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Leni Riefenstahl, director of the Triumph of the Will, reacts as Polish civilians are shot by German soldiers 1939
Then Princess Juliana of the Netherlands with Kaiser Wilhelm II. Doorn 1938
Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father, with fellow soldiers 1915-1916
Queen Victoria's funeral procession, among them King Edward VII, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and the Duke of Connaught 1901
Soviet soldiers after withdrawing from Afghanistan late 1980s
Prince Adalbert of Prussia with his son 1941
Hitler and other Nazis visiting Napoleon's tomb at Les Invalides 1940
The Raczyński Palace at Königsplatz, the place where the Reichstag Building was built, with the Brandenburg Gate to the right and in the background, the rest of Berlin 1880
Kaiser Wilhelm II and his court dressed up in clothes from the era of Frederick the Great pre-1914
Victoria, Princess Royal with her child Wilhelm 1859
Mao Zedong and the Dalai Lama Beijing 1954
People in front of Buckingham Palace after the declaration of war 1914
Kaiser Wilhelm II with his cousin King George V in London 1911
German child soldiers 1945
Emperor Napoleon III with Queen Victoria and their spouses at the Crystal Palace 1855
A post mortem photo of William I, German Emperor who died aged 90, 1888
German soldiers marching into Neu Sendec as Jewish civilians look on 1915
Queen Victoria and her daughter Victoria 1888
A room in the Berlin Royal Palace 1920s
Queen Mary in Berlin at the wedding of the Kaiser's daughter 1913
Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Charles 1948
Kaiser Wilhelm II with Prince Friedrich "Fritzi" Eduard zu Fürstenberg 1904
Kaiser Wilhelm I. with his son, grandson and great-grandson 1882
The German Empress and Emperor 1883
Kaiser Wilhelm I at his study, on his desk is a portrait of his former lover Elisa Radziwiłł, taken around 1880
Kaiser Wilhelm II talking to a worker in a Krupp factory September 1918
Tsar Alexander III with his family in 1888
Kaiser Wilhelm II with his troops 1916
Kaiser Wilhelm II with his wife, Augusta Victoria on vacation in Norway July 1914
Queen Victoria’s children, Princess Alice, Prince Alfred, the Princess Royal and Princess Helena in Les deux petits Savoyards 1854
Queen Elizabeth II with her son Prince Charles 1957
A German Soldier and his son during the outbreak of WW1 1914
Winston Churchill with Kaiser Wilhelm II. in 1908
Kaiser Wilhelm II. with President Roosevelt 1910
Stalin's statue toppled in Budapest 1956
Kaiser Wilhelm II passing through an arch built for him by the Jewish Community in Jerusalem 1898
Queen Victoria with then-Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, future German Kaiser 1864
Tsar Nicholas II. with his cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II. on a ship 1905
Sophie Scholl with her brother Hans Scholl and his friends 1942
Kaiser Wilhelm II. in the uniform of a British Field Marshal 1900
German soldiers with a group of Russian Jews during World War I 1915
The Statue of Germania on the Reichstag 1894
King Edward VII, Kaiser Wilhelm II, King Alfonso XIII and their wives 1907
Kaiser Wilhelm II and Winston Churchill watching maneuvers in Breslau/Wroclaw 1904
Hugo Gutmann, German Jewish officer and superior of Adolf Hitler that recommended him for the Iron Cross 1918
German Jewish soldiers in front of a synagogue in Lodz WW1 ~1915
Prince Henry of Prussia and his wife Princess Irene of Hesse and by Rhine 1887
King George V on the Western Front 1917
Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert 1854
Mao Zedong and Richard Nixon toasting 1976
The reconstruction of the Equestrian Statue of Frederick the Great Unter den Linden, East Berlin 1980
King Edward VII with his brother Prince Arthur in 1894
The German Ambassador to the UK, Karl Max, Prince Lichnowsky, at Hyde Park right after the declaration of war on Germany 1914
Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom with her nephew, the then Prince Wilhelm of Prussia 1861
Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peace, in 1848
Crowds cheer at the German Imperial Family after the declaration of war against Russia 1914
Eduard Bloch, an Austrian Jew who treated Hitler's mom while she had cancer, at his clinic 1938
Max Immelmann, a German flying ace in WW1, and was the first aviator to win the Pour le Mérite, which was nicknamed the Blue Max, 1916
Soviet Soldiers at the National Kaiser Wilhelm Monument in Berlin 1945
Angela Merkel's grandparents, Ludwig Kasner (Ludwik Kaźmierczak) and Margarethe Pörschke 1919
Kaiser Wilhelm II dressed up in the style of Frederick the Great 1899
Reservists and their children in Berlin August 1914
Kaiser Wilhelm II in a costume 1900s
Kaiser Wilhelm II. with his cousin Tsar Nicholas II. in 1905
Then Prince Wilhelm of Prussia with Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria 1883
Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II 1900s
German and Soviet troops greeting each other 1918
Kaiser Wilhelm II. talking with Ethiopians at the Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg in 1909
Empress Frederick with her mother Queen Victoria after the death of Frederick III 1888
Queen Victoria on her death bed 1901
King Edward VII visiting Kaiser Wilhelm II 1909
Queen Victoria with her daughter Victoria, Princess Royal (later German Empress and then Empress Frederick) 1860s
Adolf Hitler, Franz von Papen and Minister of Defence Werner von Blomberg 1933
Children playing as soldiers Berlin 1914
Queen Victoria with her daughter, Victoria, 1845
Queen Victoria's children and their spouses and the Danish Royal Family the day before the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark 1863
Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother at King George VI's funeral 1952
Full-sized photo of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Winston Churchill meeting in Breslau (now Wrocław) early 1900s
Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia with his son, Wilhelm, at Balmoral Castle 1863
Kaiser Wilhelm II with the Imperial Family of Russia 1909
Queen Alexandra (middle) with her sisters Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia and the former Crown Princess of Hanover, Thyra 1910
The British Army crossing the Rhine into Cologne past a statue of Kaiser Wilhelm II 1919
Queen Victoria with her children and grandchildren 1894
Queen Victoria with Prince Albert with their daughter, Victoria, Princess Royal, just before her wedding 1858
Brandenburg Gate and Unter den Linden with the Royal Palace and the Berliner Dom in the background Berlin 1913
A Post Mortem Picture of Emperor Frederick III, 1888
The Armistice Wagon used for the Armistice of 11 November being taken out of a museum by the Germans for the Franco-German Armistice 1940
Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father, with his brother 1915
Queen Alexandra with her dogs 1890-1900s
Otto von Bismarck in his office 1889 Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-J0320-0500-001 / CC-BY-SA 3.0
The Kaiser on vacation July 25, 1914, 3 days before the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia
The daughters of Karl Marx, Jenny Carolina and Jenny Laura Marx, named after their mother Jenny von Westphalen, 1869
Kaiser Wilhelm II and Augusta Victoria on their Jerusalem visit 1898
Soviet Soldiers at the Victory Column Berlin 1945
King Edward VII with Kaiser Wilhelm II, Queen Alexandra, the future King George V, Princess Mary, the future King George VI, Prince Henry, and the future King Edward VIII 1903
Students in front of the then Frederick William University of Berlin 1916
Then Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria with his mother Queen Maria and brother Otto 1863
Alexanderplatz Berlin 1903
Students commemorating the late General Secretary Hu Yaobang on Tiananmen Square 1989
Royal Gathering, including the Tsar, the Kaiser and the Prince of Wales, at Coburg 1894
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