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American soldier poses with captured German weaponry, 1944-45.
A Wehrmacht veteran teaches Hitler Youth boys how to use a Panzerfaust. The badges on his sleeve represent enemy tanks destroyed.
Little girl and three owls, Sweden, 1925.
German POWs digging graves for American soldiers killed at Bastogne, 1944.
Field Marshal Gen. Erwin Rommel, commander of the German Afrika Korps, drinks out of a cup with an unidentified German officer as they are seated in a car during inspection of German troops dispatched to aid the Italian army in Libya in 1941
Tiger tanks from the 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion near Kursk, 1943.
Children of Japan, Germany, and Italy meet in Tokyo to celebrate the signing of the Tripartite Alliance between the three nations, on December 17, 1940.
Children in Pr├Žstegade street (Priest street) in Kalundborg. In the background to the left is a medieval house with stepped gable roof. 1933
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