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A police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a bikini on a beach at Rimini, Italy, in 1957.
Atomic cloud over Nagasaki, Sept 8,1945, taken 15+ minutes after the explosion, seen from a distance of 15 km. Photo by Hiromihi Matsuda. colorized by irootoko_jr.
American crewman loading a transport aircraft with the help of an elephant, India. WWII. Date unknown.
North Quay, Drogheda, Ireland. 1865.
This B-17G Fortress saw no service during World War II but was purchased from surplus in 1947 and installed at this gas station in Oak Grove, Oregon with only 37 total hours on the engines, photo circa 1959.
Photo of 'Endurance' lit by flares at night. Photo by Frank Hurley during Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1916).
Japanese Prisoner of War at Guam, with bowed head after hearing Emperor Hirohito make announcement of Japan's unconditional surrender. Aug. 15, 1945.
Mt. Vesuvius in its worst eruption in 72 years. A giant canopy of smoke dominates the country side for miles. March 18, 1944.
Jiro Horikoshi was the chief engineer of many Japanese fighter designs of World War II, including the Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" fighter. Seen here in a 1962 photograph.
Navy Chow on tray carried by a WAVE from the crew's mess line to the table during WWII, ca. 1943-1944.
German V-2 missile fuel tanks on the assembly line in Tunnel "B" of the underground Mittelbau industrial complex near Nordhausen, Germany. Photograph by Walter Frentz. 1944.
Fireman 1/C William Gibson stands guard with tommy gun in control room of surrendered Japanese submarine I-14 after prize crew brought vessel into Sagami Bay, Japan, possibly August 29, 1945.
President Franklin Roosevelt meets with King Ibn Saud, of Saudi Arabia, on board USS Quincy (CA-71) in the Great Bitter Lake, Egypt, on 14 Feb. 1945. The King is speaking to the interpreter, Colonel William Eddy, Fleet Admiral Leahy, the President's Aide and Chief of Staff, at left.
U.S. Navy submarine Control Station manned by a Chief Petty Officer, during World War II, ca. 1942-1943.
North Atlantic Convoy seen from the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS Core (CVE-13), 1 November 1943.
The one-armed lion tamer who went by the name of Captain Jack Bonita and his pride, ca. early 1900's. Location unknown.
Royal Navy convoy from Alexandria To Malta meets and engages Italian Warships in the Mediterranean, 22 March 1942. HMS Cleopatra throws out smoke to shield the convoy as HMS Euryalus elevates her forward 5.25 inch guns to shell the Italian Fleet.
The crew of HM Submarine UNISON display their 'Jolly Roger' at Plymouth, having returned from a successful 16 months in the Mediterranean, 10 October 1943.
A group of wounded German Army prisoners receiving medical attention at first aid station of U.S. 103rd and 104th Ambulance Companies. The Battle of Saint Mihiel, 12 September 1918.
USN "Woman Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service" (WAVES) handles a National Cash Register N-530 Bombe decryption machine used for decoding German Kriegsmarine naval cyphers encoded with their 4-rotor "Enigma" machine. Jan. 1944.
USS Belleau Wood (CVL-24) aflame on her aft flight deck following a Japanese kamikaze attack on 30 October 1944.
German Zeppelin LZ-126 departing Friedrichshafen, Germany on October 12, 1924.
The erupting Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. Photo by J.D. Griggs, January 31, 1984.
Iowa-class battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62) crewman check the packing of a slide extension of one of her nine 16” guns while undergoing reactivation at Bayonne, NJ, 3 November 1950.
Replica Red Baron. Photo of Wayne Anderson’s replica Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker triplane in Australia for a trans-Australia air race, parked among camouflaged Royal Australian Air Force Mirage IIID and IIIO(A) strike fighters at RAAF Base Williamtown, New South Wales, October 1976.
An Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer rescues sailors standing on a section of an aircraft elevator blown off the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6) after the ship was hit by a kamikaze off Kyushu, Japan, 14 May 1945.
Family of Seaman 1/C Johnnie D. Hutchins who was mortally wounded on September 4, 1943 when he turned LST-473 from the path of Japanese torpedo. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Family home, Lissie, Texas, 1944.
A Curtiss Kittyhawk Mark III of No 112 Squadron, Royal Air Force taxiing through the scrub at Medenine. The ground crewman on the wing is directing the pilot, whose view ahead is hindered by the aircraft's nose while the tail is down. May, 1943.
USS Alcedo (SP-166) while off NY City in August 1917. While escorting a convoy en route to Brest, France, Alcedo was torpedoed and sunk by UC-71 on 5 November 1917. Twenty-one crewmembers were lost with the ship. She was the first American vessel lost in WWI.
The graves of two Scottish soldiers are marked by upturned rifles. North Africa, 5 November 1942.
Three captured German U-boat seaman on the deck of USCGC Spencer (WPG-36) after being pulled from the North Atlantic when their U-Boat, U-175, was sunk attempting to attack Convoy HX-233 on April 17. 1943.
Interior of the fuselage of Handley Page Halifax B Mark II of No. 614 Squadron RAF. Photo shows some of the many holes caused by splinters from an anti-aircraft rocket which hit the aircraft during an early pathfinding operation over central Europe, ca. 1942.
The weekly food ration for two people. United Kingdom. 1943.
World heavyweight boxing champion and U.S. Army Technical Sergeant Joe Louis sewing his rank patch onto his uniform, 10 Apr 1945.
Forward torpedo tubes of Gato-class submarine USS Cero (SS-225), during a simulated torpedo attack, while at the Groton, Connecticut, Submarine Base in August 1943. Photographed by Lieutenant Commander Charles Jacobs,
Finnish soldiers use a slingshot to launch grenades at Soviet troops during the Winter War, ca. 1940.
The view from an Imperial Japanese Navy bomber during the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
A horse-drawn carriage during a New York City winter blizzard. 1914.
Bulldog mascot 'Venus' of HMS Vansittart, 1941.
Soviet Sergeant Fyodor Konoplyov and his crew firing a DShK anti-aircraft gun, Leningrad, Russia, October 9th, 1942.
U.S. Navy N-9 Trainer pictured during a training flight near NAS Pensacola. Note the tower radiator visible forward of the upper wing. Arriving at NAS Pensacola in December 1918, this particular aircraft was damaged on three occasions and repaired before it spun into the water in 1921.
New York City street corner. 1956.
United States Army personnel on top of l’Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France watching the celebration in the streets over the war in Europe coming to an end, 8 May 1945.
Street vendor in Chinatown, San Francisco. Late 1940’s.
Half length portrait of Queen Fawzieh, first wife of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi of Iran, in Teheran, ca. 1940.
While on a bombing run over Salaam, New Guinea and before its capture by Allied forces, photographer Sgt. John A. Boiteau aboard an Army Liberator took this photograph of a B-24 Liberator. Jan. 1943. Add'l info in comments.
The explosion of the USN ammunition ship USS Mount Hood (AE-11) in Seeadler Harbor, Manus, Admiralty Islands on 10 November 1944. Add'l info in comments.
With her distinctive camouflage, USS Orizaba (AP-24) departs her New York City slip headed down the North River, bound for France in 1918.
USS Missouri (BB-63). A 40mm barrel is seen impaled by a machine gun from the Japanese kamikaze hit off the coast of Okinawa on 11 April 1945.
Japanese six-inch battery on Chonito Cliff, Asan beachhead, Guam, Marianas, 5 Oct 1944.
A perimeter guard on shore, during a heavy rain, tries to keep dry while guarding SS Baton Rouge Victory after the ship hit a mine on the Long Tao River, Vietnam. Photographed by T.W. Geren, 29 August 1966.
B-24 on a bombing run over Chateaudun, France. 1944.
WAVE Reservists sunbathing at the beach, circa 1950. Pensacola, Fla.
Ground crews prep and paint nose art on B-25. 'Rose of SanAntone' seen in distance. Tarawa, Jan 1944.
Sub Rescues Disabled Airship. USS Sea Poacher (SS-406) tows a disabled ZX-11 airship during a 22 hour rescue which started out as a training attack by the airship on the submarine. July 1952
Antarctica. An over all view of some of the mountains in the dry valleys. USN photo. December 1978.
Battle of Nanjing. Japanese General Iwane Matsui marching into Nanjing, China, 17 Dec 1937.
The four-masted barque, Abraham Rydberg, a Swedish cargo carrying schoolship (skolskeppet) that trained sailors and officers, as she approached New York in 1940.
Actress Ethel Merman presents a young goat to the crew of USS Pensacola (CA-24) as ship's mascot. Accepting the kid is Capt. Alfred G. Howe, left, the first commanding officer of the ship. New York Navy Yard, 6 February 1930.
Japanese Prisoners of War listen to the Emperor's surrender broadcast, in a prison camp on Guam, 15 August 1945.
Battle for Iwo Jima, February-March 1945. On Iwo Jima, two Marine wiremen of the Fifth Division race across an open field, under fire, to establish field telephone contact with the front lines. Feb. 26, 1945.
The Rock of Gibraltar photographed from La Linea during the "Great White Fleet"'s visit, circa 31 January - 6 February 1909.
Samurai in Yokohama 1864-65. Colorized by irootojo_jr. Original photo credits contained in caption.
Suburban Chicago, Chrysler Imperial, two cats. 1957. Photograph by Vivian Maier.
Morocco, Atlas & Rif Mountains. Photo by Harry Gruyaert. 1976.
Japanese Type A-class midget submarine being recovered near the entrance to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, United States, circa July 1961; its torpedoes had not been fired.
SBD Dauntless crewman Alva Parker, having suffered neck and shoulder shrapnel wounds over Rabaul, New Britain, being helped from the aircraft after landing on USS Saratoga, 5 Nov 1943.
A Japanese bomber flames-in as it attempted to attack the Casablanca- class escort carrier USS Kitkun Bay (CVE-71), near the Marianas. June 1944. Kitkun Bay earned six battle stars during WWII.
13-year-old Chinese military laborer Chen Youli, Burma, 1944.
Life Rafts in Mass Production for U.S. Navy. In the balloon room of a U.S. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company plant, workers put finishing touches to inflatable life rafts in mass production for the U.S. Navy, circa 1942.
With an aircraft carrier in the distance, the Iowa-class battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) plows thru heavy seas enroute to Japan. 1945.
Copy negative of a US Navy F-14A Tomcat, Fighter Squadron 211 (VF-211), NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA, in flight over burning Kuwaiti oil wells during Operation DESERT STORM. 1 February 1991.
Sailors in their dress blues on liberty, 42nd Street, New York City, 1957. Photo by Frank Paulin.
American gunners of B Bty, 6 Bn, 27th Artillery, fire an M110 8-inch howitzer during a fire support mission at LZ Hong, approx. 12 km northeast of Song Be, South Vietnam. 26 March 1970.
The Black Hawk Nightclub, San Francisco. 1961. Photograph by Leigh A. Wiener.
US Navy cook Pendleton Thompson posed with children recently freed from a Japanese internment camp in the Philippine Islands aboard USS Warren (APA-53) en route for the United States, Apr 1945.
Chinese-Americans parading in support of China against Japanese invasion, New York, 12 May 1938.
Floating wreckage, Galveston hurricane, 1900.
Oxford Street in the fog. London, 1935. Photographer unknown.
Howard Hughes flying his H-4 Hercules ("Spruce Goose") on its one and only takeoff at Long Beach California in 1947.
The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Edwards (DD-619) underway in the Caribbean Sea during her shakedown period, circa November 1942.
American photographer Peter Hill Beard, self portrait, with his pet Bush Baby. Kenya, 1968.
Tank Altar, Saipan, 24 June 1944. U.S. Navy Chaplain O. David Herrmann, attached to a Marine unit on Saipan, uses a destroyed Japanese tank for an altar as he holds services for the dead.
British workers in a Sheffield arms factory, 1916.
USMC war dog handler reading a message that his dog had just delivered, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944. USMC photo.
A rare meteorological phenomenon. A lightning bolt discharge strikes the water plume from a U.S. Navy detonated depth charge following a test. Chesapeake Bay, Oct. 24, 1957. Add’l info in comments.
A glowing hot Swiss Army Panzer 68 hull being heat treated in an oil bath, at an Eidgenoessische Konstruktionswerkstaette facility in Thun, Switzerland, 1977.
A captured German V2 rocket on display for all to see in Trafalgar Square, London, ca. 1945
A U. S. marine wounded during the Battle of Hué receives medical treatment. 1968.
U. S. Navy P2Y-1s of Patrol Squadron (VP) 10F arrive over Hawaii after completing their flight from San Francisco. January 1934.
Coca Cola syrup bottle, circa 1906. Dispensing instructions included on the label.
Normandy Invasion, 6 June 1944. A survivor is pulled aboard a U.S. Coast Guard boat after his ship was hit during the Normandy landings. Photograph from the USCG Collection in the National Archives.
Staff Sgt. Raymond Scherz with his Thanksgiving Day passenger. South Vietnam, November, 1967
A carrier pigeon being released from a port-hole in the side of a tank near Albert, 9 August 1918. It's a Mark V tank of the 10th Battalion, Tank Corps attached to the III Corps during the Battle of Amiens. Colorized by irootoko_jr.
A member of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division eats his first hot meal in five days after operating in the Quảng Ngãi Province, Vietnam. 1967.
A lion riding in the sidecar of a go-kart at local circus carnival attraction, Revere Beach, circa 1929.
Members of the entourage of King Saud of Saudi Arabia aboard USS Quincy (CA-71) in the vicinity of Great Bitter Lake, near Cairo, Egypt, on which the King conferred with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Feb. 1945.
A Douglas Dakota of BOAC, silhouetted by night at Gibraltar by the batteries of searchlights on the Rock, as it is prepared for a flight to the United Kingdom, ca. 1942.
President and Mrs. Kennedy view America's Cup race, off Newport, Rhode Island, aboard the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (DD-850). 15 September 1962.
A young girl holding her dog in a devastated neighborhood in Warsaw, Poland, 5 Sep 1939.
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