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At 4:31 AM, an unauthorized photo taken of Stalin inside of the Kremlin shows the very moment he was informed that Germany had began their invasion of the Soviet Union. It was taken by Komsomolskaya Pravda, editor in chief. He was ordered to destroy it, but instead saved it. June 22, 1941.
The Storming of Omaha Beach taken from a rare glimpse on one of the LCVPs depicts the troops pushing out of the wave. Troops taking heavy fire as soon as the doors drop can be seen jumping over the sides. June 6th, 1944.
Hermann Goering on the witness stand during the famous military tribunal for war crimes in Nuremberg Germany. November 20th, 1945
Gulag mugshot of author Varlam Shalamov, writer of the Kolyma Tales, who spent 15 years in a gulag near subartic climates for supporting anti-bolshevism and for Trotskyist activities. He would later die in 1982, 8 years before his only daughter. January 12th, 1937.
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