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Orson Welles explaining to journalists that he had not intended to cause panic with his 'War of the Worlds' broadcast. 1938. .
A young Xi Jinping (right), now President of the People's Republic of China, on his first visit to the US, where he stayed with the Dvochak family in Muscatine, Iowa, in 1985. .
George T. Downing, (centre) with family and friends. A civil rights activist, he helped desegregate the schools in Newport, Rhode Island. 1866. .
Citizens of Seattle watch from a bridge as Japanese Americans are evacuated to internment camps. 1942. .
Dedication of a sculpture, in Carmel, New York in 1961, of Sybil Ludington, a 16-year-old girl who rode through the Hudson Valley countryside, rallying her father’s troops to battle, in the spring of 1777. .
Unknown member of the Russian aristocracy selling newspapers on the streets of Paris to scrape a living following the revolution of 1917. .
Crowds queue to receive free radios on propaganda minster Joseph Goebbels’ birthday in 1938. .
A hunger march staged by workers in Washington in the 1920s. .
US marines landing at Red Beach Two, north of Da Nang - the first US combat troops deploted in Vietnam. 1965. .
Compulsory collectivization in the Soviet countryside. 'Peasants, read books! The Book is the best friend of those on the land. It teaches how to carry out agriculture properly'. 1929. .
The official opening ceremony of the Empire State Building with Ex-Governor Alfred E Smith, Governor Franklin D Roosevelt (later president Roosevelt) and others. 1 May 1931. (Image - Bettmann).
GIs with a message in the snow for their families in 1952. .
A French trench during the battle of Verdun, 1916. .
The operations room at Derby House, Liverpool , from which the Battle of the Atlantic was conducted. (Image from the Liverpool Daily Post). July, 1945. .
German infantrymen take cover from Allied shelling in a stream bed near Anzio, 1944. .
East German banner on the Berlin Wall facing west, 1961. 'Don’t get cheeky, Mr. Brandt, we are excellent marksmen!'. .
Jewish Displaced Persons reciving food at Bindermichl DP camp in the US zone, near Linz, Austria. 1946. .
An election poster for Hindenburg and Hitler. 'The Marshal and the Corporal. Fight with Us for Peace and Equal Rights'. Wilmersdorf, Berlin, 1933. .
Child playing with discarded weapons after the fall of Berlin. 1945. .
Italian leader Benito Mussolini visiting African soldiers in May who had come to Italy to celebrate the first anniversary of the founding of the Italian empire. 1937. .
Martin Lurher King Jr. On August 28th, 1963 around 250,000 people marched on Washington D.C., USA, to demand equal rights for African-Americans and an end to racial prejudice. .
Members of the American Deserters Committee, formed in Montreal in 1970 to oppose the Vietnam War. .
After passage of the Voting Rights Act, an organizer explains a ballot to new voters. 1965. .
Red Guard member, masked against the 'flu, spreading the word of Mao. 1967. .
A GI, with his M16 over his soldier, in the fish hook region of Cambodia. 1970. .
Celebrating what was then called Emancipation Day, Austin, TX. June 19, 1900. .
A 'contraband camp' where, for escaped slaves, there was work, payment for that work and the freedom to choose it. 1861. .
A woman alone among the devastation of the city of Dresden, Germany. 1945. .
Magda Quandt and Joseph Goebbels at their wedding. Hitler (seen behind) stood as their witness. 1931. .
The Duke of Windsor, having recently abdicated, visiting Dresden prior to meeting Hitler. 1937. .
Women of the Red Cross making masks during the pandemic of 1918. .
American servicemen load paintings and sculptures looted by Hermann Göring, discovered in a cave near Berchtesgaden. May 1945. .
The Prince and Princess of Wales at Highgrove with William (4) and Harry (1 year and 9 months). July, 1986. .
Lech Walesa speaks to Gdansk shipyard workers in 1980. .
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen's mother, leaving her home in Bruton Street, London on her wedding day. 1923. (Image - Sabine Weiss). .
Unpaid prison laborers, primarily African Americans, working the sunset red granite found in the Hill Country quarries of Burnet County at Marble falls, for the construction of the new Texas Capitol. 1881. .
Lieutenant Pat Neishi discusses surrender terms with a Japanese lieutenant-general on the outskirts of Manila. 1945. .
The Norden bombsight, invented in 1939 and used by the US in WWII, the Korean and the Vietnam Wars. Nicknamed 'the football', it allowed for variables such as altitude, wind speed and airspeed. Legend is that it enabled a bombardier to drop a bomb into a pickle barrel from 6 miles up. .
Omar al-Mukhtar, known among the colonial Italians as Matari of the Mnifa, was the leader of native resistance in Cyrenaica, against the Italian colonization of Libya, before his execution by Italian military. 1931. .
The son of a purged official is publicly punished during Great Proletarian Cultural Rebellion. 1968.
The Four Courts complex in Dublin burns after the Irish government fired upon it to drive out the Republicans in June 1922. .
Lt. Captain Wilhelm Meyer (centre) and the officers and crew of the UB-77, the U-boat that sank the SS Tuscania. 1918. (528 X 745).
German prisoners being marched through Moscow. July, 1944. .
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN on 10 December, 1948. .
On the Harlem Peace March on April 15, 1967. ..
Hitler visiting the Zwinger Palace to inaugurate German Theatre Week, Dresden, Germany. 1934. .
Japanese-American soldiers at Camp Shelby in Mississippi in 1943, the year Nisei men were allowed to enlist.
Chinese people welcoming liberating US forces to Tianjin after Japanese occupation. 1945. .
Membership of the German League of Girls, (Bund Deutscher Mädel), was compulsory from age 10. ca.1937. .
Ceremony to mark the return of control of the Bonin Islands from United States to the Japanese. 1968. .
South Vietnamese Popular Force soldiers patrol a resettlement village, Soy My. November 1969. .
French Marshall Pétain on trial in 1945. He was found guilty of treason but De Gaulle commuted his death sentence to life.
Eight members of the Manouchian Group, an armed resistance organization in the Paris area, await their execution. 1944. .
Daniel Ellsberg talking to the media after revealing himself as the source of the leaked Pentagon Papers. 1971. .
Two Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders assisting a wounded comrade near Anju, North Korea, during the battle of Pakchon. 1950. .
A Jewish owned shop on the moring after Kristallnacht in November, 1938. ..
Clearing up in the aftermath of the Aberfan disaster, Wales. 1966. (Image - David Hurn). .
The aircraft carrier (CV-2) USS Lexington ('Lady Lex') after being hit by Japanese torpedoes and bombs during the Battle of the Coral Sea. 1942.
SOE agent, Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan, (code name Madeleine)'s brother, Vilayat and sister, Claire having accepted the (posthumous) George Cross on her behalf at Buckingham Palace, 1949. .
Egyptian soldiers firing at President Anwar Al-Sadat as he reviewed a military parade. 1981. .
Operation Todt, forced POW labourers, on Jersey. 1942. .
The British Union of Fascists (BUF) march through the streets of London. 1936. .
John Glenn set an new, transcontinental speed record with Project Bullet. July, 1957. .
Evacuation of Russian civilians and remnants of the White Army from Crimea on a crowded cargo boat. 1920. .
A wounded US Marine at the Battle of Hue, Vietnam. 1968. .
The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. August 28, 1963. .
East Berlin children at the newly divided Waldemarstrasse, Berlin-Kreuzberg. August, 1961. .
Pope John Paul II blessing the faithful in Wadowice, Poland. 1979. .
Engines and men of the Cork and Dublin Fire Brigade at Merchant's Quay, during the Burning of Cork, Ireland. December, 1920. .
Soldiers marching past the newly erected Cenotaph in London. 19 July, 1919. .
Young Japanese-American awaiting internment under Executive Order 9066. 1942. .
March in protest of the Kent State shootings and the invasion of Cambodia, Raleigh, NC. 1970. .
Crowds of people head for their first holiday in six years, London, UK. 1946. .
The Rev. Drs. Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King Jr. in Birmingham, Alabama. 1963. .
The Mohne Dam breached by Lancasters of 617 Dambuster Sqn. during Operation Chastise. May, 1943. (Image - F/O Jerry Fray, 542 Sqn. from his Spitfire Mk IX). .
William Van Alen, architect of the Chrysler Building, with his wife at the Society of Beaux Arts Architects ball. 1931. .
Pavel Gorgulov, the assassin of French president, Paul Doumer on May 6, 1932. Gorgulov was executed by guillotine four months later. .
Soldiers surveying the remains of the Post Office on Sackville Street, Dublin, after the Easter Rising of 1916. .
Soldiers at Camp De Aar, Cape Colony sort through Christmas mail, during the Second Anglo-Boer War. ca.1900. .
Paras & Marines board the SS Canberra on the way to the Falklands. 1982. (Image - Paul RG Haley). .
Horatio Bottomley, owner of the rabble-rousing magazine John Bull, speaking at a recruitment event in Trafalgar Square, London. 1914. .
An advance patrol of the Panzer Grenadier Division 'Grossdeutschland' takes to the road in a Schwimmwagen. 1941. .
Aftermath of the Greenwood District racial massacre, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 1921. .
The rounded-up vehicles at Hastings Park belonging to people of Japanese descent living in coastal British Columbia. 1942. .
Voters lined up at Cobb County Courthouse to cast their ballots in the Georgia Democratic primary. 1946. .
J. Edgar Hoover arriving in Los Angeles in September 1938. ..
Displaced Japanese Canadians leaving the Vancouver area after being prohibited by law from entering a 'protected zone' near the BC coast. 1942. .
Chinese soldiers constructing the Ledo Road between China and India to enable Western Allies to deliver supplies. 1944. .
George Herman 'Babe' Ruth, a.k.a. the Sultan of Swat, with his wife, Claire and daughter Julia, preparing to depart Vancouver, Canada, for the Far East. 1934. . .
The America First Committee march in 1941. (Image - Michael Moran). .
Strikers of 'The Great Sit-Down Strike' hanging effigies from the windows of Fisher Body Plant No.2 of the Chevroley No.1 factory in Flint, Michigan. 1937. ..
British nurses cross a French street in the First World War. ca.1915. .
Lenin (centre) with members of the League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class. 1897. .
Red Guards in front of the Smolny Institute during the Bolshevik Revolution. 1917. ..
A transport of Hungarian Jews awaiting selection for extermination at Auschwitz-Birkenau. ca.1944. ..
Churchill, Montgomery and Brooke (in the halftrack) inspect the 7th Armoured Division, 'The Desert Rats', during the British victory parade in Berlin. 21 July, 1945. .
Examining the electric chair at Chicago’s Cook County Jail in 1927. .
Mathematician, John von Neumann and family visiting an army artillery post. ca.1915. .
HM The Queen opening Calder Hall, the first UK nuclear power station. 1956. .
Japanese children being evacuated from Ueno station, Tokyo during the bombing of the city. 1944. .
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