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Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa posing with members of the Hopi tribe in the Grand Canyon. Hopi House, 1931.
American soldiers from the 347th Infantry Regiment line up for chow during a lull in the fighting. Battle of the Bulge, 13 January 1945.
Federal Mexican troops prepare to execute a rebel. Magonista Rebellion, Tijuana, 1911.
The Imperial Japanese bombardment of the British gunboat HMS Peterel. Shanghai, 8 December 1941.
A German aviator with an electrically heated face mask, vest and fur boots to endure the freezing temperatures which came with an open cockpit. First World War, 1914-1918.
Bulgarian soldiers contest an Ottoman landing on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. First Balkan war, Battle of Bulair, 26 January 1913.
American Marine Corporal Richard Miller bargains with a Chinese civilian for a ride in his rickshaw. Burma, 30 September 1945. Photo taken by A.J. Gloss.
British sailors aboard HMS King George V in a que to receive their daily rum ration or 'tot'. Britain, 1914-1918.
A Finnish Reindeer battalion on the march. Jäniskoski, Finland, 20 February 1940.
Vietcong fighter Ta Thi Kieu with Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro. Vietnam War, Quảng Trị, September 1973.
Joy Cummings regarding one of four vandalized Cherry Blossom trees, cut down in retaliation for the recent Pearl Harbour attack. Washington, D.C, 10 December 1941.
Rebel troops under Fidel Castro execute an alleged bandit. Cuba, 21 January 1958.
The Siamese army during the Haw Wars in 1875.
Red Army Guards armed with PPSH-41 submachine guns pose with captured German firearms. Eastern Front, 1942.
Indian and Pakistani soldiers shaking hands on the border after the signing of a ceasefire ending the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965. 23 September 1965.
Agop Abousefian and Angela Avetisian pose in front of their home on their wedding day. Lebanese Civil War, Beirut, 17 September 1989. Photo taken by Joseph Barrak.
Italian General Annibale Bergonzoli nicknamed 'Electric Whiskers' by his men, photographed in British captivity. North Africa, 1941.
Nationalist Chinese troops march past their wounded. Chinese Civil War, Suzhou, December 1948.
An American soldier of the 40th Infantry Division wearing his gas mask while peeling onions. Camp Kearny, San Diego, California, March 1918.
Lifeboat men in Ireland, 1914.
The flag of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi being lowered to signify the nations annexation into the United States. ʻIolani Palace, 12 August 1898. Photo taken by Frank Davey.
The aftermath of an atomic bomb test at Yucca Flats, Nevada. Operation Plumbbob, 31 May 1957. Photo taken by Dave Cicero.
Tourists sliding down a slope in Yosemite National Park, 1903-1906. Photo taken by Arnold Genthe.
Tsar Nicholas II blessing Russian troops before their march east. Russo-Japanese war, 1904.
Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson shaking hands with University Student Jim Soni, who presented Pearson with a appeal supporting his proposal for the 'Pearson Pennnant' as the Canadian National Flag. The Great Flag Debate, Ottawa, May 1964.
A mass rout of Russian troops in Ternopil, Ukraine, July 1917.
A reunion of veterans of the 1866 Fenian Raids. Vancouver, Canada, 4 June 1922.
German soldiers enjoying some beers after the failed Allied raid on Dieppe. France, 19 August 1942.
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