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Young workers at a Bibb Mill. Macron, Georgia, 19 January 1909.
Finnish sappers use a captured Soviet ROKS-2 flamethrower during a training exercise. Karelia, March 1943.
Lieutenant Adolf Auer and his gunner in their plane. The Star of David was painted on to annoy fellow pilot Hermann Göring who made anti semitic remarks to his Jewish co-pilot Willi Rosenstein. First World War, 1914-1918.
Imperial Japanese soldiers in front of the Buddha statue in the Shwethalyaung Temple. Burma, Bago, 1942.
An Imperial Japanese officer briefs a group of foreign military observers. Battle of Shanghai, 1937.
Sergeant Anton Schmid, an Austrian conscript in the Wehrmacht credited with saving 250-300 Jews. His deeds were eventually discovered and he was executed by German troops for treason on 13 April 1942.
Soviet soldiers at the grand opening of the first McDonalds in the USSR. Moscow, 31 January 1990.
Pope John Paul II forgiving Mehmet Ali Ağca who attempted to kill him two years ago. Italy, 28 December 1983.
German soldiers of the Waffen SS use fleeing civilians for target practice. Serbia, 1942.
Two German soldiers on guard in December 1941 to the west of Moscow.
An American soldier stands guard as oil wells burn in the far distance. Gulf War, Kuwait, 26 February 1991.
Building of the railway through the White Pass trail. British Columbia, 1898.
British troops at the Afghan border in the Khyber Pass. Third Anglo-Afghan War, 1919.
Tsar Nicholas II fooling around atop a friend, Russia, 1899.
Imperial Japanese soldiers guarding a group of Chinese refugees before their transfer to a concentration camp. China, December 1937.
Finnish pilots above Jämijärvi, on July 17, 1942.
Minister of Defense of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov riding an elephant during a visit to India, 1957. Photo taken by Vasily Yegorov.
French veterans of the First World War celebrate their towns liberation from German occupation, 1944. Photo taken by Roger Hamilton.
Self proclaimed Emperor of the Central African Empire, Jean-Bedel Bokassa during his coronation ceremony. Bangui, 4 December 1977. Photo taken by Pierre Guillaud.
Japanese Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako escorted by Disneyland Ambassador Kathy Smith and Mickey Mouse during the royal couple's visit to Disneyland. Anaheim, California, 9 October 1975.
Portuguese soldiers pose in front of a torched hut belonging to suspected guerilla fighters. Angolan War of Independence, Angola, 1973.
Captured Italian tanks refitted for usage for the Australian 6th Cavalry Regiment. North African Campaign, Tobruk, 23 January 1941. Photo taken by Frank Hurley.
Australian troops charge a Ottoman trench. Dardanelles Campaign, Gallipoli, 1915.
Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa posing with members of the Hopi tribe in the Grand Canyon. Hopi House, 1931.
American soldiers from the 347th Infantry Regiment line up for chow during a lull in the fighting. Battle of the Bulge, 13 January 1945.
Federal Mexican troops prepare to execute a rebel. Magonista Rebellion, Tijuana, 1911.
A reunion of veterans of the 1866 Fenian Raids. Vancouver, Canada, 4 June 1922.
Soviet soldiers advancing through the ruins of Stalingrad, 1 November 1942. Photo taken by Georgi Zelma.
Assemblage of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, France, 1883. Photo taken by Albert Fernique.
Vladimir Lenin playing chess with Alexander Bogdanov with Maxim Gorky watching in the background. Italy, April 1908.
The Imperial Japanese bombardment of the British gunboat HMS Peterel. Shanghai, 8 December 1941.
American soldiers let a British Police Officer grasp their Thompson submachine gun, 1942. Photo taken by David Scherman.
Men and boys pose with the wreckage of a train in Buckeye Park. Lancaster, Ohio, 1896.
A German aviator with an electrically heated face mask, vest and fur boots to endure the freezing temperatures which came with an open cockpit. First World War, 1914-1918.
American troops provide covering fire for a soldier making a dash across the street. Battle of Saint-Malo, France, 8 August 1944.
Citizens of Sarajevo reading a poster proclaiming the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 7 October 1908.
Bulgarian soldiers contest an Ottoman landing on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. First Balkan war, Battle of Bulair, 26 January 1913.
American Marine Corporal Richard Miller bargains with a Chinese civilian for a ride in his rickshaw. Burma, 30 September 1945. Photo taken by A.J. Gloss.
British sailors aboard HMS King George V in a que to receive their daily rum ration or 'tot'. Britain, 1914-1918.
A Finnish Reindeer battalion on the march. Jäniskoski, Finland, 20 February 1940.
A young Chechen fighter waves at departing Russian troops. First Chechen War, Grozny, August 1996. Photo taken by Thomas Dworzak.
Vietcong fighter Ta Thi Kieu with Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro. Vietnam War, Quảng Trị, September 1973.
Joy Cummings regarding one of four vandalized Cherry Blossom trees, cut down in retaliation for the recent Pearl Harbour attack. Washington, D.C, 10 December 1941.
A Vietnamese man in the Mekong Delta paddles through a mangrove forest defoliated by Agent Orange. Vietnam War, 1970. Photo taken by Lê Minh Trường.
Two American Marines pose with an atomic blast during Operation Tumbler-Snapper. Nevada, 1 May 1952.
Rebel troops under Fidel Castro execute an alleged bandit. Cuba, 21 January 1958.
Lower Basins in Yellowstone National Park, United States, 1872. Photo taken by William Henry Jackson.
The Siamese army during the Haw Wars in 1875.
A photochrome of the Grand Canal in Venice by moonlight, Italy, 1890.
Red Army Guards armed with PPSH-41 submachine guns pose with captured German firearms. Eastern Front, 1942.
A Soviet soldier walks through a mound of victims shoes shortly after the liberation of Majdanek Concentration Camp. Poland, August 1944.
A German sniper outside Stalingrad, September 1942.
Indian and Pakistani soldiers shaking hands on the border after the signing of a ceasefire ending the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965. 23 September 1965.
A group of armed Afghans in the Khyber Pass, 1910. Photo taken by Harry Shepherd.
Agop Abousefian and Angela Avetisian pose in front of their home on their wedding day. Lebanese Civil War, Beirut, 17 September 1989. Photo taken by Joseph Barrak.
Italian General Annibale Bergonzoli nicknamed 'Electric Whiskers' by his men, photographed in British captivity. North Africa, 1941.
Jag Mandir Palace, Udaipur, India, 1873. Photo taken by Colin Murray.
Nationalist Chinese troops march past their wounded. Chinese Civil War, Suzhou, December 1948.
An American soldier of the 40th Infantry Division wearing his gas mask while peeling onions. Camp Kearny, San Diego, California, March 1918.
American and French military photographers, France, 1917.
The Terra Nova anchored in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 1911. Photo taken by Herbert Ponting.
Lifeboat men in Ireland, 1914.
The flag of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi being lowered to signify the nations annexation into the United States. ʻIolani Palace, 12 August 1898. Photo taken by Frank Davey.
Soviet Pioneers during a defense drill in Leningrad, 1937. Photo taken by Viktor Bulla.
Smoke from the active volcano Mount Bromo in East Java, 1902. Photo taken by Ohannes Kurkdjian.
The aftermath of an atomic bomb test at Yucca Flats, Nevada. Operation Plumbbob, 31 May 1957. Photo taken by Dave Cicero.
Tourists sliding down a slope in Yosemite National Park, 1903-1906. Photo taken by Arnold Genthe.
Tsar Nicholas II blessing Russian troops before their march east. Russo-Japanese war, 1904.
Imperial Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tanks against the backdrop of Mount Fuji, 1938-1945.
French Communards pose with the toppled statue of Napoleon Bonaparte from the Vendôme column. Paris Commune, 1871.
Soviet military advisors on the "Road of Death" between the towns of Menongue and Cuito. Angola, 1988.
An American military advisor training a Montagnard (indigenous person) at a fortified camp. Vietnam War, July 1962.
The first bookmobile of the Cincinnati Public Library, United States, 1927.
George Patton riding his horse Wooltex. United States, 1914.
Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson shaking hands with University Student Jim Soni, who presented Pearson with a appeal supporting his proposal for the 'Pearson Pennnant' as the Canadian National Flag. The Great Flag Debate, Ottawa, May 1964.
Party Secretary Wang Yilun and Li Xia, wife of Governor Li Fanwu denounced by a mob and splattered with ink with their alleged crimes spelled out on placards around their neck. Harbin, China, 29 August 1966.
A photochrome of Lake Carezza, Tyrol, Italy, 1890.
Israeli Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin (right) in the Old City of Jerusalem with Defense Minister Moshe Dayan (center) and General Uzi Narkiss (left). Six Days War, 7 June 1967. Photo taken by IIan Bruner.
A mass rout of Russian troops in Ternopil, Ukraine, July 1917.
Ernest Hemingway with Soviet writer Ilya Ehrenburg (left) and German writer Gustav Regler (right). Spanish Civil War, 1937.
New Zealanders of the 22 SAS on patrol. Malayan Emergency, August 1957.
Captain Robert Falcon Scott celebrating his birthday with his crew. Terra Nova Expedition, Ross Island, 6 June 1911. Photo taken by Herbert Ponting.
A member of staff at a technical college preparing to remove the 'Mickey Mouse' staffel emblem from the rear fuselage of a shot-down Messerschmitt Bf 109E4. Britain, 2 October 1940.
German soldiers enjoying some beers after the failed Allied raid on Dieppe. France, 19 August 1942.
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