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105mm shells from an allied bombardment all fired in a single day on German lines, 1916.
Reagan and Gorbachev at Reagan's California Ranch, 1992.
A helmeted bulldog guarding a family outside a block of flats during the Blitz, 15th October 1940.
Soviet soldier carrying the head of a statue of Hitler, Berlin 1945.
US Marines use scaling ladders to storm ashore at Inchon, September 15th, 1950.
US Marines returning fire during the battle of Hue, 1968.
Winston Churchill with a Thompson SMG, ca 1942/43.
Queen Wilhelmina upon her return to the Netherlands, May 2nd, 1945.
US M48 tanks facing Soviet T-55 tanks at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, 1961.
The first traffic jam in the Netherlands, 1955.
German POWs marching past a knocked-out M4A3E2 "Jumbo" in Foy, Belgium after the Battle of the Bulge, 1945.
A US Marine exhibits the "thousand-yard stare" after two days of constant fighting in the Battle of Eniwetok, 1944.
Margaret Thatcher in a Challenger 1 during a visit to troops in West Germany, 1986.
A US Marine inches forward under enemy fire in Korea, ca 1951.
US Marines during the Tet Offensive, Hue, Vietnam 1968.
A US Marine braves Japanese sniper fire to give water to a wounded Marine on Peleliu, September 15th, 1944.
Marilyn Monroe performing for the US troops in Korea, 1954.
When life gives you a M1 carbine and palm leaves, you get this picture.
A US marine with a M1 thompson during the battle of Hue, 1968.
John McCain and other POWs after being released from North Vietnamese imprisonment, March 14th, 1973.
British army soldiers on guard in Belfast during The Troubles, ca 1968.
George HW Bush and Gorbachev shaking hands during a conference in 1991.
Dutch civilians passing a downed Ju 52 after the invasion of the Netherlands, 1940.
African-American combat unit attacking a German position near Lucca, Italy, June 1944.
British Royal Marines loading into helicopters to assault Egyptian positions during the Suez Crisis, 5 November 1956. This would be the first combat helicopter insertion in military history.
US Marines take cover behind a M48 Patton from VC sniper fire in Hue during the Tet offensive, 1968.
Israeli paratroopers after capturing the Western Wall during the 6 day war, 1967.
A dead Israeli tanker is gently taken out of his tank after being hit by a Sagger missile, Golan Heights, 1973.
Ariel Sharon and Moshe Dayan after the crossing of the Suez Canal during the Yom kippur war, 1973.
A-4 Skyhawks attacking Phuong Dinh bridge, Vietnam, 1967.
Moshe Dayan sharing some corn with a local family in Vietnam, August 1966.
Corporal M. Freeman, Canadian Women's Army Corps, and Captain Samuel Cass, a Jewish chaplain, presenting a gift to a girl during a Hanukkah celebration, Tillburg Netherlands, December 17, 1944.
Israeli troops raising the flag of Israel after the war of independence, 1948.
The crewmembers of the Apollo 13 step aboard the USS Iwo Jima after the splashdown and recovery of the capsule, 17th of April, 1970.
Wounded US marines at Okinawa, 1945.
A dead Israeli tank commander is gently removed from his Centurion tank on the Golan front, 1973.
American soldiers on a German railway game, 1945.
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