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A hired reader reads to cigar makers hard at work in Cuban cigar factory (ca. 1900-1910). Because many cigar factory employees were illiterate lectors were hired to read novels, poetry, nonfiction works, and newspapers determined by consensus.
Soviet sailors stand on the stern of an Akula-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (1986).
The Cologne Cathedral stands amidst the ruins of the city after Allied bombings (1944). The cathedral suffered fourteen direct hits by aerial bombs during the war but did not collapse.
Female Soviet college students studying for their exams in a park in late 1960s.
A woman surveys a treacherous mountain pass in the Pyrenees of France (1956).
Britain's first black policeman PC Norwell Gumbs (later changed his name to Norwell Roberts) directing traffic in 1968.
A white girl follows a black girl down the slide at Thomas J. Semmes school in New Orleans during recess on Sept. 7, 1962, which was the second day of integrated classes.
A young mother wheels her baby into a derelict Gorbals tenement in Glasgow, Scotland (1970).
Helen, a Native American telephone and switchboard operator, working at Many Glacier Hotel, Babb, Montana (1925).
German youths studying the differences between Aryans and Jews (1943).
Thelonious Monk performing in New York City (1975).
Cars jammed into every spare space at a downtown commercial parking lot during a bus strike in Washington, D.C. (May, 1974).
Mailman N. Sorenson poses with his heavy Christmas deliveries in Chicago (1929).
Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Bogdanov playing chess during a visit to Maxim Gorky in Capri, Italy (1908)
Miss Universe contestants continue to pose for pictures despite Miss New Zealand having passed out from heat exhaustion. (Long Beach, California 1954).
Miss Eva Fridell, 17, is presented with the first place trophy in the Washington Tidal Basin Beauty Contest (August 5, 1922).
Aboriginal man using newly installed phone for the first time in Arnhem Land, Australia (ca. 1975).
French Resistance fighters man a barricade in Paris (August, 1944).
Policewoman Florence Coberly preparing for undercover work luring rapists in Los Angeles (1952).
Three Queens in mourning at the funeral for King George VI who died in 1952. The photo shows, from L to R, Princess Elizabeth (the new Queen); Queen Mary (the King’s mother) and Queen Elizabeth (the King’s wife) on their way into the chapel where the king’s body lay in state.
Tom Torlino, a Navajo youth, as he entered the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in 1882, and three years later. The school was one of several federally funded boarding schools designed to immerse native children in white culture. Its stated goal: "Kill the Indian, save the man."
Picture at Peony Park pool in Omaha, Nebraska on the second day blacks were allowed in (July 28, 1963).
Large Anti-Hitler demonstration at the Berlin Sportpalast on December 2, 1931, organised by the Republican Reichsbanner, an organization whose goal was to defend parliamentary democracy against internal subversion and extremism from the left and right.
Queen Elizabeth II driving Prince Charles and Princess Anne (1957).
A woman is photographed by police after being arrested for serving alcohol illegally from her "bootlegger's life preserver” (1924).
Dorothy Counts during an assembly at Charlotte's Harry Harding High School (1957). She was the first person to attempt to integrate the school, but her parents removed her a week later as local officials said they could not guarantee her safety.
Anne Frank holding a jumping rope next to her friend, Sanne Ledermann, on a sidewalk in Merwedeplein, Amsterdam (1935).
A photo of Anne Frank and her friends who are celebrating Anne’s 10th birthday (c. 1939). Anne is pictured second to the left in a dark colored dress.
Al Capone in a bathing suit at his Palm Island mansion (1929).
Ronald Reagan walks through a trash-filled South Bronx lot while on the campaign trail (August, 1980). While the purpose of the visit was to denounce Jimmy Carter's failure to fix urban blight, he was heckled by the locals who saw it as just a photo op.
Bertha Benz (wife and business partner of automobile inventor Karl Benz) in a Benz Patent-Motorwagen (1886). Bertha is credited with making the first long-distance automobile drive (approximately 106 km or 66 miles).
Policeman checks to see if the old-fashioned bathing suit complies with a 1933 Redondo Beach ordinance banning women’s suits that are more than 3 in. above knee (1964). The city was worried about women wearing the recently-introduced "monokini" - a topless bathing suit.
Watching the eruption of Mount Ngauruhoe in New Zealand (1926)
Traffic jam at Strasse des 17. Juni in front of the Brandenburg Gate as thousands of East German citizens move into West Berlin after the opening of the wall by the East German government (Nov. 11, 1989).
A five year-old Anne Frank stands on the steps of her father’s office in Amsterdam (1934)
A woman undergoing treatment for mental illness in German stands in a narrow cell, her arms affixed to the wall in the attitude of the crucifixion (circa 1890).
A young Beatles fan is overcome with emotion as the band prepares to leave America for the UK (1964)
The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1953).
"Runing the Negro out of Tulsa" (June, 1921). During the two day race riot, deputized whites killed more than 300 black residents, looting and burning to the ground 40 square blocks of 1,265 homes, including hospitals, schools, and churches, and destroyed 150 businesses.
The premiere of The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” at the London Pavilion (1964)
Yeoman Warders (Beefeaters) outside the gates of the Tower of London (1898)
Pyotr Ilchenko, of the Moscow Conservatory, performing for Soviet soldiers on the Southern Front (1942).
Al Capone and boxer Jim Braddock working out at Capone's Palm Island estate in the late 1920s.
Colossi of Memnon in Thebes, Egypt (ca. 1910).
Young women learn how to charge an enemy with rifles and bayonets at their high school in Tokyo (Feb. 18, 1937).
Bobby and Ethel Kennedy meet with Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King, at her home in Atlanta Georgia, the day before MLK's funeral (April 8th, 1968).
Members of the Shoshone Tribe⁣ in Wyoming (ca. 1868)
Soldiers of the Japanese-American 442nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team gambling during down time at Camp Shelby, Mississippi (June, 1943).
British lookout at his post in a fake tree in Souchez, France (1918). Soldiers would remove shell-damaged trees under cover of darkness and plant fakes to house snipers and lookouts.
Men line up outside a "last call" liquor sale in Detroit (January 16, 1920).
Girls pressed against the Pittsburgh Civic Arena's glass doors in anticipation of a Beatles concert (September 14, 1964).
Looters under guard of U.S. Army troops after the San Francisco earthquake (1906).
Vietnamese orphaned babies are strapped into airplane seats en route to LAX during "Operation Babylift" (April 12, 1975).
The oil tanker Amoco Cadiz ran aground off the coast of Brittany, France on March 16, 1978. At the time, the incident resulted in the largest loss of marine life ever recorded after an oil spill.
Philadelphia Athletics' Jimmie Foxx autographing a baseball for a fan (1930)
Chinese-American baseball team from Hawaii which came to the United States to play against university teams in 1914.
Children playing at building the Wall in West Berlin, Germany (1962).
Astronomers working at MIT to determine the orbit of Sputnik (1957). It took 7 days and the full-time computational power of IBM's 704 computer (capable of 40,000 instructions per second) for the scientists to lock on and calculate the Earth-orbit data.
George “Machine Gun” Kelly being escorted to court in Memphis, Tennessee (1933).
Al Capone in federal court in Chicago during his tax-evasion trial, with lawyers Michael Ahern, left, and Albert Fink (1931).
Puerto Rican pro-independence nationalist Oscar Collazo lies wounded at the base of the steps to Blair-Lee House, President Truman’s temporary residence in Washington, D.C., after a failed attempt to assassinate Truman (Nov. 1, 1950).
Inuit people building an igloo in Fullerton Harbour, Canada in (October, 1903)
Crew from a TBF-1c Avenger being rescued after engine failure during take off from the aircraft carrier USS Bataan CVE-29 (1944).
John F. Kennedy and his sister Patricia Lawford riding in a convertible on Lauren Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood, after his whistle-stop train tour through California (September 9, 1960).
George Herman “Babe” Ruth (Top row, center) at St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, Baltimore, Maryland (1912).
John F. Kennedy, Jr., age 28, during his first Congressional campaign for the 11th District of Massachusetts. (1946)
Student punches an effigy of a black student outside Central High School in Little Rock, as nearly 75 students of the school walked out to protest integration (October 3, 1957)
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