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A Serbian soldier sleeps with his father who came to visit him on the front line near Belgrade, 1914/1915
Philadelphians looking at the new map of Europe after WWI, November 1918
Yugoslavia's "Jugolinija" shipping line and the Twin Towers, 1980s
Maria of Romania, the future Queen of Yugoslavia, 1910s
71-year-old Peter, King of Serbia, crossing the Drim river during the retreat of the Serbian Army in December 1915
Serbian soldier Milunka Savić (1892-1973), possibly one of the most decorated women in the history of warfare. Photo from the 1960s.
Kalinin Prospekt, Moscow, USSR, 1977
Anti-aircraft fire over Belgrade, capital of Yugoslavia, spring 1999
Unveiling of the monument to Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on the place whey they were shot. Sarajevo, 1917
Ceca Drobnjak, Miss Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1930
A Yugoslav partisan, with a US submachine gun around his neck and a Soviet cap on his head, posing in the National Assembly in Belgrade in front of the statue of the Serbian emperor Dušan the Mighty. Liberated Belgrade, Nov. 1944
Gavrilo Princip's parents if front of their house, early 1900s
Kurt Waldheim - Left: As a Nazi lieutenant in Podgorica, occupied Kingdom of Yugoslavia, May 1943; Right: As Secretary-General of the United Nations, Vienna, 1972.
Throne room in the Royal Palace in Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia, October 1915
A chef in Budapest, 1960
Members of the Banjani tribe in Old Herzegovina, Ottoman Empire (today west Montenegro), ca 1867
View of Paris from the Notre Dame by Jean Pierre Yves-Petit, circa 1930
Moments after an assassin shoots King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Louis Barthou, Foreign Minister of France, in Marseille. October 1934
17-year-old Peter II, the last King of Yugoslavia, days after ascending the throne, and days before leaving Yugoslavia forever, ca March 28th 1941
"Mad lads" from the beaches by the Sava river in Belgrade, the capital of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1930s
In 1982 Agnes Denes cultivated, grew, and harvested a two-acre wheatfield in downtown Manhattan.
"The Mother from Kozara", a Serb woman, Milica Tepić, escaping her village before Ustaše burned it, with two children. January 1944
British volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, 1937. The War ended 80 years ago today.
Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019) in 1973
Tuone Udaina (1823-1898), the last speaker of the Dalmatian language. Late 19th century
71-year-old Peter I, King of Serbia, retreats across Jankova gorge, November 1915
Red Army soldiers in front of Palace Albania, downtown Belgrade, just after liberation, October 1944
Yugoslav President Tito and his wife Jovanka, island of Vanga, 1956
The Usce Tower on fire exactly 20 years ago, shortly after being hit by bombs. Belgrade, Serbia, April 21st 1999
A Roman Catholic priest, Ottoman Bosnia, 1867
A helicopter lifting materials to Belgrade's brutalist Western City Gate (Genex Tower) during its final construction in 1979. It was the tallest building in former Yugoslavia.
Belgrade transformed between the world wars. A boy stands in a muddy inner courtyard, while the National Assembly, under construction, is in the background. Early 1930s.
Funeral of King Alexander of Yugoslavia, 1934. His wife, Queen Maria, and son, Peter II, are in the front.
An Ustasha, disguised as a woman, captured by Yugoslav Partisans of the 6th Krajina Brigade. 1943/44
Placement of the four ton gold-plated cross during construction of St Sava's Temple, Belgrade, May 12th 1989
First Secretary of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia Alexander Dubcek and General Secretary of the Central Committee of CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, Prague, 1968
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