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President George HW Bush gazes at the Capitol in helicopter after leaving Clinton Inauguration. 1992
John F. Kennedy consults with his brother Robert Kennedy during campaigning. 1960
President Ronald Reagan meets with Senate Candidate John McCain in the Oval Office. 1986
John F Kennedy in office colorization, done by myself.
George H.W Bush speaks in the 1980 campaign as he sought presidential nomination. 1980
President Harry Truman stands in voting booth during the elections of Independence, Missouri. 1950
On his last day in office, President Gerald Ford gives a kiss to First Lady Betty Ford in the Oval Office. 1977
Robert Kennedy reading the returns back to John F. Kennedy from 1952 senatorial race.
President George HW Bush Standing in Oval Office on Final Day. 1993
John F Kennedy at the Democratic Convention of 1952.
1960 John F Kennedy sat down while voters looking through window.
Ted & Bobby Kennedy both attend a Senate meeting about the growing issue of poverty. 1967
President John F. Kennedy trying a space glove on while stood next him is John Glenn who explains the functions of the glove. 1962
President Gerald Ford discusses with George H.W Bush in the Oval Office of Bush taking over CIA as director. 1975
Vice President Gerald Ford & Betty Ford Relaxing at the Mauna Kea Resort in Hawaii. 1973
President George HW Bush plays the guitar at inaugural ball. 1989
Richard Nixon stands on his roof watering the wood during the Brentwood-Bel Air fire, Los Angeles, California, November 1961
President Ronald Reagan, Vice President George HW Bush and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev pose with the World Trade Center. 07 December 1988
President George H.W Bush looks outside of the Oval Office window one last time. Sighted on the desk is his letter welcoming the incoming President William J Clinton. 1993
Senator John F. Kennedy reads newspaper while standing outside Butler Aviation. 1960
Construction of the lobby in the World Trade Center, New York
George HW Bush in a Grumman TBF-1 while on the USS San Jacinto. 1944
President Jimmy Carter preparing for his farewell address to the nation in January. 1981
Richard Nixon at Christmas with Pat and daughters Trica and Julie. 1950's
Mugshot of H.R Haldeman during conviction of Watergate. 1975
John F Kennedy on Capitol Hill 1946
JFK at debate with Nixon, B&W to colour, work in progress
George H.W Bush in the Oval Office with the Christmas tree in the background. 1990
President Harry Truman talking to daughter Margaret Truman before voting. 1946
President John F. Kennedy discusses with the press regarding the Cuban missile crisis. 1962
Robert F. Kennedy reading newspaper while on campaign trail. 1968
Vice President George HW Bush and Second Lady Barbara Bush celebrate the first Reagan inauguration on the road from the sunroof as they greet the crowd. 1981
President Jimmy Carter turns 93, picture of him in 1925
President Ronald Reagan shakes hands with Senator John McCain of Arizona. 1987
34 year old John F Kennedy 1952, colorized
Father and daughter portrait of Caroline Kennedy & John F. Kennedy. 1960
John F Kennedy 1962 Colorized
Franklin D Roosevelt 1944 Portrait
John F. Kennedy is accepted for the Democratic nomination for president. 1960
President Richard Nixon, Photo taken in 1971 by Yousuf Karsh, colorized.
Senator John McCain stands in the Russell Senate Office, Washington DC. 1996
Historic image of JFK restored from black and white to colour. Done by myself.
President Gerald Ford waves to the crowd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from the sunroof. September 1976
Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon, Moscow, USSR , 1959.
Portrait of Democratic President Andrew Johnson. 1865
President Harry Truman Colourised 1948
President George H.W Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush celebrates Halloween in the White House Grounds. 1989
Presidential nominee George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara Bush wave to crowd at the Republican National Convention in Houston, Texas. 1992
Inaugural address of William McKinley
President Gerald Ford & Vice President Nelson Rockefeller stand arm in arm in the White House. Between them is Margaretta Rockefeller. 1974
President John F Kennedy sat in his Cabinet Room chair. 1961
President George HW Bush addresses the nation within the Oval Office on the suspension of allied offensive combat operations in the Persian Gulf War. 1991
Senate side of the Capitol having an annual bath by Captain H.C. Corder, chief of the Washington Fire Department. 1935 October 24
1944 Portrait of FDR. Colourised.
Bill Clinton announces the return of the Statute of Freedom to the top of the U.S. Capitol, October, 1993
President George H.W Bush waves to the crowd in Arlington while campaigning. 1992
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