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Princess Diana shakes hands with an AIDS patient without gloves, 1991
"Lots of Liquor" - New York City Blackout, July 13, 1977
An Elk wanders the burned area of Yellowstone National Park during the fires of 1988.
Lunch Counter Desegregation Demonstrators in Jackson, Mississippi - 1963
Fire officials meet in Yellowstone on August, 20, 1988 a day known as Black Saturday
United States Olympic Hockey Players Celebrate Victory Over Soviet Union on February 22, 1980 in Lake Placid, New York
The Fife and Drum Corps leads the Grand Army of the Republic during a Memorial Day parade on May 30, 1927
Juan Romero cradles the head of Robert F. Kennedy after he was shot by Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel on June 6, 1968
Three young men walk past Martin Luther King, Jr. portrait displayed in the storefront window of Woodward & Lothrop April 6, 1968
Standoff at Wounded Knee in South Dakota, 1973
Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis on April 3, 1968
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