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The Milan Cathedral shrouded in fog, 1960s
An Italian sentry on the Albanian front during the Greco-Italian War, 1941.
Italian troops enter Trento on 3 November 1918. World War I ended on the Italian front a hundred years ago.
Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy, mid-1930s
The Italian motor torpedo boat MAS 15 in 1918. One hundred years ago, she sank the Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Szent Istvan.
Lino Lacedelli on the peak of K2 at the end of the first successful ascent of the "Savage Mountain", 31 July 1954
Pirelli workers gathered in front of their factory for a mass photo. Milan, Italy, 1905
The old city of Genoa in 1875
Two Italian airmen fencing at an airfield in North Africa, January 1941
Mogadishu, Somalia, in the 1930s
Milan, Italy buried under ninety centimeters of snow in January 1985. In one of the biggest snowfalls ever recorded in Italy, between 80 and 120 centimetres of snow fell in just four days in many cities of the Po Plain.
The Italian royal family in a photo taken in June 1922.
An Italian coastal battery in Libya, 1940.
Female members of the Unione Nazionale Protezione Antiaerea (UNPA, "National Union for Anti-Aircraft Protection") being trained in first aid in Brescia, Northern Italy, 1940s.
Workers at Ansaldo, Genoa, Italy, early 1900s
Survivors of the submarine HMS Oswald onboard the Italian destroyer Ugolino Vivaldi, their sinker, 2 August 1940.
Italian troops pose for a photo in front of a captured outpost during the invasion of British Somaliland, 1940.
Admiral Naokuni Nomura, head of the Japanese military mission in Italy, talking with Italian naval officers during his visit in Taranto, May 1941. While there, Nomura gathered information about the November 1940 British raid, which was used in the planning of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The Italian training ships Amerigo Vespucci and Cristoforo Colombo moored in Brindisi in the aftermath of the Armistice of Cassibile, September 1943
Italian soldiers guarding a bridge check the I.D.s of two Montenegrin women, winter of 1942
A torpedo being loaded on a Savoia Marchetti S. M. 79 "Sparviero" ("Sparrowhawk"), c. 1940-1943
Soldiers of the 7th Bersaglieri Regiment during the siege of Tobruk, summer of 1941
Alpini on the Albanian front, winter of 1940-1941.
Italian partisans in a village of the Chisone Valley (Val Chisone), Piedmont, 1944. 1,000 partisans established a free zone in this and the adjacent valleys in February-March 1944 and from May to August 1944, until driven out by 3,000 German and RSI troops (Operation 'Nachtigall').
Writing on a half-destroyed house along the Piave river, June 1918. The writing says, "All heroes! the Piave or all killed!" The second battle of the Piave River, the last and unsuccessful major Austro-Hungarian offensive on the Italian front, began on 15 June 1918.
Alpini listen to their commander before going to the frontline in the mountains of Albania, early 1941
Survivors of the Italian destroyer Espero onboard HMAS Sydney, 28 June 1940.
Inhabitants of Milan leave the city after the heavy Allied bombing raids, August 1943.
Italian soldiers in a trench on the Alpine front, 1918
Industrialist Silvio Crespi with his family, 1890s
An Italian mountain gun being lifted in the Alps during World War I.
The Italian liner Rex arriving in New York in the 1930s. In August 1933 she won the Blue Riband as the fastest ship to cross the Atlantic at the average speed of 28.92 knots, beating SS Bremen's previous record of 27.92 knots. This would be later beaten by SS Normandie with 29.98 kn.
Survivors from the Belgian steamer Kabalo, sunk in the Atlantic, are taken aboard the Italian submarine Comandante Cappellini, her sinker, 15 October 1940.
The port of Massawa, Eritrea, in the 1890s.
Italian soldiers and (Eritrean?) Askari in East Africa, 1941.
Italian soldiers pushing a truck out of the mud in Russia, August 1941.
Italian troops and Austro-Hungarian prisoners near Gorizia, Italian front, 1916.
Hairdressing in the desert, November 1940
Three Dukes and one Duchess of Aosta and one future (nominal and unwilling) King of Croatia, c. 1910
Italian Tunisian volunteer recruits in front of the Kasbah Barracks in Tunis, late 1942 or early 1943.
Bombed-out houses near the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, Italy, summer of 1943.
The Italian Lady Be Good - A torpedo bomber that vanished over the Mediterranean in 1941 and was found in the Libyan desert in 1960.
Italian grenadiers near Porta San Paolo during the fighting in Rome between Italians and Germans after the Cassibile armistice, 10 September 1943.
Italian Bersaglieri and L3/33 tankettes attacking Greek positions on the Albanian front, 1940-1941.
Arditi soldiers on the Italian Front of World War I, c. 1917-1918 .
Austro-Hungarian prisoners guarded by an Italian soldier of the "Casale" Infantry Brigade after the capture of Gorizia, August 1916
Two Italian soldiers guarding a bridge in Montenegro check the I.D. of a local peasant, 1942.
Three Italian Generals captured after the battle of El Alamein: Giorgio Masina (commander of the 102nd Motorized Div Trento), Brunetto Brunetti (commander of the 27th Infantry Division Brescia), Riccardo Bignami (deputy commander of the 185th Paratrooper Division Folgore). November 1942
The harbour of Naples littered with wrecks of sunken ships, October 1943
Drilling of the Mont Blanc Tunnel, Italian side, c. 1959-1962
Italian M11/39 tanks in the Egyptian desert, September 1940
Italian medical officer and soldier in Egypt, summer 1942.
Italian soldiers in a trench on the Karst plateau during World War I, ca. 1915-1917.
A barber who lost his shop to bombs working 'en plein air' in Milan, 1946.
Italian POWs in North Africa, 1941.
An Italian pilot and a bersagliere inspecting aircraft wreckage at the bombed-out Mostar airfield, Herzegovina, during the invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941.
The Italian liner Roma in Naples, 1930s
Italian Bersaglieri entering Dubrovnik, Croatia, during the Axis invasion of Jugoslavia, April 1941.
The staff of the Italian ship Stella Polare during the 1900 attempt to reach the North Pole
Field mass in a unit of the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia, Ukraine, August 1941.
Italian Army vehicle repair shop in Yugoslavia, 1941
Inauguration of the Margherita Hut on Monte Rosa, the highest building in Europe (4,554 m above sea level), in the presence of its namesake, Queen Margherita of Italy; 18 August 1893
An officer of the Polizia dell'Africa Italiana (Italian Africa Police) standing on an armoured car giving instruction to motorcycle soldiers, East Africa, 1941.
A family of Italian settlers in East Africa, 1939
A survivor from the submarine HMS Tempest, wearing a Davis breathing apparatus, is picked up by seamen from the Italian torpedo boat Circe, which had just sunk Tempest with depth charges and gunfire in the Gulf of Taranto. 13 February 1942.
The Italian submarine Nichelio meets the Salerno invasion fleet after the surrender of Italy, on 9 September 1943. Note the small black pennant flying at the periscope, the recognition mark to show compliance with the armistice orders.
The Duke of Aosta, viceroy of Italian East Africa, having lunch with his staff while besieged by Commonwealth and Ethiopian troops in Amba Alagi, Ethiopia, April 1941. Amba Alagi fell on 19 May 1941.
The Italian destroyer Pantera in the 1930s. She was scuttled in the Red Sea on 3 April 1941, at the end of a no-return mission against Port Sudan with the last surviving destroyers of the Red Sea Flotilla.
Italian POWs captured during the invasion of Sicily in Syracuse, July 1943.
Color photo taken by Hugo Jaeger onboard the Italian battleship Conte di Cavour during the "H" Naval Review in the Gulf of Naples, 5 May 1938. Heavy cruiser Pola in the background.
Factory workers leaving at the end of their shift, Sesto San Giovanni, Italy, 1960s
An improvised armoured tractor used by Italian forces in the battle of Culqualber, East Africa, 1941.
American MP, Italian Carabiniere and British MP at the Royal Palace of Caserta, May 1944. The three forces shared the duty of patrolling the palace, one of the largest in the world, then used as the Allied Force Headquarters in the Mediterranean.
Sergio Bresciani, the youngest soldier in the Italian Army in WWII. At age 16, after two failed attempts, he ran away from home, stowed away on a troopship to Libya, and joined the 3rd Artillery Regiment as a volunteer. He was killed at El Alamein two years later, at age 18.
Italian and Romanian soldiers on their way to the Eastern Front take a photo during a train stop in Budapest, 1941.
Italian cyclist Gino Bartali after winning the 1948 Tour de France
Soldiers of the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia marching through a Russian village in the summer of 1941.
Italian soldiers in a trench on the Eastern Front (apparently after mail distribution?), winter of 1941-1942.
The grave of five unknown Italian soldiers killed in the Greco-Italian War, 1941.
Aftermath of the battle of Gela, Sicily, 12 July 1943. American soldiers, civilians and casualties in the cathedral square
An Italian sentry in Montenegro, winter of 1942.
Italian camel artillery in Libya during the Italo-Turkish War, 1911.
The Italian liners Conte Rosso, Conte Verde and Conte Grande moored in Genoa, late 1920s
Ancona, Italy, 1930s
Italian marines lined up in front of the Ermanno Carlotto barracks in the Italian concession of Tientsin (Tianjin), China, 1920s.
Italian soldiers dragging a gun through the snow during a Greek attack on Korçë, Albania, in the winter of 1940-1941.
The wreck of the Ciclone-class torpedo boat Tifone, "the last torpedo boat to Tunis", scuttled in Tunisia, May 1943
An Italian mountain gun in the Western Alps, on the border between Italy and France, in June 1940.
Members of the Polizia dell'Africa Italiana (Italian Africa Police) in Eritrea during the East African campaign, 1941
An Italian lieutenant sitting on his L3/35 tankette in Val Stretta, on the border between Italy and France, June 1940. Also a puppy for no particular reason.
Italian trucks being refuelled in North Africa, winter of 1940-1941
An Italian POW captured during the battle of Wadi Akarit, Tunisia, April 1943
A column of Italian Alpini soldiers on the march in Montenegro, winter of 1942.
Italian and German troops abandoning the Italian troopship Oceania as she sinks after being torpedoed by HMS Upholder, 18 September 1941.
Italian airmen in a bomber, North Africa, 1940.
An Alpini squad (and two German soldiers, I suppose?) in a village in the Sava Valley, Slovenia, 1941.
An Italian lieutenant talking with some Serbian POWs during or shortly after the invasion of Yugoslavia, spring 1941.
An Italian sentry in the Venetian Lagoon, 1918
Italian tanks of the 132nd Armoured Division 'Ariete' in the Libyan Desert, 1941-1942.
The Italian destroyer Audace moored in Trieste on 3 November 1918. She was the first Italian ship to enter Trieste as World War I ended on the Italian front.
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