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Anne Frank's father; Otto Frank served as a lieutenant during WW1. by his merits he earned two iron crosses from both clases. Circa 1914
The future "King of Los Angeles" Crime boss ;Mickey cohen in his boxing career in the Maccabi jewish club. Circa 1930
Martin luther king among a group of pro civil rights Jews in Florida state. Circa 1960.
Palestinian gipsy couple near of Jerusalem circa 1910.
Palestinian gypsy together with his monkey pet. British palestine 1920s
German jewish capellan giving shabbat morning service to capturated jewish soldiers 1915
Lord Alfred Douglas ; former Oscar Wilde's lover and poet in his last years. 1940s
African-American Jews outside the Moorish Zionist Temple, Harlem, NY, 1929
Lydia Litviak in 1940, Soviet female pilot who manteine till today the record of aerial takedowns aerial takedowns maded by a woman in combat. Died the 1rst from agust in the battle of kursk at the age of just 21 years. she is till today one of the bigest heroin from Russia. colorization
lieutenant colonel Edward S. Solomon, photo taken in 1862 during the American civil war. He was one of the 7000 jews who fought for the Union during that conflict.
American marines cutting a cake with a Japanese Gunto sword during a companion´s birthday. Circa 1944
American Army chaplain Rabbi Samuel Blinder converses with a group of Jewish soldiers outside a synagogue in Germany, circa 1945.
Chinese jews in front of the Torah ark of Kaifeng´ s synagogue , Circa 1911.
Picture of the young Isaac Bashevis Singer . Only writer who won the literature Nobel prize writing in the Yiddish language. 1930.
Two Jewish Americans enjoying Kosher Chinese food in NYC circa 1960,
Young Jewish girls dressed up as gypsies, was taken in the spring of 1927 in Lutowiska. Poland
1930s mugshot from the Jewish detroit`s gang called "The Purple Gang" One of the most violent gangs in all the history of the prohibition direct by the Berstein Brothers ,they where Al capones`s alieds and their crimes were such as Murder, extortion, theft, etc..
The founder of the anti-zionist sect of Satmar Hasidim: Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum shaking hands with king Carol II of romania. 1936
Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas in Naples. 1897
1930s Mugshot from Harry Strauss;Prolific hitman of the Jewish-American organized crime. Strauss was well known for never carrying guns at the street, therefore he killed his victims with the first objet he had at hand.He killed at least 100 men.
Members of "Avanzada Nacional" A fascist political party during Pinochet`s regime in chile. Circa 1980
A Black Hassan (Jewish religeous chantor) Posing for the photographer Abraham Pisarek at Berlin, Germany. Circa 1926
Portrait of Kurt Fritz Schneider (AKA Harry doll Earles) German-American actor and Sideshow performer .He and his sisters where known for having all the same odd case of dwarfism for they where called "The doll family" circa 1930s
Major Lionel de Rothschild (25 January 1882 – 28 January 1942) Member of the Rothschild family English military officer ,banker and also co- creator of the anti-Zionist League of British Jews in 1917.
Photo of Jack "Spot" Comer : Jewish-British gangster and anti-fascist.circa 1950s
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