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Philadelphians looking at new map of Europe after WWI, 1918
British tourist arrives in Sudan, Africa in 1936 {826 x 619)
Looters and policeman during Watts riots, Los Angeles, 1965, photo by Julian Wasserman
Horses hauling a spruce, Washington state, 1905, photo by Darius Kinsey
Butcher shop, High Wycombe, England, 1938
US Marines lined up for their haircuts, 1971, photo by Eddie Adams
Satanic exorcism, plus all the fried chicken you can eat, Kentucky, 1942
The work of Anna Coleman Ladd, who created prosthetics for World War I soldiers who had facial mutilation, Paris, 1918
NatGeo photographer Captain Ashley C. McKinley poses while on his aerial Antarctic assignment, 1932
Pasta shop with drying racks, Palermo, Italy, 1865
Grey Group Advertising meeting, NYC, 1959, photo by Dennis Stock
Prague Castle, Antiphonaries (liturgical books), 1960s (900 X 735)
Abrupt awakening, London, 1902, photo by Jack London
Workers and pedestrians go silent and bare their heads during the first Armistice Day, London, 1919
Native Americans give a ceremonial salmon to the engineer of M-10002 City of Portland train, Oregon, 1940
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, NYC, 1934
Gay Activists Alliance protest, Greenwich Village, NYC, 1971 photo by Grey Villet
In 1943, Nazis take over Lévitan, a Paris department store. They used the space to sell all the Jewish stolen furniture and goods to other Nazis, using concentration camp labor to do the work
Members of the Parks family tell Jim Jones they want to leave Jonestown on day of massacre, Nov 18, 1978, Guyana
Giant Olmec head found by Matthew Stirling at Tres Zapotes in Veracruz, Mexico, 1939, photo by Richard Stewart
Center of the US population, 13th census, 1911, near Bloomington, IN
Aerial photo of Manhattan, 1931 - view from above South Bronx
Ratcatchers during the Bubonic Plague, Australia, 1900
Chinese opium den, San Francisco, 1890s
Sculpting begins on the face of Lincoln, Mount Rushmore, Black Hills National Forest, SD, 1927
Abraham Lincoln's photographer smoothed his hair down, but Abe messed it back up again - February 1857, photo by Alexander Hessler
Alaskan Inuit villagers bringing home a walrus, 1930
Wives of airmen on the USS Shangri-La do a Welome Home Hula Dance, Ford Island, Honolulu, 1956
Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession at the corner of 6th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, 1865
Independence Day picnic at the home of James Hunter, Hestonville, PA, 1862
WWI French Alpine infantry soldiers at river, 1914 autochrome by Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud
The pet meat man (typically horsemeat), London, ca. 1890s
Blossom Restaurant in the Bowery, NYC, 1935, photo by Berenice Abbott
Mountaineers atop the Jungfrau in Switzerland, 1913
Native American sends smoke signals, Montana, 1909
Baldwing Locomotive leaves tunnel, Temascopa Canyon, Mexico, 1881, photo by William Henry Jackson
The Bøyabreen glacier in Norway, circa 1900s
Steamboats docking on Mississippi River, Vicksburg, 1907
Pauline, White House dairy cow during Taft administration, pastured on both White House and State Department lawns, 1909
Loggers with big load, Michigan, circa 1890s
Battery Street in San Francisco, CA, 1856
Ice fishing in front of Le Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France, 1889
In Los Angeles neighborhood Chavez Ravine, a Mexican family sits outside their home during forced evictions to make room for Dodgers Stadium, 1959
Due to power failure, police lead commuters through NYC subway tunnel, November, 1965
The River Baptism, South Carolina, 1915
Watching the deconstruction of Third Avenue El, NYC, 1955, photo by Vivian Cherry
Stranded people sleep in the lobby at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel during the NYC blackout, 1977
Hanover Junction, PA - Passenger train at depot from photos of the main Eastern theater of war, November, 1863, photo by Mathew Brady
Oxford Street, London, 1887
Memphis Zoo segregation, photo by Ernest Withers, 1958
Men burning their draft cards, NYC, 1967, photo by Hiroji Kubota
Bee Market, Netherlands, 1956
Fire Truck on the way, F Street, Washington DC, 1914
Enjoying a ride in the Amphicar, Model 770, 1965 - location/photographer unknown
Unknown artist paints the ruins of City Hall after earthquake, San Francisco, 1906
Soldiers show off pieces of clothing torn off Mexican American men during the Zoot Suit Riots in June 1943, Los Angeles
Willard State Psychiatric Hospital in Willard, NY, where 5,800 patients were buried under numbered markers to shield their names, circa 1885 (more info in comments)
Vendor selling drinks right before the dawn execution of Rainey Bethea, Kentucky, 1936
Dr. Doyen separating cojoined twins, 1910 (they survived surgery), 1024 x 744
Open Market Day, Montreal, 1890s
The Canadian Government Colonization Company Motor Car advertises certain prosperity in Western Canada, 1905
JFK Viewing Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, 1962
Subway line under construction at Delancey & Eldridge Streets, NYC, 1908, photo by David Pollack
NAACP attorney Arthur Shores home bombed, Birmingham, AL, 1963 (1000 X 670)
Rooftop view of baseball game at Shibe Park, Philadelphia, 1910
Dr. Chapman's house being moved to avoid destruction due to expansion of NYC's water system, Katonah, NY, 1893
Collecting Christmas baskets from Salvation Army, 1908, NYC
Air force recruits, Lackland AFB, TX, 1951, photo by Loomis Dean
Crazy Horse show, Paris, 1956, photo by Burt Glinn
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