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American soldier wearing the crown of the Holy Roman Empire in a cave in Siegen, Germany, on April 3, 1945.
A Romanian soldier giving a sign of victory after the 1989 revolution, having removed the communist insignia from his headwear.
Israeli soldier taking a glass of water from the Jordan river after The Six Day War, On his left arm is a serial number from the Holocaust. July 1967.
A boy holding a stuffed animal amid ruins following German aerial bombing of London, 1945. his mother, father and brother all dead and buried under the rubble.
Soviet soldier carrying the head of a statue of Hitler, Berlin 1945
A native American man looking over the newly completed transcontinental railroad in Nevada, 1869.
Argentine soldier in the Falklands war, 1982
A young boy greets his father, a soldier allowed to return home for Christmas, 1944.
22 year-old corporal Leonard Hayworth in the Korean War cries after running out of ammunition and losing most of his men, 1950. he was later killed in combat. taken by David Douglas Duncan.
Mikhail Kalashnikov and Eugene Stoner holding each other's designed rifles. They met at Washington DC in 1990.
Japanese WWII veteran plays guitar on the streets of Asakusa , early 1950's. taken by werner bischof.
Dracula actor Bela Lugosi serving as a lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian army in WWI, 1914.
animals being used as a medical therapy, 1956.
Shell Shocked U.S. marine waiting to be evacuated from the battle zone during the Têt offensive, Hué, Vietnam, February 1968 - by Don McCullin
Native American parents camping outside Indian boarding schools where their children were (possibly) taken by force. Pine ridge, south Dakota, 1891.
Jewish soldiers in the German Army celebrate Hanukkah on the Eastern Front, 1916.
Elvis Presley being sworn into the U.S. Army at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, March 24, 1958. offered the chance to enlist in Special Services to entertain the troops and live in priority housing, but was persuaded by his manager to serve as a regular soldier.
cat makes a great escape from the animal rescue league of Boston, 1940.
German world war 1 veteran begs at the streets of Berlin, Germany, 1923.
Battle at Great Wall, Laiyuan, Hebei, second sino-japanese war, autumn 1937.
Apollo 16 astronaut Charles duke left his family photo behind him on the moon, April 1972.
American soldiers discover a Manet painting hidden in the salt mines of Merker, Germany, 1945.
allied soldiers mock hitler atop his balcony at the reich chancellery, 1945.
Dagestani man with a military medal wearing traditional dress and headgear, Russian empire, taken around 1904 by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky. (originally in color)
refugees fleeing Pyongyang during the Korean War across a destroyed bridge over the Taedong River, December 4th 1951. it won that year's Pulitzer prize for photography.
A defeated German soldier sits in front of a burning Reichstag, which had been taken over by Soviet troops. berlin, may 1945.
German soldier in Stalingrad giving the one thousand yards stare. the badge on his chest is the infantry assault badge, taken around January 1942.
Party and state leaders stand before the remains of Mao Zedong. from left, Hua Guofeng, Wang Hongwen, Ye Jianying, Zhang Chunqiao, Jiang Qing, Yao Wenyuan, and Li Xiannian, in this image released by Xinhua news agency dated September 13, 1976.
The main building of Helsinki university, on Senate Square, burns during the night after a Soviet bombings on Finland. the statue depicts former Russian tsar Alexander II, who was well liked by the Finns. February, 1944.
"Tarawa Island", a photograph of dead Japanese soldiers at a destroyed pillbox following the Battle of Tarawa. This photograph won the 1944 Pulitzer Prize for Photography.
Battered religious figures stand amid the rubble of Nagasaki, Japan on September 24, 1945, six weeks after the U.S. destroyed the city with an atomic bomb.
Men of the 8th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment going up to the line near Frezenberg, Photo by Ernest Brooks. 1917.
Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces with gas masks and rubber gloves during a chemical attack, Battle of Shanghai, 1937
"The last hussar" August von Mackensen, German field marshall in WWI, wearing a Prussian Busby. taken around 1914.
Churchill sits on a damaged chair from the Führerbunker in July 1945.
Austro-Hungarian Field marshal Svetozar Boroevic posing for a painting, c. 1918.
Mehmed VI, the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, leaving the country after the abolition of the Ottoman sultanate, 17 November 1922.
A group of men posing in front of lynch's slave market, St. louis, Missouri, 1852.
James A. Garfield serving as a Brigadier general in the American civil war, he later became president and got assassinated 6 months into his presidency, taken in the 1860's. (colorized by me)
soldiers of the Wiltshire Regiment going "over the top" on 7 August 1916, during the Battle of the Somme.
German field marshal Gerd Von Rundstedt touring The Louvre and coming across the Venus de Milo, occupied France, October 1940.
Austrian soldier evening prayer at a army mass gave in Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Galicia (now Ukraine), WW1, March 1918.
"Serious Steps", photograph of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower discussing the failed bay of pigs invasion, camp David, 1962.
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