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Thomas "Boston" Corbett, the English-born Union Army soldier who killed President Abraham Lincoln's assassin: John Wilkes Booth (c. 1860-1865)
US President John F. Kennedy greets Governor of Bermuda, Major General Sir Julian Gascoigne, during a meeting with British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (1961)
A captured German submariner of U-boat 175, is given a blanket after being brought on-board Coast-Guard Cutter: USS Spencer (April 17th, 1943)
Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger: the airline pilot, who in 2009, successfully landed a U.S. Airways Airbus A320 on the Hudson River. Here he is pictured with an F-4 Phantom fighter jet while serving as a pilot in the Air Force (c. 1975-1980)
Mountaineers trek across mount Pizzo Campo Tencia (Switzerland - 1920)
A bystander attempts to catch a cup of moonshine being poured out of a window by a federal agent during the American Prohibition era (1925)
US military dog handler and his wounded canine pose with a captured 'Good Luck' flag belonging to a Japanese soldier, during the Battle of Okinawa (1945)
The eight U.S. Marines of the "Doom Patrol" in Quảng Nam Province, Vietnam (1968)
Two knocked out tanks sit close to each other after a battle near the village of Ginsterhahn, German (March 13th, 1945). The tank on the left is a German Sd.Kfz. 173 'Jagdpanther' while the one on the right is an American M36 tank destroyer.
U.S. Marines of 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, assault entrenched PAVN forces on Hill 881N near Kheh Sanh, Vietnam (1967)
US Navy Battleship: USS New Jersey, fires a salvo of shells at anti-government forces during the Lebanese Civil War, in retaliation for the Beirut Barracks Bombing (January 9, 1984)
A tank of the Kentucky National Guard crushes equipment used to make moonshine in Newport, Kentucky (February 20, 1922)
US Marines: D. Hargraves and G. Chavarria, of the 1st Marine Regiment at Wana Ridge, during the Battle of Okinawa (May 20th, 1945)
US Marine observes naval bombardment of Japanese positions on the island of Iwo Jima, February 1945
Exhausted French troops rest inside Fort Vaux during the Battle of Verdun (1916)
Australian soldiers navigate the obliterated landscape of Château Wood during the Battle of Passchendaele (Belgium - October 29, 1917)
View of the stockyards at Packingtown, Chicago (1919)
German armored personnel of the Afrika Korps fry eggs on the hull of a Panzer II in North Africa (c. 1941-1942)
American artist, James Montgomery Flagg, poses beside his iconic World War 1 recruitment poster (1918)
British soldiers of the Irish Guards Regiment look on as one of their number faints in London, England (June, 1966)
U.S. paratroopers (front row) of "Easy" Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne pose with three Infantrymen who advanced from Utah Beach (Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, France - June 7, 1944)
German soldier shouldering an MG-34 machine gun on the Eastern Front (c. 1941-1942)
Half-dressed U.S. soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division near the Vietnamese-Cambodian border (1970)
A vehicle flees from the volcanic eruption of Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines ( June ,1991 )
German Tiger tank "231", which was hit by Soviet anti-armor weaponry a total of 252 times and survived (1943)
A detachment of the Indian Hospital Corps in South Africa during the 2nd Anglo-Boar War. Mahatma Gandhi can be seen on the middle row, 5th from left (c. 1899-1900)
Eugene Stoner (left): American inventor of the AR-15 with Mikhail Kalashnikov: Russian inventory of the AK-47, hold each other's inventions during a meeting in May, 1990 (Virginia, United States)
U.S. soldier in Vietnam with a grenade pin "helmet strap" decoration on his helmet (c. late 1960s)
Veterans of the American Civil War during a reunion commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Dubbed the "Great Reunion", it was the largest gathering of Civil War veterans, with approximately 50,000 in attendance (July 1st, 1913)
Austro-Hungarian soldiers in the Soča/Isonzo Front during World War 1 (Slovakia - c. 1915-1917)
Soviet Spetznas in Afghanistan (c. 1980s)
British Special Air Service (SAS) troopers storm the Iranian embassy in London to free hostages held by an Arab nationalist group (May 5th, 1980)
An abandoned Iraqi Army tank (covered with graffiti) sits in the Kuwaiti desert, as oil wells burn in the background during Operation Desert Storm (1991)
Mushroom cloud of the thermonuclear device code-named: Castle Bravo, which was the most powerful nuclear device developed by the United States and second largest developed in history (Marshall Islands - March 1st, 1954)
An American-made Kittyhawk fighter plane of the British Royal Air Force lands amidst a sandstorm in Libya. A member of the ground crew has hopped onto the wing to help guide the pilot through the storm (April 2, 1942)
Two British Army officers and a puppy read a captured Italian newspaper. Both the puppy and newspaper were found during the capture of an Italian Army base at Sidi Baranni, Egypt (January 28, 1941)
LIFE Magazine photo showing U.S. soldiers of a Long-range Reconnaissance Patrol unit of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam during Operation Junction City (1967)
The center of the Soviet city of Stalingrad (now named Volgograd), after 5 months of savage fighting between Soviet and Axis forces (1943)
Charlton Goalkeeper Sam Bartram, alone in the pitch during a match against Chelsea, not realizing that the game ended on the 60th minute mark due to intense fog. Bartram stayed in the pitch for 20 more minutes. (1937)
Photo from a LIFE Magazine article showing King Fredrick IX of Denmark displaying his collection of tattoos (1951)
A bridge constructed by Austro-Hungarian soldiers along steep mountain ridges on the Italian Front of WWI (c. 1915 - 1918)
German 88 mm flak gun guards a street in a Southern Italian town (November 18, 1943)
U.S. soldiers inspect a captured German machine gun nest during the Battle of Hürtgen Forest. Two abandoned MG-42 machine guns, helmets, hand grenades, and a Torn radio can be see (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - c. 1944)
Two U.S. Marines of 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment help a severely wounded comrade during the Battle of Huế (South Vietnam - 1968)
"A" Squadron of the U.S. Army's Delta Force special operations unit, shortly after the unit's creation in 1979 (April, 1980)
Earlier days of Buena Vista, Colorado (1888)
US Army Rangers of B Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion while deployed to Somalia in 1993, prior to their participation in the Battle of Mogadishu
US Marines rest aboard a ship off Eniwetok Island after two days of fighting during the Marshall Islands Campaign (February, 1944)
American citizens read a New York Post newspaper reporting the outbreak of hostilities in the Persian Gulf (Times Square, New York City - January 17th , 1991) [1200 x 835[
Columns of U.S. soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division walk through the Saudi Arabian desert during the 1991 Gulf War (November 4th, 1990)
US President John F. Kennedy inspecting members of SEAL Team 2 at Norfolk, Virginia (1962)
A man prays in a ruined Catholic Church in La Vang, Vietnam (July 6, 1972)
Polish soldiers serving as part of the British Army patrol the ruined halls within the monastery of Monte Cassino (Italy - 1944)
U.S. Marine of 3rd Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment shows off a message written on his flak jacket in Khe Sanh, Vietnam (February, 1967)
German Army Field Marshal. Erwin Rommel, helps in moving his stuck staff car in North Africa (1941)
An Austro-Hungarian observation post on the Italian Front of World War 1 (c. 1917-1918)
LIFE Magazine photo depicting U.S. Marines in Huế city, Vietnam, during the Tet Offensive (January-March, 1968)
Plain-clothed West German police officers attempt to scale down an apartment building, in an attempt to rescue Israeli Olympic athletes being held hostage by terrorists of the Black September Organization (Munich, Germany - September 5th, 1972)
A photo dating back to the American Civil War, displaying Union logistics personnel belonging to the Army of the Potomac in Fairfax County, Virginia (1861)
A U.S. Marine Corps "recruitment office" set up on the Pacific island of Tarawa (1943)
Soldiers and equipment of the 82nd Airborne Division in formation during a visit by U.S. President, John F. Kennedy, to Pope Field and Fort Bragg (North Carolina - October 12, 1961)
A U.S. Marine Corps Raider (left) of the 2nd Raider Regiment and a Navy Seabee of the 53rd Naval Construction Battalion, pose in front of a sign highlighting the cooperation of the Navy and Marine Corps in the Pacific Theater of WW2 (Bougainville, Papua New Guinea - November 1st, 1943)
Scene after the Al Qaeda bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, which killed 213 people (August 7, 1998)
Vietnamese child stares at an American soldier as they take cover from Vietcong sniper fire, Bao Trai, Vietnam (1966)
German Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) during the Battle of Monte Cassino (Italy - 1944)
Photo of Portsmouth Harbor dating back to 1880 (HMS Victory can be seen docked in the back).
U.S. Marines move out from behind a log seawall during the Battle of Tarawa (November, 1943)
U.S. Army Military Policeman of the 2nd Armored Division: Lieutenant. Paul Unger, searches captured German soldier: Untersturmführer. Kurt Peters, of the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Götz von Berlichingen" (Notre Dame de Cenilly, France - 7/24/1944)
Then US Navy Lieutenant-Commander John McCain being treated by a doctor after his A-4 Skyhawk was shot down over Hanoi, North Vietnam (1967)
The Army Cadets football team for the 1912 football season. Future U.S. Army Generals (one of whom became President): Dwight D. Eisenhower (3rd from left) and Omar Bradley (far right), are pictured (West Point, New York - 1912)
US soldiers walk through fog and dust in South Vietnam (May 3rd, 1969)
A Circassian slave and an Arab master in the Hejaz region of present day Saudi Arabia (c. 1886-1887)
A U.S. Navy SEAL during a Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) training exercise (c. 1980s)
U.S. Marine Corps Raiders utilize the help of local scouts during the New Guinea Campaign (Papua New Guinea - c. 1942-1945)
A mortally wounded Shawn Nelson lays on a stretcher after his rampage through San Diego, using a stolen California National Guard M-60 tank (May 17th, 1995)
Swiss Oceanographer: Jacques Piccard and U.S. Navy submariner: Lieutenant. Don Welsh (bottom), inside the deep-diving research vessel: Trieste, prior to diving down the Mariana Trench to the lowest known point of our planet's ocean on January 23, 1960 ( photo date. December 31, 1959)
Commander of the U.S. Army's 5th Special Forces Group: Colonel. Robert Rheault, upon return to the U.S. after being found not guilty (due to lack of evidence) of ordering the premeditated execution of a Vietnamese man who turned out to be a double agent for Communist forces (1969)
The US Navy Curtiss Seaplane: NC-4, which made the first trans-Atlantic flight 100 years ago (May, 1919)
US President Lyndon B. Johnson and General William Westmoreland during a White House meeting regarding the situation in Vietnam (November, 1967)
The Norwegian expedition ship: "Fram", in arctic waters (July, 1895)
A FIAT truck carries Italian soldiers and a howitzer to Tobruk, Libya (1941)
Former US President Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley at the White House (December 21st, 1970)
Seamen and Royal Marines of HMS Gannet pose for a photo in Portsmouth Harbor, 1894
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