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Fourteen year old Mohawk and future Olympic gold medalist Waneek Horn-Miller cradling her younger sister after she herself was bayoneted in the chest by a Canadian soldier. Quebec, Oka Crisis, 26 September 1990.
An Undercover Police Officer apprehends a mugger on the New York Subway, 1985. Photo taken by Bruce Davidson.
An undercover police officer on duty. New York, Brooklyn, 1 July 1969.
A Babushka keeps the ears of her grandson warm as he takes an Oath of Enlistment for the Russian army. Volgograd, 1994. Photo taken by Nikolai Ignatiev.
A student protester gives the V for victory sign in front of Chinese soldiers of the PLA. Tiananmen square, 1 June 1989. Photo taken by Peter Charlesworth.
The Procrastinators Club of America protesting against Former President James Madison and the War of 1812. Philadelphia, 9 March 1966.
CIA agent Felix Rodriguez (left) and Bolivian soldiers pose with Che Guevara moments before his execution. Bolivia, 9 October 1967.
Two armed farmers, father and son. Zimbabwe, 1986.
An outdoor hockey game in Sweden is cut short, 1959.
A group of frontiersmen with an advertisement. United States, Montana, 1901.
Navajo riders in the Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. 1904, photo taken by Edward Curtis.
The grave of an American pilot buried by Imperial Japanese troops. The sign reads "Sleeping here, a brave air-hero who lost youth and happiness for his Mother land. July 25 - Nippon Army". Kiska, Alaska, 25 August 1943.
Conrad O'Brien-ffrench greets a bear. Having spent his youth as a Mountie, surviving the First World War and serving as an MI6 agent in the Second World war, he was known to welcome danger. Banff National Park, 1950. Photo taken by Rosalie Ffrench.
John Meintz, an American farmer tarred and feathered by a mob for his German heritage and allegedly not supporting war bond drives, 1918.
Geologist Thomas Griffith Taylor and Meteorologist Charles Wright in the entrance of an ice grotto. Terra Nova Expedition, Ross Island, 5 January 1911. Photo taken by Herbert Ponting.
The guards of Maharajah Ram Singh III in the Royal Palace of Jaipur. India, 1858.
A German prisoner of war rebuilding Stalingrad, 1947.
German citizens celebrating their countries reunification, ending 45 years of division between east and west. Berlin, 3 October 1990.
Russian SVR agents armed with AKS-74U rifles in the Russian White House observe events below them. Russian constitutional crisis, Moscow, October 1993.
Ethnic Cambodian Guerilla fighter Danh Son Huol is carried to an improvised operating room in a mangrove swamp after he was wounded by American bombing. Ca Mau Peninsula, 15 September 1970. Photo taken by Vo Anh Khanh.
Soldiers of the Mackenzie-Papineau battalion of the XV International Brigade hold up their banner. They were Canadian volunteers who fought for the Second Spanish Republic. Spanish civil war, photo taken 1937-1938.
Nationalist Chinese troops with a captured Japanese flag. Winter Offensive, Kunlun Pass, Guangxi, 31 December 1939.
An atomic factory worker wearing a plastic suit walks past his more traditionally dressed peers. Britain, 18 December 1954.
The interior of an inmates barracks in a Soviet gulag, 1936-1937.
Guests enjoy tea, pudding and cigarettes in the dining room of the Canadian Pacific Railways Palliser Hotel. Calgary, Alberta, late 1940s.
Brigader Yasub Dogar of the Pakistani ISI enjoying a drink while Soviet supply depots are destroyed in the background. Soviet-Afghan war, Gardez, 1979-1989.
Two Zulu warriors, South Africa, 1880s.
A man poses with a pile of lumber, Ontario, Canada, 1872.
Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale (center sitting) with armed Sikh militants in the Golden Temple, a few days before the Indian army stormed the complex killing him and the majority of his followers. Amritsar, Punjub, May 1984. Photo taken by Raghu Rai.
German soldiers crossing the border into the Soviet Union. Operation Barbarossa, 22 June 1941.
A group of camels against a backdrop of burning oil fields sabotaged by Iraqi troops. Gulf War, Kuwait, 1991. Photo taken by McCurry.
German war criminals laugh at a translation error during the Nuremburg Trials, 1945.
Wehrmacht veteran Siegfried Müller poses for the camera with traditional Congolese weapons. Note the Iron Cross First Class on his chest. Congo, 1964. Photo taken by Gerd Heidemann.
German soldiers mock the recent Allied defeat in France by wearing captured British and French helmets, 1940.
A German officer and an NCO wearing portable sound locating apparatus's to detect enemy aircraft. Western Front, 1917.
An Orthodox priest in a deerskin, Gizhiga, Russia, 1901.
An American GI comforting a fellow soldier whose friend was recently killed in action. Korean war, Haktong-ni area, 28 August 1950. Photo taken by Al Chang.
A Nationalist Chinese soldier with a friend on his pack. Burma, 1945.
A Uighur dancer performing to music. Xinjiang, 1943. Photo taken by William Vandivert.
Annual midnight swearing-in of Nazi SS troops. Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938. Photo taken by Hugo Jager.
Londoners enjoying themselves at a Christmas party in an underground shelter. The Blitz, 25 December 1940.
American Marines enjoying a can of fruit cocktail during a lull in the fighting. Vietnam war, Khe Sahn, 21 February 1968.
A Dutch marine threatens a group of captured Indonesian fighters with his rifle butt. Indonesian War of Independence, East Java, 1946. Photo taken by Huge Wilmar.
Mounted Boer troops riding at sunset. Second Boer War, 1899-1902.
A Ukrainian Nationalist kicking a Jewish man. Lviv, June 1941.
Activists spreading awareness of the Holodomor in Ukraine are attacked by Communist supporters and sympathizers. Chicago, 17 December 1933.
The first riders of the New York subway system on opening day. 27 October 1904.
Koryak men wearing traditional armour with bows. Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Siberia, 1901. Photo taken by Vladimir Jochelson.
A Nationalist Chinese soldier displaying a mustard gas canister employed by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Battle of Changde. Hunan Province, 17 December 1943. Photo taken by Harrison Forman.
Nationalist Chinese troops evacuate the Dachen Islands via the American Seventh Fleet. Operation King Kong, February 1955.
A South Vietnamese woman crying over a plastic bag containing the remains of her husband, he was found in a mass grave of noncombatants murdered by Vietcong forces during the Tet Offensive. Vietnam, April 1969. Photo taken by Larry Barrows.
A reunion of Confederate veterans from Thomas's Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders. New Orleans, 1903.
Louis Cameron (dead center squatting) and armed First Nations men protesting against the Canadian Government for better living conditions. Anicinabe Park Occupation, Ontario, July 1974.
Australian soldiers carrying Prime Minister Billy Hughes down George Street in triumph, after his return from the Paris Peace Conference. Sydney, Australia, 1919.
An aerial view from British Airship R.9 showing ships of the British Royal Navy in anchor. Firth of Forth, Scotland, 1916.
Art students painting the landscape around Banff National Park. Hoodoos trail, July 1957.
Russian soldiers in a Gaoliang field. Russo-Japanese war, 1904-1905. Photo taken by Prokudin-Gorsky.
Two tourists are driven out of the flowerbeds by an Elmer Fudd lookalike. Banff National Park, 1951. Photo taken by Bill Gibbons
North Vietnamese Guerilla fighters guarding the Vietnam-Cambodia border, in front of them lay poisoned punji stakes, 1972. Photo taken by Lê Minh Trường.
A soldier of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard weeping beside the body of his brother, recently killed in combat. Kermanshah Province, Iran-Iraq war, 16 October 1980.
A soldier of the Eight Nation Alliance coerces a Chinese child into taking a photo with him. Boxer Rebellion, Beijing, 1900.
A survivor of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing manages a grin. 10 August 1945, photo taken by Yōsuke Yamahata.
A blaze from an oil well at Santa Fe Springs, California, 1928.
American soldiers standing along a street in Saltillo. Mexican-American War, 1847.
Iranian soldiers in combat with Iraqi troops. Iran-Iraq war, Battle of Khorramshahr, 1980.
President Ronald Reagan meeting with Afghan Mujahideen to discuss recent Soviet atrocities. Washington, 2 February 1983. Photo taken by Michael Evans.
A Nationalist Chinese soldier of the 29th Route Army taunting Imperial Japanese soldiers, he was gunned down moments later. Northern China, 1937.
A Filipino officer from the 20th Battalion Combat Team using an m1911 to crack open a cold one. Korean War, photo taken in 1951-1952.
Tourists atop the Great Pyramid of Giza take in the sights. Egypt, 1925. Photo taken by George Rinhart.
A German and Swiss soldier pose for a photo on the border. Jura Mountains, 1940.
An American veteran of the First World War confronts a member of the State Militia. Chicago race riot of 1919, July 27.
Film director Stanley Kubrick having a laugh on the set of Barry Lyndon. Ireland, 1973-1974.
An officer of the North West Mounted Police standing beside 'Swift Runner' on his execution day. He was a Plains Cree trapper who was convicted in the murder and cannibalism of his wife and five children. Fort Saskatchewan, Canada, 20 December 1879.
Argentine soldiers posing with a captured British flag. Falklands war, 2 April 1982.
Employees of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries pose for a photo. Dead center is Jiro Horikoshi chief engineer of the A6M Zero fighter. Japan, July 1937.
The reactions of discharged Imperial Japanese soldiers who served overseas upon their return home. Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, 1946. Photo taken by Tadahiko Hayashi.
Imperial Japanese troops using Nationalist Chinese Prisoners for bayonet practice. Nanking Massacre, December 1937 - January 1938.
A Union soldier posing beside newly liberated slaves, they belonged to Brigadier General Thomas Drayton of the Confederate Army. American Civil War, South Carolina, May 1862. Photo taken by Henry P. Moore.
A group of child soldiers stand at attention for the camera. First Sudanese Civil War, Sudan, 1955-1972.
East German border guard Konrad Schumann jumping over barbed wire to cross into West Germany. Berlin, 15 August 1961. Photo taken by Peter Leibing.
Members of the German expedition to Tibet entertaining Tibetan diplomats. Lhasa, 1938-1939. Photo taken by Ernst Krause.
British police officer Sergeant Radford gives directions to First Sergeant Elco Bolton of the American army. Britain, 17 June 1942. Photo taken by Harrison Roberts.
American President Ronald Reagan aiming a rifle aboard Air Force One, 23 November 1983.
Marcus Sarjeant shooting blanks at Queen Elizabeth II. London, 13 June 1981. Photo taken by George Uebel.
Soviet soldiers confiscate grain from farmers. Holodomor, Novokrasne, Ukraine, 1932.
Leader of the American Nazi Party George Lincoln Rockwell confronting Martin Luther King Jr. Selma, Alabama, 1965.
Spanish Civil Guards patrolling a road, 1949. Photo taken by Dmitri Kessel.
American General William T. Sherman on horseback at Federal Fort No. 7. Atlanta, 1864. Photo taken by George N. Barnard.
A South Vietnamese T-28 Trojan drops napalm on a Vietcong position. Vietnam war, 1 January 1962. Photo taken by Larry Barrows.
Soviet soldiers armed with PPSh-41 submachine guns entering the Frankfurter Allee station. Germany, Battle of Berlin, April 1945.
A group of convicts sentenced to hard labor in Siberia by the Tsarist Government, 1885. Photo taken by George Kennan.
Japanese Samurai pose in front of the Sphinx. Ikeda Mission, Egypt, 1864. Photo taken by Antonio Beato.
Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1931.
Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya performs the first spacewalk conducted by a female during docking of the Salyut 7 orbital space station, 25 July 1984.
A daguerreotype portrait of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. Best known for his victory over the French at the Battle of Waterloo. Photo taken by Antoine Claudet, 1844.
A Brazilian Miner at the Serra Pelada gold mine. Brazil, July 1985. Photo taken by Robert Nickelsberg.
An American Navy F-14A Tomcat flying over burning oil wells. Kuwait, Operation Desert Storm, 1 February 1991.
A German sailor aboard a naval ship off Tunisia, March 1943. Photo taken by Horst Grund.
A Canadian soldier standing sentry at a street corner, after Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act. October crisis, Montreal, 1970.
Imperial Japanese Naval Personnel celebrate the capture of the USS Wake. Shanghai, 8 December 1941.
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