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Robert Downey Jr. in a mug shot taken when he was transferred to the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran, August 25th, 1999.
World chess champion Garry Kasparov during the first six-game match against IBM supercomputer Deep Blue, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, February 10-17th, 1996.
Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) buys himself a new pair of shoes at a shop in Rome, wearing the gold medal he won by defeating Poland's Ziggy Pietrzykowski in the light heavyweight final bout at the Summer Olympics the day before, September 6th, 1960.
Nurse Eunice Rivers taking a blood sample from an unwitting participant of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, circa 1953.
Some 150 Amish men and boys work together to build a barn in a day for a neighbour who lost his in a fire, Mascot, Pennsylvania, 1964.
Audrey Hepburn in a costume test for Sabrina, 1953.
Isaac Woodard with his mother, July 12th, 1946, five months after the World War II veteran was brutally beaten and blinded by a South Carolina police chief while he was en route to rejoin his family shortly after his honourable discharge from the Army on February 12th, 1946.
Fans gather in Times Square to watch the finale of Seinfeld which was broadcast on the big television screen in the square, New York City, May 14th, 1998.
Muhammad Ali spars with kids in the backyard of the house where he stayed as he prepared for the Sonny Liston fight in Miami. In 1964 African Americans were not allowed to stay in hotels on Miami Beach where the Fifth Street Gym is located. He resided in a small home in central Miami.
Grand Central Terminal on New Year’s Eve, 1969.
Master Sergeant Laron E. Golden from Arkansas sharing his Christmas package with some local kids in San Benedetto, Italy, December 11th, 1944.
Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Cannary or Canary) and cowboy Teddy Blue Abbott (Edward Charles Abbott), wearing each other’s hats while sharing drinks at a saloon in Gilt Edge, Montana, 1897.
Combatants of the ELN, a Guevarist guerrilla group, bodies blackened in order to camouflage themselves in the jungle of the Cauca region to attack Colombian soldiers, 1991.
During the coroner’s inquest into the killing of Leonard Deadwyler by an LAPD officer, a man holds up a flyer that reads, ironically, “Support Your Local Police” under a photo of Mississippi sheriffs laughing at their arraignment for the murder of three civil rights activists. May 1966.
Mourners paying their respects as they pass the open casket of slain Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton, Chicago, December 8th, 1969.
Group photo of the picketers at the first gay rights protest held outside the White House, Washington, D.C., April 17th, 1965.
Tourists Taking Photographs, South Africa, 1968.
A worker paints the Golden Gate Bridge with a fresh coat of its iconic orange colour, chosen to help the bridge stay visible in San Francisco’s famous fog, 1956.
A woman holds her friend's coat to anchor her on a cliff as she looks down into the Grand Canyon from a snowy outcrop, 1880.
School for Father Christmases at Henry's Stores, Birmingham, England. Dr. Amy Cohen instructing Father Christmas and his deputies on the correct way of doing their work. November 12th, 1957.
Serial killer Ted Bundy (second from the right) in a lineup at the Murray City Police Department where he is identified by Carol DaRonch as her abductor, Utah, October 2nd, 1975.
Bart Simpson is carefully handled as the helium balloon splits a seam on Broadway at 55th Street during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York City, November 25th, 1993.
Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay approaching 28,000 feet, laden with extra equipment to establish their final camp on Mount Everest. From this point on they would be on their own, May 28th, 1953.
Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany playing violin and guitar as others chat in their bunks next to a German wall map emblazoned with a swastika in the cellar of an old abandoned factory they live in on the outskirts of Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1938.
Members of the 1st Marine Division carrying their wounded during a firefight near the southern edge of the DMZ, South Vietnam, 1966.
Artillerymen of the 92nd Division leaning against sandbags in a gun pit on the Italian front in the Appennine Mountains, 1945.
Emaciated male prisoners lying in bunks and standing half-naked at Buchenwald concentration camp during liberation by American forces, April 28th, 1945.
Jacqueline and Caroline Kennedy kneel beside President John F. Kennedy's flag-draped coffin, Capitol Rotunda, Washington, D.C., November 24th, 1963.
National Guard troops with upthrust bayonets surround integrationists kneeling in prayer as approximately 100 protestors made a peaceful attempt to challenge the no-demonstration edict of the military commander in Cambridge, Maryland, May 13th, 1964.
Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh selling bumper stickers with pro-gun, anti-government slogans outside the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas during the 1993 federal siege.
Amelia Earhart perched atop the nose of her Lockheed Model 10-E Electra, 1936.
Spectators drop to the ground after shots are fired at Dealy Plaza during the assassination of President Kennedy, November 22nd, 1963.
Vincenz Czerny and Dr. Levi Cooper Lane in the surgical amphitheater at Cooper Medical College (now Stanford University School of Medicine), San Francisco, 1901.
President George H.W. Bush walks across the White House lawn with his Springer Spaniel, Millie, and her puppies. Ranger (often called Bush's favourite dog) and Spot Fetcher (President George W. Bush's dog) were among the six puppies. April 20th, 1989.
Muhammad Ali leaning into promoter Don King as he ices a broken jaw in the dressing room after losing the fight to Ken Norton at San Diego Sports Arena, March 31st, 1973.
Comic fans in costume for the San Diego Comic-Con’s first Masquerade costume contest, 1974.
Philippe Petit laying down on the 200 foot (60 metre) cable between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center 1350 feet (410 metres) above the ground during his 45 minute high-wire walk, August 7th, 1974.
Passengers riding exercise bikes whilst wearing day clothes in a gymnasium on board the Cunard Line ocean liner, RMS Franconia, February 21st, 1911.
O.J. Simpson holds up his hands in front of the jury wearing the gloves found at the Bundy crime scene and Simpson’s Rockingham estate, Los Angeles County Superior Court, June 15th, 1995.
Harlem residents awaiting an appearance by Nelson Mandela at a ticker tape parade on the first day of the U.S. visit of his Freedom Tour, four and a half months after his release from a 27-year prison term. New York City, June 20th, 1990.
Edmund Hillary takes a chance to freshen up in the glacial waters of a mountain stream in Nepal while en route to Mount Everest, March, 1953.
Haitian soldiers go after a boy attempting to steal a box of food aid from beneath a shuttered warehouse door in Cap-Haïtien after a day-long protest against rising food prices, January, 1986.
Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels, who considered Chris Farley one of the most talented actors to have worked on the show, walks alone in Resurrection Catholic Cemetery in Madison after Farley's entombment on December 23rd, 1997.
The crowd of hundreds that gathered across the street from the Florida State Prison in Starke, Bradford County rejoice as the sun rises in the background and word circulates that serial killer Ted Bundy has been executed, pronounced dead at 7:16 am on January 24th, 1989.
NYC Pride March, June 26, 1975.
After suffering substantial periods of damage and restoration over the course of its long history, the 98.6 metre high Campanile di San Marco (Saint Mark's Bell Tower) in Venice collapsed to the ground on July 14th, 1902. The sole fatality was Melampyge, the caretaker's cat.
Vice President Bush on Air Force Two headed back to Washington, DC after the assassination attempt on President Reagan, March 30th, 1981.
Danish cyclist Knud Enemark Jensen falls from his bicycle after collapsing with heat stroke during the 100km team time trial at the Rome Olympics, August 26, 1960. He died a few hours later in hospital, having suffered a skull fracture. His death has been plagued by doping allegations.
Greco-Roman wrestling matches held in the ruins of the Basilica of Maxentius in the Roman Forum at the 1960 Summer Olympics.
Newspaper boys cool off in the Schiff Fountain in Rutgers Square, New York City, 1916.
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