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Red Army infantry marching through the main street of Kiev, Ukraine, following the liberation of the city from German forces - 1943
Korean children play near a church in North Pyongan Province, Japanese Korea (present-day North Korea) - 1930s
A Japanese Geisha wearing a kimono and sitting with her Samisen, a traditional string instrument - 1950
Tsarivich Nicholas (future Tsar Nicholas II of Russia) in Nagasaki, Japan - 1891
Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa, at their residence in Pasadena, California - 1931
FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in a Mickey Mouse mask during a New Year’s Eve party - 1938
Japanese nurses with Polish orphans, who were rescued from Siberia during the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War - 1920s
Future Emperor of Japan Hirohito, sits in his biology lab in the Akasaka Imperial Palace, at the time of his Regency - 1926
Pu Yi, the last emperor of Qing Dynasty and the former head of Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo during World War II, at the Fushun War Criminals Detention Center in Liaoning Province, China - 1956
Japanese crown prince Akihito and future crown princess Michiko Shōda at a tennis club in Azabu, Tokyo - 1958
South Vietnamese babies on a flight from Saigon, South Vietnam to San Francisco, United States, during Operation Babylift, the mass evacuation of children from South Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War - 1975
Korean "comfort women" who survived and rescued by Allied units from Japanese forces, at Yunnan Province, China - 1945
Russian prisoners of war during the Russo-Japanese War, at the Dōgo Onsen hot spring building in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan - 1904/1905
American singer Elvis Presley signing autographs for fans in West Germany - 1959
Member of Korean Patriotic Corps (a Korean resistance organisation against the Japanese rule of Korea) Yun Bong-gil - 1932
Massive protests held in Seoul, South Korea against Soviet Union, in the aftermath of the shootdown of Korean Airlines flight 007 by Soviets on September 1st - 1983
Crown Prince Hirohito and Princess Nagako - 1924
Children standing in line for food in Seoul, South Korea - 1955
Benito Mussolini at Monte Terminillo, Italy - 1937
Koreans demonstrating against the Japanese rule of Korean Peninsula, during the March 1st Movement, one of the earliest public displays of Korean resistance during the rule of Korea by Japan - 1919
Mugshot of Korean independence activist organizer Ryu Gwansun, following her arrest by Japanese colonial authorithes in Korea in the aftermath of March 1st Movement against Japanese colonial rule of Korea - 1919
South Vietnamese Buddhist nun injured in melee between police and about 20 nuns staging demonstration rests on floor at pagoda surrounded by other religous activists in Saigon - 1975
Two young Korean orphans at the rubble of Seoul, South Korea, after suffering from heavy destruction during the Korean War - 1950s
A Western visitor enjoying the services of a Japanese Geisha girl - 1955
Port facilities and United Nations supplies at the port of Hungnam, North Korea, destroyed by demolition charges at the conclusion of the massive evacuation operations of civilians and military personnel from the area, during the Korean War - 1950
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