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Anti British propaganda, Japan 1941 (1080×1231)
Churchill celebrates his 69th birthday with Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at the Victorian Drawing Room of the British Legation in Tehran Iran 30 Nov 1943 (942×792)
Cats in their line to drink milk, California 1954 (700×960)
A patient undergoing treatment for mental illness, Germany 1890 (720×896)
Iranian women throwing their veils outside the prime Minister office in protest to hijab law, Tehran 1979 (1024×683)
Leftist female students collect and prepare small rocks behind university bars to battle islamist forces during street clashes outside Tehran university, Iran 1981 (986×650)
Little girl walking with a penguin family at London Zoo, 1937 (1080×1341)
Dessau, Germany, April 1945 (992×659)
Mother witnesses death of her childs by the Islamic regime forces, Iran, Kurdistan, 1980(620×410)
Gypsies let a bear tread on person’s back to cure rheumatism, Romania 1946 (1280×1020)
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