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Before the creation of the EPA, New York was one of America's most polluted cities (1966)
A man selling his new Chrysler for a fraction of its value after the Stock Market Crash of 1929, New York
A blimp destroyed by the shockwave of a nuclear blast, Nevada, 1957
A woman towers over the intricate 1:1200 scale model of New York City at the World's Fair, 1964
The Schlörwagen, a German experimental vehicle from 1939 which had a drag coefficient lower than most modern vehicles. It was nearly seven feet wide and had three-row seating for seven. Germany 1939
Automotive designer Alex Tremulis walking alongside his Tucker 48 Sedan, 1948
A Harper's Bazaar model poses before a busy Hong Kong market, 1962
A frozen fountain in Belle Isle, Detroit (1992)
A quiet morning at the World Trade Center, New York, 1990s
The Ford Pavilion at the 1939 World's Fair in New York
Kraftwerk's robots in the studio, 1970s Germany
The founders of Fairchild Semiconductor, known more famously as the "Traitorous Eight", Silcion Valley, CA, 1960
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