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7'3'' jakob nacken (221 cm) the tallest nazi soldier ever chatting with 5'3'' (160 cm) canadian corporal bob roberts after surrendering to him near calais, france in september of 1944 (colorized by me)
African American flood victims line up to get food and clothing from a Red Cross relief station in front of billboard ironically extolling WORLD'S HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING THERE'S NO WAY LIKE THE AMERICAN WAY, taken in 1940
a cat makes a great escape from the animal rescue league of boston, 1940
Crimean war soldiers serving in the 72nd highlanders, taken in 1854 (colorized by me)
Roger fenton's photographic van that used to take photos of the crimean war, taken in 1855 (colorized by me)
21 year old Winston Churchill serving in the 4th queen's own hussars, 1895
james buchanan's inauguration (15th U. S. president), may 5th 1857.
Ann Hodges, the only human being in recorded history to be hit by a METEORITE. 1954
Shadow of a noose against a bick tower during the war crime trails in nuremberg, germany 1946
Two men stand by a Coca-Cola delivery truck in 1910.
Fishing from the pier, 1870s
daguerreotype of andrew jackson (7th President of the U.S. ) 1845
This is believed to be the last photo ever taken of the Titanic, April 12 1912 (colorized by me)
Albert Einstein at 3 years old, 1882
Monsieur Ducel is a veteran of napoleon's grande armee, he served as a mameluke from 1813-1815.
vladimir putin in 1970 (colorized by me)
"The real Alice in wonderland" - Alice liddell was a model of the famous author and photographer Lewis Carroll who based the character of Alice from Alice in wonderland after her. photo taken in 1870.
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