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Two man head to Los Angeles fleeing dust storm devastated Oklahoma, during the period known as Dust Bowl. March 1937.
A coal miner receives his alcohol ration. Essen, Germany, 1947.
Patrice Lumumba, first democratically elected Prime Minister of the independet Republic of the Congo, short before his execution, after being captured by Colonel Joseph Mobutu's rebel troops on his attempt to flee to his stronghold at Stanleyville. Leopoldville, Congo, December 6, 1960.
Robo-Vac, a self-proppeled vacuum cleaner part of Whirlpool’s Miracle Kitchen of the Future, a display at the 1959 American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959.
Boys in a catholic neighborhood during the riots sparked by the death of Bobby Sands, after a 66-day hunger strike. Belfast, May 7, 1981.
A couple and a salesman looking at color televisions in a department store, 1965.
Students sit behind a barricade at Boulevard St. Michel, Paris, during the 'Night of the Barricades', the night between the 10th and the 11th of May 1968.
American President Dwight D. Eisenhower embraces Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco on the end of his official visist to the country, which would mark the normalization of the US-Spain relations. Madrid, December 22, 1959.
Members of the Battalion of Death, an assault unit composed by Italian anarchist volunteers that fought in the Spanish Civil War, during a parade in Barcelona, in March 1937.
Students clash with police at Place Saint-Michel, Paris, on the night of May 23, 1968.
Anarchist and antifrancoist guerrilla Quico Sabaté with his homemade mortar. In September 29 1955, he used it from an open roofed taxi to launch propaganda leaflets against the regime, during Franco's visit to Barcelona.
Soldiers burn leftist and 'subversive' literature in Santiago, several days after Augusto Pinochet's coup d'etat. Santiago, Chile, September 23, 1973.
A Panhard Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (EBR) of the French Foreign Legion patrols the Sahara desert, through the mountainous massifs of Djanet, Algeria, in February 1958.
US ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge showing 'The Thing' at the United Nations, a Soviet listening device hidden inside a wooden carving of the Great Seal of the United States that spied the American ambassador in his residence of Moscow for seven years. 26 May 1960.
Local residents and enterprising taxi drivers watch as American forces land in Lebanon in July, 1958.
Child soldiers smoke as they watch the inauguration of Yoweri Museveni, National Resistance Army leader who overthrew Ugandan President Milton Obote, and became military ruler of Uganda, 29 January 1986.
A left-wing political prisoner is registered by military at the National Stadium in Santiago, turned into detention center, several days after the coup d'etat against Salvador Allende by General Augusto Pinochet. Santiago, Chile, September 1973.
Riot police shoot a tear gas grenade at a squatted building during a forced eviction. Nieuwmarkt Riots, Amsterdam, March 24, 1975.
OSS Deer Team members pose with Viet Minh leaders Hồ Chí Minh and Võ Nguyên Giáp during training at Tan Trao, Vietnam, in August 1945.
Protestors and riot police clash during a demonstration against the construction of Narita Airport and the Vietnam War, Tokyo, Japan, 1971.
Biafran soldiers carry the dead body of Belgian mercenary Marc Goossens, after he was shot dead during an attack to recapture the town of Onitsha, Nigeria, November 1968.
A Black Panther Party member sells The Black Panther, the group's newspaper, in the Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts, 1970.
Dominican constitutionalist rebels in the streets of Santo Domingo, during Dominican Civil War, 1965.
A punk interrogated by the East German secret police, known as the Stasi, in 1982.
New People's Army guerrilla camp in the mountains of Philippines, 1986.
U.S. delegate at U.N. Security Council, Warren Austin, holds Soviet-made submachine gun captured by American troops in July 1950, asserting that Russia is delivering arms to North Koreans. September 18, 1951.
Convoy transporting the secret CIA spy plane Lockheed A-12 to Groom Lake, commonly known as Area 51. 26 February 1962.
Working woman from a textile plant confronts police during a labor dispute over the closure of the factory. Redondela, Galicia, Spain. March 1986.
Portuguese soldiers torching a hut belonging to guerrillas during the Portuguese Colonial War. Angola, 1973.
A Christian militiaman aims his rifle in Beirut, Lebanon, during the Lebanese Civil War, 1976.
Border troops from West and East Germany sit on a field at only few meters of each other looking one another from each side of the border, in 1969.
5000 workers take over the buildings of the Renault car plant in the suburbs of Paris, on May 17th, 1968. Around 10 million French workers striked during the events of May 1968, in one of the largest general strikes in history.
Italian anti-fascist partisan firefighters in Milan, April 25, 1945.
Guerrillas from the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) dance with their weapons, in their training camp of Guacamaya in Morazan province, in north-east Salvador, on April 10, 1982.
An armed IRA militant moves through the backyards at the neighborhood of Andersonstown, Belfast, the day after Bloody Sunday. Belfast, Northern Ireland, 31 January 1972.
Anarcho-syndicalist revolutionary Juan García Oliver, future Minister of Justice of the Second Republic, kisses his partner before leaving for the front. Barcelona, Spanish Civil War, August 28, 1936.
Slum dwellings in Havana, Cuba in 1954, just outside Havana baseball stadium. In the background is advertising for a nearby casino.
Shiite AMAL militiaman in a leather jacket and cowboy boots poses with a 1973 Dodge Challenger in Ouzai, Beirut, during the Lebanese Civil War. April 18, 1984.
Undetonaded four megaton Mark 39 thermonuclear bomb, with its parachute still attached, after it was accidently dropped from a breaking apart B-52 bomber over Goldsboro, North Carolina, in January 24, 1961.
Sandinista Popular Army soldiers capture Eugene Hasenfus after his plane was shot down in Nicaragua during A CIA covert mission of supply dropping for Contra guerrillas, unfolding the Iran-Contra affair. October, 1986.
Edén Pastora, aka Commander Zero, rides a bus with fellow Sandinista guerrillas on their way to the plane that would take them out of the country, after assaulting the National Palace in Managua, Nicaragua, and taking the entire Congress hostage. August 24, 1978.
Bodyguards protecting MPs under fire on the election day of the President of the Republic, Beirut, Lebanon, May 8, 1976.
Chuka and Dubem Okonkwo, rude boy teenage twins from Islington, London. London, 1979.
A Dominican man faces down an American soldier during the United States invasion of the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, April 28, 1965.
Exhausted Chinese soldiers take a rest during the Sino-Vietnamese War, 1979.
A squat house in Brixton, South London, in the early 1980's.
"Democrazia è il fucile in spalla agli operai, Potere Operaio" (Democracy is the rifle on the workers' shoulder, Potere Operaio). Written wall in front of the factory Alfa Romeo, Milan, 1972.
Charlie Ace’s Swing-A-Ling mobile record and recording shop and studio. Kingston, Jamaica, 1973.
Rescued hostages are transported in a makeshift ambulance from Stanleyville to the airport outside of the town, during a joint operation between Belgian and US forces to free over 1800 foreign hostages held by Simba rebels, Stanleyville, Congo-Léopoldville, November 1964.
'Vota Comunista' Sputnik-themed propaganda vehicle of the Italian Communist Party for the 1958 Italian general election. Rome, April 12, 1958.
An 'Apache' (a gangster of the early 20th century France) and his protégé outside a bar in Pigalle, Paris, 1938.
Anarchist militants in the streets of Barcelona, in the early days of the Spanish Civil War, July 1936.
A policeman and a rebel facing off with pistols during a street fight in Havana in the final days of the Cuban revolution. January 1959.
Guatemalan elected president Jacobo Árbenz is ordered to strip in front of the cameras by airport authorities before leaving Guatemala for exile, after being deposed by a U.S. backed coup. September 9, 1954.
A boy tries on a coat at a Black Panther Party office in Toledo, Ohio, as a part of the party Free Clothing Program, 1971.
A Palestinian refugee girl carrying her sister as they prepare to cross the Allenby Bridge to Jordan, fleeing from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as part of the Palestinian exodus in the aftermath of the Six Day War. 1968.
A woman protects her face from the tear gas as police charges against the Worker's Day demonstration in Madrid in 1977, the first since unions were legalized back during Spanish Transition.
Troops led by General Augusto Pinochet siege La Moneda Palace, where President Salvador Allende is sheltered, during 1973 Chilean coup d'état.
Police chase skinhead during rioting in Wood Green. London, July 9, 1981.
Cuban IS-2 tanks surrounded by the crowd at the end of a parade for the third anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Havana, January 2, 1962.
Basque fisherman. Getaria, date unknown (probably early 20th century).
Belgian paratrooper secures the restaurant terrace of Léopoldville (Kinshasa) airport, during Congo Crisis, July 1960.
Ernesto Che Guevara -then under the alias of Tatu- in a jungle camp with Congolese and Cuban guerrilla fighters. Congo, 1965.
East German border guards wearing gas mask look over the wall onto Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany, 21 June 1988.
Dock workers of the port of Le Havre, Normandy, 1962.
Guardia Civil officers take cover behind trees from a rain of stones thrown at them after being cornered by protestors during the clashes over the layoff of Forjas y Aceros de Reinosa S.A. steelwork workers. Reinosa, Spain, 12 March 1987.
Candangos, migrant workers from other regions of the country, rest during the construction of the city of Brasilia, Brazil, 1960.
Traffic guard at the Red Square, Moscow, USSR, 1962.
A Mohawk Warrior stands atop overturned police vehicles on Wednesday, July 11, 1990, the morning of the start of the Oka Crisis in Kanesatake, near Montreal.
Burkina Faso president Thomas Sankara in front of his Renault 5 during an official ceremony for the second anniversary of Burkina Faso's revolution. Sankara ordered to replace the official fleet of Mercedes with cheaper Renault 5. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, August 4, 1985.
Looters assault a store in the commercial area of Calidonia, in Panama City, during the US invasion of Panama, December 20, 1989.
A young Guatemalan guerrilla prepares before an action in Guatemala City, during Guatemalan Civil War, 1982.
Fidel Castro rests on a field after volunteering during sugar cane harvest, Cuba, 1962.
In the smog battle a Los Angeles commuter wears an only slightly satiric gas mask on October 2, 1966
Oklahoma drought refugee families near Lordsburg, New Mexico, May 1937.
Students run as police on horseback charge to disperse a student march in Seville, Spain, in 1968.
Paramilitary unit wait outside an official vehicle, allegedly used to kidnap their victims, during the 1980 July 17 Bolivian coup d'Etat.
A South African Defence Forces Ratel 90 IFV takes out a FAPLA Soviet made T-54 tank during Operation Hooper. South African Bush War, 1988.
Palestinian Christian woman takes off her high heel shoes as she throws stones at Israeli soldiers, after Sunday Mass, in Beit Sahur in the West Bank, during the First Intifada, March 6, 1988.
Elderly Jewish man sitting on the street after the surrender of Jerusalem, Israel. First Arab–Israeli War, June 1948.
Kids on the housing estates of Bradford, England, 1970's.
An Iranian soldier drags to safety a wounded comrade during the Battle of Khorramshahr, Iran. Iran-Iraq war, 1980.
CNT-FAI anarchist militiamen perched on a tractor in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War. August 28, 1936.
A group of children in the 'bidonville' of Cornella, a slum inhabited mostly by Spaniard immigrants and political refugees. Saint-Denis, in the suburbs of Paris, 1963.
Sandinista fighters are welcomed at Managua, days after the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution. Nicaragua, July 20, 1979.
'Cease-fire' between protestors and riot police for the memorial service for Michiko Kanba, a student activist killed in 1960 during the protests against US-Japan security treaty (ANPO). Hibiya Park, Tokyo, June 15, 1969.
An onlooker shares a laugh with two cadets at the 1976 October Revolution Parade. Moscow, USSR, November 7, 1976.
Taxi graveyard, somewhere in New York City, 1980's.
Military training of ETA members in the Basque Country in Spain, on Dec 19, 1978.
Early Morning, West Hartlepool, County Durham, United Kingdom, 1963.
Baluba warriors in the central Congo province of Kasai train for battle with homemade small arms on January 2, 1961. According to Horst Faas, the photographer, he was not made welcome and the Balubas were in deadly earnest.
Major Antonio Lusson, battalion commander for Castro during the fight for the town of LaMaya, fires on a strafing B-26 from Batista's air force. Cuban Revolution, 1958.
A peasant reads the official newspaper of the marxist organization Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria in a shanty town near Saavedra, Chile, 1971.
Finnish peacekeepers, part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, enjoy some glasses of milk. Cyprus, April 3, 1965.
Father Revilla Franciscan monk with legionaires of the Spanish Tercio de Extranjeros during the assault of Ras Medua fortress, Melilla, Rif War, 1921.
A squatter walks on the street, a club in one hand and a cobblestone in the other, during the Battle of Ryesgade, a series of street fights against the eviction of several squatted houses on Ryesgade Street. Copenhagen, Denmark, September 1986.
Surfers heading for the waves, Malibu, California, 1961.
In the process of recruiting troops in Albertville, a rebel officer introduces a young boy to an automatic gun. Congo Crisis, September 10, 1964.
Delegation members of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola lay flowers at the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow, April 8, 1976.
Residents of Hanoi wait in chest-deep sidewalk shelters for the all-clear signal, during an air raid alert. Hanoi, North Vietnam, 1967.
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