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An aerial photo of the Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong taken in 1989.
Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario and other characters and video games for Nintendo, holds a Nintendo Game Boy containing the Super Mario World video game. June 1992.
A woman ties her arm before shooting up cocaine in the East New York section of Brooklyn, New York City, Sept. 1992.
Boys pray on bunk beds in a dormitory at the Bishop Horden Memorial School, a residential school in the indigenous Cree community of Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada in 1950.
Heroin addicts shoot up in Platzspitz park, Zürich, Switzerland, June 1990. Platzspitz was known as the "needel park" for the gathering of heroin users and open drug use.
Office workers on their daily commute. Tokyo, Japan, 1990.
Piles of hunted bison bones waiting to be shipped east by rail to be used for fertilizer, gunpowder, and in the sugar refining process. Alberta, Canada, c. 1880s.
A worker poses with finished Sten submachine gun, Small Arms Plant, Long Branch, Ontario, Canada. May 1942.
A nanny and a child she cares for at a bench reserved for Whites only. Johannesburg, South Africa, 1956.
Brokers rush to execute sell orders on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's trading floor in August 1990. Plunging stock prices signaled the end of Japan's asset-inflated "bubble" economy.
Okinawan protesters denounce U.S. troops in the country in the aftermath of a rape of a 12-year-old Okinawan girl by three U.S. servicemen. Oct. 21 1995, Ginowan, Okinawa, Japan.
Sony Corp. Chairman Akio Morita laughs during a meeting where he displays a Walkman in Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 2, 1982. By 1989 more than 100 million Walkmans would be sold worldwide.
A farmer plows land with his cow, while a new housing estate is being built in the background. Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea, April 1978.
Nancy Reagan, First Lady of the United States, holds up a jersey emblazoned with her famous anti-drug slogan "Just say no". RFK Stadium, Washington D.C., 1988.
A prospector pans for gold in the Yukon river during the Klondike gold rush of 1896. Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada.
American teenager Michael Fay is released from the Queenstown Remand Centre after serving his sentence of four cane strokes for vandalism and theft, Singapore, June 1994. Fay's caning caused a diplomatic rift between Singapore and the United States.
Chinese Singaporeans celebrate the victory against Japan in World War II. Singapore, August 1945.
The Kobe-Osaka highway lies toppled on its side in eastern Kobe, Japan in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin Earthquake of Jan 17, 1995.
A giant Canadian flag is flown at the Unity Rally, three days prior to the Quebec independence referendum. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Oct 27 1995.
Five-year old Warren "Whitey" Bernard runs away from his mother to his father, Pvt. Jack Bernard of the British Columbia Regiment. New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Oct 1 1940.
Portrait of Hout Bophana, an inmate of the notorious S-21 (Tuol Sleng) prison who was tortured and killed by the Khmer Rouge in 1977.
The Bund of Shanghai, China, c. 1932.
Former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka is apprehended by prosecutors for allededly receiving nearly $2 million in bribes from Lockheed Aircraft Corp in the Lockheed bribery scandal. July 1976.
A Chinese propaganda photo from 1971 shows People's Liberation Army soldiers reading the Little Red Book under the lamplight.
This 12-year-old guerrilla fighter said he joined the rebels after witnessing soldiers kill his parents, Usulután Department, El Salvador, 1989. (Photo by Scott Wallace)
Opium poppy harvest in northern Manchukuo, c. 1930s.
In September 9, 1971, prisoners at Attica prison in upstate New York revolted in protest of inhumane living conditions. 39 prisoners and hostages would be killed during the police assault of the prison.
South Korean babies are being sent to the U.S. via plane to be adopted in 1956.
South Korean paratroopers assault arrested civilians during pro-democracy protests against the new military junta. Gwangju, South Korea, May 1980.
A night view of the sprawling Kowloon Walled City from the southwest corner, Hong Kong, 1987.
Illuminated advertising signs near Shinjuku station in Tokyo, Japan, 1985.
American servicemen smoking narcotics using a homemade hookah in their barracks in Vietnam. C. 1970.
Students from the Ming Chuan College of Commerce attend a weekly military drill session under the supervision of a military officer. Taipei, Taiwan, April 1972.
Inside of a Chinese opium den. Chinatown, San Francisco, c. 1885-1886.
A U.S. Army soldier bids farewell to his friend prior to the departure of a detachment of U.S. military police by train from the Coleman Barracks in Mannheim, Germany to Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1995.
The Japanese General Government Building in Seoul, the seat of the colonial government in Japanese Korea, photographed in 1929.
A South Korean paratrooper clubs a man arrested during anti-government protests in Gwangju on May 20, 1980.
A family of Japanese Canadians being relocated in British Columbia, 1942.
Shops owned by ethnic Chinese are looted and goods burned on the streets in Jakarta, Indonesia. May 14 1998.
Soldiers of the Royal Canadian Regiment shovel snow in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada in response to a record snowfall of 46 inches (118 cm) which paralyzed the city. Jan 15 1999.
South Korean policemen confront citizens during an eviction in a shantytown in Sanggye-dong, Seoul, April 1987. The evictions were carried out as part of the preparation for 1988 Summer Olympic Games.
Demonstrations against British Indian novelist Salman Rushdie's novel "The Satanic Verses", which was accused by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini of insulting the prophet Muhammad. New York City, February 1989.
An Air France Boeing 747 passing above the crowded Kowloon City during its approach to Kai Tak International Airport, Kowloon, Hong Kong. July 1998.
Prime minister of Canada Jean Chrétien chokes protestor Bill Clennett while leaving a public ceremony. Hull, Quebec, Canada, February 15, 1996.
Angry Indonesian mobs burn cars and Chinese shops in Jakarta on May 14, 1998.
Protesters fill the streets of Busan, South Korea demanding President Park Chung-Hee's resignation. Busan-Masan Democratic Struggle of October 1979.
A Polish U.N. peacekeeper taken hostage by Bosnian Serbs in retaliation for NATO air strikes is chained to a radar station and guarded by two masked Bosnian Serb soldiers near Sarajevo, May 1995.
U.S. President Richard Nixon and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai toast. Beijing, China, February 25, 1972.
A view of the characteristic tong lau buildings in Tai Ping Shan Street, British Hong Kong, c. 1870.
Cambodian children learn how to harvest crops during the Khmer Rouge rule, c. 1976-79.
Canadian soldiers patrol a neighborhood in Montreal during the October Crisis of 1970.
A soldier belonging to the Taliban militia forces orders an elderly man to join the Friday noon prayer at Kabul's main Pul-i-Khishti mosque. October 25, 1996.
Defense attachés from the Republic of China (Taiwan) embassy in Seoul, South Korea lower the Taiwanese flag for the last time as Taiwan severed diplomatic relations with South Korea. Aug 24 1992.
A Chinese soup seller trading in Singapore, c. 1880.
Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew and his family at the official residence of Sri Tamasek in 1965.
Bumboats on the Singapore River, September 1960.
Chinese and U.S. table tennis players train together in April 1971 in Beijing, China. U.S. Table Tennis team became the first American delegation to visit the Chinese capital since 1949.
An alleged communist is questioned under gunpoint by Indonesian soldiers in 1965.
Chinese railway workers on the Canadian Pacific Railway. British Columbia, c. 1884.
Officers of the North-West Mounted Police (present day Royal Canadian Mounted Police) at Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. London, England, 1897.
An unidentified veteran protests the Bill 101, a Quebec legislation which made French language the official language of the Canadian province. Montreal, Jan 21, 1982.
Suspected members and sympathizers of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) are rounded up by policemen and soldiers. Bali, Indonesia, c. 1965-66.
People’s Liberation Army soldiers crossing the border into Hong Kong on the day the former British colony returned to Chinese rule, 1 July 1997.
U.S. President Ronald Reagan addresses the nation from the Oval Office on tax reduction legislation, July 27 1981.
Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment with weapons captured from Chinese forces. Korea, c. 1952.
Supporters of the Parti Québécois (PQ) celebrate the surprise victory of the separatist party in the 1976 Quebec elections. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Nov 15 1976.
French president Charles de Gaulle gives his infamous “Vive le Québec libre !" ("Long live free Quebec!) speech to the crowd from the balcony of the Montreal City Hall. July 24, 1967.
Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson comes in first place at the 100 metres final during the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, Sep 24 1988. Johnson’s gold medal would be disqualified after he tested positive for anabolic steroid.
Arrival of Galician immigrants in Quebec City, Canada, c. 1911.
Canadian prime minister Lester Pearson poses with his Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to him for his efforts to defuse the Suez Crisis of 1956. Oslo, Norway, Dec 1957.
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