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In 1966, James Meredith, the first black man to be integrated into The University of Mississippi, organized a one man march to encourage African Americans to vote. Shortly into his march, he was shot in the neck, head, and back. (Colorized by me)
Six- and eight-year old Dutch sisters Eva and Leane, later killed by Nazis at Auschwitz, 1944 (Colorized by me)
Boy returns home from playing following German bombing of London to find his home destroyed, and his mother, father and brother dead under the rubble, 1945 (Colorized by me)
A Peaceful snowy night, downtown Woodstock, Vermont, 1940 (Colorized by me)
Impoverished New York children play near a dead horse, 1905 (Colorized by me)
A crowd of angry parents hurl insults at 6 year-old Ruby Bridges as she enters a traditionally all-white school, the first black child to do so in the United States South, 1960. Bridges is just 67 today. (Colorized by me)
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