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San Francisco's iconic Cliff House, shortly before it was destroyed by fire in 1907 .
Three-martini lunchtime at the Plaza Hotel's Oak Room circa 1974.
Easter Sunday 1957 in Fort Wayne, Indiana
French mug shot of Fran├žois Bertillon, 23 months, as photographed by his father, Alphonse, a French policeman responsible for standardizing the modern mug shot. Crime: Gluttony (nibbling all the pears from a basket). October 17, 1893 .
Lunchtime in Depression-era Indiana at Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island, 1935. After more than 100 years in the same location, the place is still in business and looks remarkably unchanged .
The Dakota circa 1890, when NYC's Upper West Side was the fringe of upper-crust civility. How times have changed.
San Francisco's original iconic Cliff House restaurant was built in 1863 and afforded diners breathtaking ocean views. Rebuilt in a brutal modernist style following a devastating fire, it finally closed for good during the pandemic.
Talk about being right in the flight path ... a woman and her granddaughter watch as a 747 jetliner, en route to LAX, flies over their home in Los Angeles. September 27, 1973.
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