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Portrait of a bride and groom; hat is adorned with feathers for luck, Kraków, Poland. 1912 autochrome by Tadeusz Rząca
Captured Chinese Soldiers beg for their lives to a South Korean Soldier thinking that they are going to be executed, Korea 1951.
American Revolutionary War veteran George Fishley. 1841 Daguerreotype
Japanese Soldiers Marching in The Streets of Wuhan, China, 1938.
Japanese Navy Pilot With his Pet Monkey. Tarakan Island 1942
British Tourists on top of the Kheops Pyramid. Egypt, 1925
Mugshot of Ivan Burylov, a beekeeper arrested and sentenced to forced labor in a gulag for writing the word “Comedy” his ballot during a Soviet Communist Party office election in 1949.
Slaves from a Coffe Plantation in Brazil, 1885.
“The children of the Sultan of Zanzibar Protected by two palace guards,” photography by John Kirk, 1884
A Portuguese Soldier Giving a goodbye kiss to his wife before departing to the front in France, 1916.
A French Army War Veteran standing next to an old cannon in Paris, 1918.
The wreck of a German tank, destroyed during a battle on the Western Front. 1918 autochrome Photograph
The Earliest Photography of The Moon taken by John Adams Whipple 1851
Prime Minister Winston Churchill at El Alamein, Egypt August 1942.
Officer of the Brazilian Imperial Army Cândido da Fonseca Galvão, Veteran Of The Paraguayan War, son of freed Africans, and grandson of the King of the Oyo Empire. 1878
A fragile looking soldier of the Qing Dynasty’s Beiyang Army. 1912 autochrome photography
Brazilian singer and actress Vanja Orico adjusting her garter in Hamburg 1956.
British Soldiers Surrender to the Japanese Army during the Battle of Singapore, February 1942.
Emperor Haile Selassie I & Empress Menen Asfaw, last ruling monarchs of Ethiopia. Photograph by Robert Moore, 1931
Soldiers From Czechoslovakia , Canada , United Kingdom , China , Italy, United States and Japan in Siberia during the Russian Civil War 1919.
A British Sailor removing the leg irons off a Swahili slave, who had worn those iron shackles for three years, Oman, 1907.
Surviving population of The War of Canudos, the deadliest civil war in Brazilian History. Photography Flavio de Barros, 1897.
Union Soldiers posing with a escaped slave child in New Kent County, Virginia, Photography by James Gibson, 1862.
Man being carried by two slaves in the streets of Bahia, Brazil. 1865
Personnel of the infamous Unit 731 infecting a chinese civilian with the bubonic plaque in Harbin, Manchuria 1940.
Japanese Female Students Training in Gun Handling with a Type 11 Nambu Machine Gun as a last desperate measure to defend the Japanese home islands against the projected Allied invasion in the final stages of World War II. Ryukyu Islands, June 1945.
1844 Daguerreotype of Agrippa Hull, a Free Born Black and Veteran of The American Revolution.
Ruins of the 8th century Martand Sun Hindu Temple, in the Indian state of Kashmir, destroyed by the Islamic invader Sikandar Butshikan in the 14th century. photographed by John Burke, 1868.
British Soldier captured by the Japanese at The Battle of Singapore
Machado de Assis, pioneer Brazilian novelist, poet, playwright and short story writer. Widely regarded as the greatest writer of Brazilian literature. 1875 photograph by Marc Ferrez
Vodoo Priests of Dahomey, West Africa. Photo by Frédéric Gadmer 1930
Couple walking on the Streets of New York City, 1914 autochrome
A Brazilian Integralist Greenshirt Militant in São Paulo, 1935
The Last King of the Kingdom of Benin Ovonramwen Nogbaisi with his wives, Queen Egbe (left) and Queen Aighobahi (right), c.1898.
Swahili Women from Tanzania. 1891 German Photograph.
Spanish Woman in Tradicional Dress, Andalusia. Photography by Jules Gervais Courtellemont 1924.
Japanese army soldier sharing a cigarette with a Soviet Army POW. Khalkhin Gol 1939.
Brazilian Woman with Her Two Slaves. Bahia 1860s
African Industrialist pioneer James Pinson Labulo Davies and His Wife Sara Forbes Bonetta, a Yoruba noblewoman and goddaughter to Queen Victoria. 1862
The First Color Photography of the Sphinx and the Pyramid of Giza in 1913.
Street Scene in Havana, Cuba. 1947
An Persian Slave Trader in custody of British Navy Soldiers in the Persian Gulf. 1908.
Students of The Yasuku Hospital Medical School, Belgian Congo, 1935.
Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division advance in a snowstorm behind a tank in a move to attack the village of Herresbach, Belgium, 28 December 1944.
The return of the Mona Lisa to the Louvre, January 1914 after being stolen for 3 years.
White Russian Officers in The Imperial Manchukuo Army´s Asano Detachment, the all ethnic-Russian special forces in the Kwantung Army, organized for carrying out sabotage against Soviet forces in case of any Japanese invasion of Siberia. Harbin 1944.
A Zulu tribesman pulls a British tourist around in a cart, Durban, South Africa, 1930.
Japanese Soldiers During The Invasion of Manchuria, September 1931.
Japanese Army dog holding a Captured American Flag, Guam, 1942
Brazilian Woman with Her Two Slaves. Bahia, 1860.
Anti Nazi Germany Demonstration by Theater Students in Rio de Janeiro, 1942.
French Army Soldier. 1918 Autochrome.
Two Women from Bethlehem near the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, 1927
Ethiopian General Fetawrari Gueta Veteran of The First Italo-Ethiopian War . Photography by Robert Moore 1931
A Soldier of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force with his son one last time before leaving to fight in Italy, Brazil 1944
Russian Novelist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature Alexander Solzhenitsyn being searched by a guard in a Gulag for Political Prisoners in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan. March 1952.
Candy Salesman. Rio de Janeiro 1889
Hitler Greeting a Japanese Delegation in Germany, 1938.
Manchukuo Soldier overlooking the Russian-Manchurian Border, 1939
International Workers' Day celebration hosted by Nazi Party members of the German colony in Rio de Janeiro, 1936
Manchukuo Emperor Puyi in his Palace .1939
The First Photography of a Elephant. Daguerreotype by Thomas Easterly 1850.
James Brown visiting The Bronx, New York City, 1968.
Chief David Masupha of Basutoland and his general, circa 1900.
King George V and Queen Mary of Teck. 1914 Autochrome
Japanese Soldiers being Welcomed by The Natives of Singapore, 1942.
Pope John Paul II, walks with President Ronald Reagan in the garden of the Vizcaya, a mansion on Biscayne Bay, Miami, Sept. 10, 1987.
Japanese, Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian and Russian Ethnic Children Representing The Racial Diversity of The Puppet State of Manchukuo, Hsinking 1941.
Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey at the Tyson vs Spinks Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey 1988.
Brazilian ex-slave Francisco de Oliveira Veteran of the Paraguayan War. 1870s
Brazilian Slave Master and his Slaves in The Photography Studio of Militao de Azedo, São Paulo 1865.
A German Condor Legion soldier with a Moroccan Francoist soldier, propaganda photo shoot, Spain. May 1939
Signed Photo of Adolf Hitler with his German Shepherd Blondi in 1937.
Ex-Slave members of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Rosary dressed for the Congada Folk Dance to Celebrate the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil, Minas Gerais 1888.
German General Otto Fretter Pico, Commander of the 148th Infantry surrendering to Brazilian FEB General Zenobio da Costa. Italy, 1945.
Brazilian Soldier Matias da Silva Guarding German Prisoners of War. Italy 1945.
American, German, French, Polish & Italian observes being briefed by a Japanese army officer during The Battle of Shanghai, 1937.
Students Mocking Axis Powers Leaders in a Street performance in Rio de Janeiro 1942
A Housemaid of The Brazilian Royal Family. Rio de Janeiro 1880.
Bayume Mohamed Husen on the set of the German Movie “The Riders of German East Africa” in 1934. He moved to Germany in 1929, married a German woman, worked as waiter and acted in various German film productions. arrested by the gestapo in 1941, he died in a concentration in 1944
Tiger Tank Abandoned near the Brandenburg Gate, May 1945
An Iraqi Jew refugee after arriving in Israel during the Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries in 1951
The Last Photograph of the Last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah II during his Exile in Burma After the failed Indian Rebellion of 1857. Rangoon 1860
The Earliest Photography of a Native American, a Brazilian Botocuto, daguerreotype by E. Theisson 1844
Sultan Olol Dinle of Somalia, in Italy, during the festivities of Adolf Hitler's visit to Rome, 1938. A member of a extinct Somali Empire, the Sultan made an alliance with Fascist Italy in the 1920s in exchange for military protection from its rival in the region, the Ethiopian Empire.
Brazilian Veteran of the Paraguayan War, 1880s
Japanese Soldiers Looking at a Pile of Skulls of Chinese Civilians Killed in The Outskirts of Shandong , China, 1938.
Japanese army officer with his Kurogane Scout Car, Korea 1942.
Félix Rodríguez, a Cuban exile turned CIA operative next to a Captured Che Guevara moments Before His Execution in Bolivia. 1967
Japanese Propaganda Photo of Special Naval Landing Force Soldiers During The Invasion of The Dutch East Indies. January 1942.
Syrian Soldiers of the Arab Liberation Army during the Battle of Jerusalem, 1948.
Daguerreotype of a Wealthy Brazilian Free Man of Color, Rio de Janeiro, 1856
Chinese POWS being force to work for the Japanese Army, 1944.
Soldiers of the IJA South Seas Detachment in Kokoda Track, New Guinea July 1942.
Heavily armed american soldiers during the Battle of The Bulge, January 1945.
Brazilian Expeditionary Force Soldier Oscar Garcez making fun of a German POW, Italy 1945
Emperor Pedro II of Brazil in 1887.
Assyrian Christian Girls from Mosul, Iraq. Photography by Frédéric Gadmer 1927
Richly dressed Mandarin of the Vietnamese Nguyen Dynasty, Hanoi 1915.
“A Persian Dervish Mystic” photography by Dmitri Yermakov 1875
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