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"Emperor" Jean-Bedel Bokassa , seated on his golden throne for his coronation, Bangui, Central African Republic - December 4, 1977
Traffic Signal – Fifth Avenue and 34th Street, NYC, 1922
Philadelphia City Hall ca. 1910
A motorman operates a trolley car near the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC -September 25, 1924
Guarding the Boston waterfront: sentry patrolling Atlantic Ave., looking for German spies, Boston, 1918
The US Pacific fleet getting ready for battle during the Marshall Islands Campaign - 1944
Times Square, 1908
Warsaw Pact tanks invade Prague, August 21, 1968
Captain scanning the sea with his dog and chief officer on the bridge of a Norwegian freighter, part of an Allied convoy across the Atlantic from the U.S. to England - 1941
Adams Square, Boston - 1905
Children play among the wreckage of the D Day invasion, Normandy, France - 1947
Traffic jam, Lincoln Tunnel, NYC - 1953
US Marines scatter as a CH-46 helicopter burns after it was shot down near the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam, July, 1966.
The French Village, Hollywood, CA, 1937
Runaway train crashes into Union Station - Washington, D.C., January 15, 1953
Bees players with their wives at Braves Field, Boston, 1939
An East German policeman uses sunlight reflected off a mirror in an attempt to stop photographers from taking pictures in August 1961
Pledging allegiance, Corozal, Puerto Rico - 1946
Paris, ca. 1890s
6 A sentry of the French Resistance keeps an eye out for German and French collaborationist snipers during the Battle for Paris - August 23, 1944
Early Senate subway car carries passengers between the Capitol and the Senate office building, ca. 1915
Old Tom's saloon, Cedar Street and Greenwich Street, New York City, 1899
Western Union telegraph office, Devonshire Street, Boston, 1894
Off-loaded freight from box cars being hoisted up to jutting loading platforms at Brooklyn Army Terminal, October 1949
Window Washer, Empire State Building, 1948
Arthur Ashe doing a crossword puzzle while waiting for the subway, completely unrecognized the day after he won the U.S. Open men’s singles championship in September 1968
O. J. Simpson carries the Olympic Torch up the California Incline in Santa Monica - July 21, 1984
Sun Yat-Sen, the revolutionary and founding father of the Republic of China, posed with his wife and officers of his army at the presidential palace in Canton, 1922
Two German women sit on a park bench surrounded by destroyed buildings in Cologne, Germany, 1945
Los Angeles police trade shots with barricaded suspect - Feb. 17, 1938
When KISS Rocked Cadillac: Two kids hang out at center court in the Cadillac High School gym during KISS’ sound check - Cadillac, Michigan, October 9, 1975
Crowd Celebrating the Liberation of the Netherlands, The Hague, May 8, 1945
Former member of the Barcelona Philharmonic at a concentration camp for Spanish refugees, Bram, France, March 1939.
New York Female Giants, baseball team, 1913
Coca-Cola shack at the corner of Broadway and Riverside Drive, New York City, April 30, 1914
Prussian army canteen, 1898
New York City mayor Jimmy Walker presides over the first shot in the city’s annual marble tournament - June 3, 1928
Wilbur Wright flies over New York Harbor on September 29, 1909
London restaurant during the Blitz, 1940
A Swiss soldier of the Fifth Mountain Regiment on skis, in winter training at Villars in the Alps - 1931
London Underground rat-catchers with their net and ferrets, ca. 1950
Rebels firing on Soviet troops during the Hungarian Revolution, Budapest, 1956
Sheepshead Bay Speedway, Brooklyn, New York, 1918
LaMarcus A. Thompson and crew testing the Giant Roller Coaster, Coney Island, New York, April 11, 1915
Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev listening to their interpreters during a press conference in Geneva, 1985
Acrobat Hans Prignitz does a handstand on top of St Michaelis Church in Hamburg - 1948
A protest demonstration by students from Witwatersrand University, South Africa, 1961
Times Square at night, 1923
South Side market, Chicago - April, 1941
Pennsylvania Station seen at night from The New Yorker Hotel, January 1941
Gunmen at the Reichstag, 1919
Salute in honor of victory in the Great Patriotic War - Moscow, May 9, 1945
Shanties on W. 62nd Street near Boulevard (now Broadway), New York City, 1896.
Hudson River National Defense Reserve Fleet, Stony Point, NY, 1961
An American soldier stands in the doorway of an apartment house before the Eiffel Tower in March of 1919
North Union Station, Boston - 1905
Two young strike sympathizers on roller skates distribute leaflets in Union Square, NYC, 1916
Bolshoi Theatre camouflaged with images of false buildings - Moscow, 1942
A little girl looks at a bust of Lenin. Lenin Museum, Poronin, Poland -1956
Mulberry Street, New York City c. 1900
Boston, Massachusetts, after the great fire of November 9-10, 1872
Court is held outdoors in Portsmouth Square, San Francisco during the influenza pandemic of 1918
F.W. Grand store, Washington, D.C., circa 1925
British soldiers watching a boxing match on a troop ship from England to North Africa, 1943
Opera singer Irmgard Seefried singing an aria from "Madama Butterfly" in the ruined Vienna Opera House, 1945
A German soldier in occupied Netherlands mans a 20 mm VKPL vz. 36 Oerlikon light anti-aircraft gun from a rooftop. The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands. April 1942
Young fascists parade before Benito Mussolini at the Piazza di Siena in Rome - September 1935
General Charles de Gaulle leading parade down the Avenue des Champs-Elysées to celebrate the liberation of Paris, August 26th, 1944
White House Easter Egg Roll, 1965
Anwar Sadat and Richard Nixon shake hands as they pose in front of the pyramids at Giza, Egypt - 1974
Entrance to East Boston Tunnel, Maverick Square, Boston, 1906
Tramway Station, U.S. Capitol -1940
A soldier of the South Vietnamese army, Vietnam, 1973
Popcorn vendor, Marblehead, Massachusetts, August 1908.
A 10-year-old spinner at the Rhodes Mfg. Co. takes a momentary glimpse of the outside world. She said she had been working there for more than a year. Lincolnton, North Carolina, 1908
Kids spraying soldiers, Belfast, 1972
USAF Convair F-102 Delta Daggers along Vietnam coast, 1966
Coney Island, 1905
Croton Reservoir, corner of Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City, 1899
King's Chapel, Boston - 1909
Williamsburg Bridge Plaza, Brooklyn, N.Y. ca. 1906
A young girl playing near a barbed wire fence along the border Wall between East and West Berlin - 1963
Houses at Lexington Avenue and E. 83rd Street, New York City, 1900
Grand Central Station and Hotel Manhattan, New York, 1906
Police and firemen run for cover as a section of the University Hotel collapses, NYC, August 3, 1973
Soviet soldiers of the 20th Army, West Front counterattack during the Battle for the village of Kamenka in October 1941
Japanese soldiers and civilians crowd trains to Tokyo at a Hiroshima station after the demobilization of the Japanese military. September 8, 1945
Broadway and Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street, prior to the construction of the Flatiron Building, New York City, 1900
Intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street, New York City, ca. 1910
Harry Britton , founder of the 'International Association of Dissatisfied Husbands', campaigns for 'Husband Liberation', New York City, 1976
Wolfe Tavern, Newburyport, Massachusetts, July 1898
A rifleman dashes uphill to take cover from enemy fire, Korea, 1951
West End demolition, Boston, July 1959
A young boy peers out of a bus loaded with refugees as they flee fighting between Chechen independence fighters and Russians near Shali, Chechnya - May 1995
New army recruits marching in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Feb. 17, 1975
Castro sympathizers in Havana form barricades to stop the Batista regime supporters from escaping from the city. January 1, 1959
Battleships in New York Harbor, New York City, August 20, 1898
Henry H. Tyson's Fifth Avenue Market and the Willow Tree Hotel, (a landmark on 44th Street and Fifth Avenue until 1905), New York City, August 24, 1896.
Huge crowd outside Braves Field to see the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies in the 1915 World Series
Boston Police Liquor Squad led by Oliver Garrett (second from right) dressed up in evening clothes for visits to Boston hotels on New Year's Eve, 1928
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