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Coal Miners coming up a Coal Mine Elevator after a day of work in 1920's Belgium
First Photo of the Acropolis in Greece c.1842
A Native American looks down upon a newly completed section of the Transcontinental Railroad, 435 miles from Sacramento, California - photo by Alfred A. Hart, 1867
Queen Elizabeth II, wearing the imperial crown, walks through the Royal gallery to the House of Lords chamber to officiate at the opening of a new session of British Parliament in London in November, 1954 AP
A soldier of the British Expeditionary Force, arriving back from Dunkirk greeted affectionately by his girlfriend - May 31, 1940 Getty Images
RMS Queen Mary arriving in New York Harbor filled with thousands of returning US Soldiers - 1945
U.S. Marines have their rifles ready as they search for Japanese snipers in a palm grove during operations at Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands - August, 1942
Little America III - Admiral Richard Byrd's abandoned camp established 1940-1941 on the Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica photographed in 1958 - Buried in the snow the site of Little America III was carried out to sea in 1963
Senator Margaret Chase Smith, the first woman to be placed in nomination for the presidency at a major party's convention, arrives at the Republican National Convention in California - 1964
This Polaroid image of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas capturing the presidential limousine a fraction of a second after the fatal shot - Photo taken by Mary Ann Moorman, a witness to the assassination
A US soldier inspects Nazi looted art found in a church in Ellingen, Germany - April, 1945 - Colorized -
A Caravan of GM Futurliners crossing America during the company’s Parade to Progress - 1950
Martha Jane Cannary "Calamity Jane" - American frontierswoman and performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show - c.1880
A Corporal of the 9th USCC near Denver, Colorado, USA - 1890
Robert Wadlow, also known as the Alton Giant and the Giant of Illinois, was 8′ 11″ and the tallest person ever in recorded history - ca. 1939
US Coast Guard Cutter Spencer (WPG-36) Destroys The Nazi Submarine U-175 - April, 1943
Tsar Nicholas II and his family during World War I c.1916
John F. Daniels, MP, inspects the electrically-powered midget auto, designed by a former kamikaze pilot, during its first public run in Tokyo, December 21, 1947 AP
The USS Sennet SS-408 - Operation “Highjump,” the third Byrd Antarctic Expedition - USN photo courtesy of Arctic Submarine Laboratory c.1947
Gen. George A. Custer Crossing the Dakota Territory - W. H. Illingworth - 1874
German soldiers rounded up after a house to house search in La Haye Du Puits, Normandy, France, on July 14, 1944 - AP
The Deadwood Coach - photo by John C.H. Grabill - 1889
An Aerial View of the Woodstock Festival on farmer Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in Bethel, New York in 1969 - Sullivan County, NY declared the festival a state of emergency - AP
The first US test of a captured German V2 rocket -1946 - Photo by Universal History Archive
Henry Ford and his son, Edsel Ford sitting on Henry’s first car in December, 1939 AP
Führerbunker - Interior of Hitler's Bunker partially burned by retreating German troops and stripped of valuables by invading Russians - Berlin, Germany - 1945
Legendary screen actress Marlene Dietrich tries to select the Queen of the chorus of the GI troupe during her visit to their camp at Namur, Belgium, Nov. 30, 1944 AP
The Liberty Bell arrives at the St. Louis World's Fair accompanied by members of the Philadelphia Police Department on Liberty Bell Day at the Fair - June 8, 1904 - Missouri Historical Society
The July 3, 1883 Capsizing upon launch of the SS Daphne in Glasgow, Scotland killing 124 crew members
T.C. Benbow in his 'METEOR' at the 1904 Saint Louis World's Fair - October 25, 1904
Physician and Conspirator Samuel Mudd as a federal prisoner working in the Carpenter's Shop in the military prison at Fort Jefferson - 1866
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