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At 4:31 AM, an unauthorized photo taken of Stalin inside of the Kremlin shows the very moment he was informed that Germany had began their invasion of the Soviet Union. It was taken by Komsomolskaya Pravda, editor in chief. He was ordered to destroy it, but instead saved it. June 22, 1941.
Jubulient Russian POWs hoist up an American soldier from the 9th Army after being liberated in Eselheide, Germany. April 9th, 1945.
The Storming of Omaha Beach taken from a rare glimpse on one of the LCVPs depicts the troops pushing out of the wave. Troops taking heavy fire as soon as the doors drop can be seen jumping over the sides. June 6th, 1944.
A Chinese soldier is pictured arguing with a Soviet Union soldier during the Sino-Soviet border conflicts. 2nd March, 1969.
Hermann Goering on the witness stand during the famous military tribunal for war crimes in Nuremberg Germany. November 20th, 1945
The booted feet of a dead Japanese soldier, foreground, protrude from beneath a mound of earth on Iwo Jima during the American invasion of the Japanese Volcano Island stronghold in 1945 in World War II. U.S. Marines can be seen nearby in foxholes.
An Atomic Wasteland. Nagasaki, August 10, 1945; photograph by Yosuke Yamahata shows the radioactive aftermath near ground zero where codename "Fatman" was dropped.
An Ottomon Soldier and a Russian Civilian give a glass of brandy to a dying French soldier to ease his pain. Crimean War, 1855.
Gulag mugshot of author Varlam Shalamov, writer of the Kolyma Tales, who spent 15 years in a gulag near subartic climates for supporting anti-bolshevism and for Trotskyist activities. He would later die in 1982, 8 years before his only daughter. January 12th, 1937.
An A7V and it's crew members posing for a photograph in front of their tank. They're tank is assigned to the 46th Sturmtruppen-Angriff Unternehmen. 13th March, 1918.
Censored photo of a balloon explosion at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The accident was caused in a highly exceptional manner by a static spark. Photo was taken by Captain Roger B. Whitman of the Signal Corps. April 9th, 1917.
A U.S. Naval convoy carries troops and supplies enroute across the Atlantic Ocean to Great Britain in preperation for an invasion across Europe. They are constantly monitored and fighting off German Uboats which came to be the Battle of the Atlantic. January 26th, 1942.
Dedication of the Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment in Boston on May 31, 1897, 37 years after the events of the American Civil War with surviving members present for the reveal. The monument stands as it was to this day.
Today on August 7th, 1942, the start of the Guadalcanal Campaign launches as 11,000 Marines land ahore on the island. The campaign would result in 7,100 Marine deaths and 19,200 Japanese dead or evacuated.
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