion underneath a Torii gate on Okinawa, Japan, 1945.
A U.S. Navy gunboat stops a South Vietnamese junk for a search in the South China Sea near Da Nang, South Vietnam. 1969.
Men of the 28th Marine Regiment, 5th Marine Division, play cards below deck of their transport which is bound for the invasion of a Iwo Jima. February 1945.
Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys is surrounded by fans during a gig in Germany. 1980.
U.S. Marines of 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, on patrol near the DMZ in South Vietnam. 1967.
German lancers cross into Serbia during the First World War. 1915.
Members of the US Army’s 4th Infantry Division sightseeing in Paris, France, August 25, 1944.
Munitions factory worker Bertha Stallworth inspecting a 40-mm artillery shell, Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1940s.
Hitler Youth members playing tug of war while donning helmets and gas masks, 1933.
German occupation troops destroying Adam Mickiewicz Monument in Kraków, Poland, 17 August 1940.
Troops of U.S. 90th Infantry Division aboard LCI(L)-326 en route to Utah Beach. 6 June 1944.
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