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Red Army infantry marching through the main street of Kiev, Ukraine, following the liberation of the city from German forces - 1943
Korean children play near a church in North Pyongan Province, Japanese Korea (present-day North Korea) - 1930s
Emperor of Japan Hirohito and Empress Nagako with their children and grandchildren - 1970s
Korean children at the Malli-dong neighbourhood, in Seoul, South Korea - 1959
A Japanese Geisha wearing a kimono and sitting with her Samisen, a traditional string instrument - 1950
Masako Owada (current Empress of Japan), with her friends at a kindergarten in Moscow, Soviet Union - 1967
South Korean orphans arrive in Tokyo, for a brief stopover before heading to Hollywood, to attend the screening of the Korean War movie 'Battle Hymn', in which these orphans starred in - 1956
Two U.S. Army staff sergeants passing food through a barbed wire fence to Korean children begging at the perimeter of a military camp, during the Korean War - 1952
Wedding ceremony of Japanese crown prince Akihito and and crown princess Michiko. The prince and princess are wearing the traditional attires of Sokutai and Jūnihitoe - 1958
Chernobyl plant directors Viktor Bryukhanov (left), Anatoly Dyatlov (center), and chief engineer Nikolai Fomin, during their court trial following the 1986 nuclear disaster - 1987
Tsarivich Nicholas (future Tsar Nicholas II of Russia) in Nagasaki, Japan - 1891
B-29 Superfortress of the 20th Bomb Group trailing smoke with No. 4 engine feathered, during a bombing raid over Kobe, Japan - 1945
Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa, at their residence in Pasadena, California - 1931
FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in a Mickey Mouse mask during a New Year’s Eve party - 1938
A young Japanese girl wearing a typical Geisha kimono sits playing the “Shamisen”, a traditional Japanese string instrument - 1950s
A Korean child encounters an American soldier, who is patrolling the ruined streets of Inchon, South Korea, after its capture following an UN offensive attack against North Korean forces in the city, during the Korean War - 1950
Wiesław Chrzanowski, an officer in the Polish Home Army, at a townhouse on Wilcza Street in Warsaw, during the Warsaw Uprising - 1944
Mickey Mouse and Emperor Hirohito of Japan at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, in a trip aimed to improve Hirohito's image in the United States - 1975
Japanese nurses with Polish orphans, who were rescued from Siberia during the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War - 1920s
South Korean soldiers practice Taekwondo at a base in South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War - 1960s
U.S. Marine Corps M4 Sherman setting fire to Japanese military aircraft in Sasebo, Japan, during the Allied occupation of Japan - 1945
Japanese crown prince Akihito and future crown princess Michiko Shōda at a tennis club in Azabu, Tokyo - 1958
Future Emperor of Japan Hirohito, sits in his biology lab in the Akasaka Imperial Palace, at the time of his Regency - 1926
Pu Yi, the last emperor of Qing Dynasty and the former head of Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo during World War II, at the Fushun War Criminals Detention Center in Liaoning Province, China - 1956
South Vietnamese babies on a flight from Saigon, South Vietnam to San Francisco, United States, during Operation Babylift, the mass evacuation of children from South Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War - 1975
American prisoners of war march down a street in North Korea, following their capture by Communist forces during the Korean War - 1950s
Martial arts legend Bruce Lee with his son Brandon - 1960s
Korean "comfort women" who survived and rescued by Allied units from Japanese forces, at Yunnan Province, China - 1945
A South Vietnamese soldier punches a captured Viet Cong guerrilla during an operation in Quảng Nam Province, during the Vietnam War - 1965
Residents from Pyongyang, North Korea, and refugees from other areas of North Korea crawl perilously over shattered girders of the city's bridge, as they flee towards south across the Taedong River to escape the advance of Chinese Communist troops, during the Korean War - 1950
Scene in a street market at Seoul, South Korea - 1960
Russian prisoners of war during the Russo-Japanese War, at the Dōgo Onsen hot spring building in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan - 1904/1905
Soviet rock singer of Korean descent, and leader and songwriter of the rock band Kino, Viktor Tsoi - 1980s
Korean girls in Seoul, Korea, playing with a flying see-saw - 1900s
Protestors rush towards the police firing tear gas in Busan, South Korea, during demonstrations as part of the nationwide democracy movement against the military regime of South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan - 1987
American singer Elvis Presley signing autographs for fans in West Germany - 1959
Member of Korean Patriotic Corps (a Korean resistance organisation against the Japanese rule of Korea) Yun Bong-gil - 1932
Massive protests held in Seoul, South Korea against Soviet Union, in the aftermath of the shootdown of Korean Airlines flight 007 by Soviets on September 1st - 1983
Crown Prince Hirohito and Princess Nagako - 1924
Korean high school students led by a Japanese military officer, after a forced visit to a Shinto shrine in Gwangju, Japanese Korea (present-day South Korea) - 1930s
Children standing in line for food in Seoul, South Korea - 1955
Korean schoolchildren going for a school picnic on a spring day, in Pyongan Province, Japanese Korea (present-day North Korea) - 1937
Benito Mussolini at Monte Terminillo, Italy - 1937
Koreans demonstrating against the Japanese rule of Korean Peninsula, during the March 1st Movement, one of the earliest public displays of Korean resistance during the rule of Korea by Japan - 1919
Mugshot of Korean independence activist organizer Ryu Gwansun, following her arrest by Japanese colonial authorithes in Korea in the aftermath of March 1st Movement against Japanese colonial rule of Korea - 1919
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Memorial built on the site of the former Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland. When it was unveiled, the city of Warsaw still lay in ruins all around it - 1948
South Vietnamese Buddhist nun injured in melee between police and about 20 nuns staging demonstration rests on floor at pagoda surrounded by other religous activists in Saigon - 1975
A young sailor of the Soviet Navy's Black Sea fleet during World War II - 1940s
Americans of different ethnicities join in a peace march through the Koreatown district of Los Angeles on May 2nd, calling for peace and unity, a few days after riots had rocked the city - 1992
Soviet Colonel general (future Marshal of Soviet Union) Kirill Moskalenko wearing military decorations that he received during World War II - 1940s
Wedding ceremony of Japanese crown prince Naruhito and and crown princess Masako. The prince and princess are wearing the traditional Japanese attires of Sokutai and Jūnihitoe - 1993
Soviet Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky in a Polish Army uniform. Rokossovsky is the second Marshal of Poland to serve as military Marshal of more than one country (other being Marshal of France Ferdinand Foch) - 1950s
A young Korean girl piggy-backs her young brother, while a soldier from the Royal New Zealand Army is seen on the background camouflaging his "B" platoon truck, during the Korean War - 1953
President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito with North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung, along with their respective wives, near Tito's official residence in Bugojno, Yugoslavia (present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina). Kim Il-Sung was on an official five-day state visit to Yugoslavia - 1975
A group of North Korean civilians undergoing a regular public political education, following the founding of North Korea - 1940s
Merian Cooper, an American aviator serving with the Polish Air Force Kościuszko's Squadron during the 1919- 1921 Polish-Soviet War. He later would become the film director of the 1933 movie King Kong. (1920)
American soldiers in the ruined streets of Seoul, South Korea, during the Korean War - 1950
Participants of the WWII Doolittle Raid who became prisoners of war after being captured by Japanese in the aftermath of the raid (from left) Jacob DeShazer, Robert Hite and Chase Nielsen, after being liberated by U.S. forces from the POW camp following V-J Day - 1945
The Emperor of Japan Hirohito plays a game of Shogi with Crown Prince Akihito, as the Empress Kojun looks on - 1955
Two young Korean orphans at the rubble of Seoul, South Korea, after suffering from heavy destruction during the Korean War - 1950s
A Western visitor enjoying the services of a Japanese Geisha girl - 1955
Port facilities and United Nations supplies at the port of Hungnam, North Korea, destroyed by demolition charges at the conclusion of the massive evacuation operations of civilians and military personnel from the area, during the Korean War - 1950
Leader of North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh with sailors of East German Navy at Stralsund, East Germany - 1957
Aerial view of the Japanese city of Toyama burning, in the aftermath of the bombing raid by 173 USAAF B-29 bombers on August 1st. Toyama was the largest producer of aluminium in Japan, during World War II - 1945
An orphan during the Korean War - 1950s
A Soviet R-16 rocket explodes at Baikonur test range, resulting in the deaths of an unknown number of ground personnel. The disaster is known as Nedellin Catastrophe, after it was named after Marshal Mitrofan Nedellin who was killed in the disaster - October 24, 1960
Japanese crown Prince Hirohito (left) and Imperial Japanese Navy Admiral Togo Heihachiro aboard the Japanese battleship Mikasa - 1920
American M26 Pershing tanks in downtown Seoul, South Korea, in the Second Battle of Seoul during the Korean War. In the foreground, United Nations troops round up North Korean prisoners-of-war - 1950
Cardboard tombstones erected at Lafayette Park, Washington D.C. in honor of the passengers of Korean Airlines flight 007, on the first anniversary of its shootdown by Soviets after it strayed into Soviet airspace on September 1st 1983, killing all 269 people onboard - 1984
Red Army soldiers onboard a train carriage en-route to the frontline, in order to take part in the defense of Moscow during World War II - 1941
North Korean leader Kim Il-sung with his son Kim Jong-il (left), while on a local inspection of the Nampo Dam at the city of Nampho, North Korea - 1980s
Taiwanese singer and Mandopop icon Teresa Teng performs at a concert in Tokyo, Japan - 1985
A bayonet-wielding South Vietnamese paratrooper threatens a captured Việt Cộng suspect during an interrogation - 1962
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