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A man arrested for cross-dressing emerging from a police van, New York, 1939
Students of the Moscow Institute of Physical Education at the Dynamo Stadium, USSR, 1930
A soldier who lost both his legs in World War I, playing a game of billiards, 1915
Triple handshake between Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and Joseph Stalin, Germany, 1945
An elephant used by German soldiers to move heavy logs near the Western Front of World War I, 1915
Dutch resistance members laying a Dutch flag on the spot where 30 of their comrades were executed, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March of 1945
A fisherman carries home his catch of the day: a massive tuna, Turkey, 1933
A group of students mock and mimic Hitler and Mussolini, London, 1938
A young Fidel Castro eating spaghetti with friends, Cuba, Circa 1950
Kaiser Wilhelm II and King George V riding horses together in Berlin, Germany, 1913
Ronald Reagan gets made up for an appearance on an episode of Nash Airflyte Theatre, USA, Dec. 7, 1950
The Torah scrolls are shown during the festive reopening of the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam after the end of the German occupation, The Netherlands, 9th of May 1945
Che Guevara at a chess tournament in Havana, Cuba, 1965
Three Chinese men about to be executed because their opium rehabilitation in prison hasn't had any effect, Beijing, 1937
The Montparnasse derailment, an accident which caused a locomotive to crash through the station wall, Paris, France, 1895
German soldiers surrendering their weapons near a subway entrance, Berlin, Germany, May of 1945
First photograph of Leon Trotsky as an exile in Istanbul. He has shaved his beard and moustache to avoid being recognized. Turkey, 1929
Masquerade ball in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, 1943
A Cuban revolutionary reads a newspaper as Fidel Castro gives a press conference in the background, 1959, Cuba
American and Soviet soldiers drink a toast to victory, Germany, 1945
Commemoration in honor of Stalin's death by the Dutch Communist Party, The Netherlands, 1953
Wedding between a soldier who got blinded in the First World War and his bride, France, 1915
People "celebrating" Hitler's birthday by hanging a doll that looks like him, New York, USA, 1942
A woman pours a cup of tea for a group of mobilized Dutch soldiers,The Netherlands, 1939
Soviet soldiers sitting on the throne of emperor Pu Yi, leader of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo, China, 1945
Two window cleaners wave to the camera on the 41st floor of a skyscraper, New York, 1930
American soldier Hubert Strickland giving a mock Nazi salute at the stadium in Nuremberg, Germany, 1945
Kaiser Wilhelm II posing with his German Shepherd while living in exile in the Netherlands, 1933
Soviet soldiers writing on the walls of the Reichstag, Germany, 1945
Victims of the "Hungerwinter", temporarily laid out in the Southern church, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, winter of 1944-1945
Canadian Jeep driving past a group of German soldiers, The Hague, Netherlands, 1945
Adolf Hitler visiting the grave of his parents on the day of the Anschluss, Leonding, Austria, 1938
A British soldier lighting the cigarette of a wounded German soldier with his pipe, Belgium, 1915
A young orangutan sits behind the wheel of a Dutch army jeep, Indonesia, 1947
Armed soldiers, carrying a banner reading "Communism", march towards the Kremlin Wall in Moscow, Russia, 1917
A Soviet Family Living In A Downed German Airplane, USSR, 1943
Rescuers find the victim of a climbing accident in a gorge and apply first aid, Austria, 1933
The young chimpanzee Josephine, the pet of a Royal Navy expedition, gets a bath, Tanganyika, 1916
A young Frenchman who's hands were cut off by the Germans, because he rebelled against them at Chateaudun. He's pictured here in an American hospital in France, 1944
Hitler in a top hat talking to top German officials Franz von Papen and Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg outside the Berlin State Opera, Germany, 1933
German soldiers fire a mortar on Soviet positions during Operation Barbarossa, Soviet Union. 1941
Vladimir Lenin recording a speech in the Kremlin, Russian SFSR, 1919
A dog with a canine gas mask being pictured with his handler, France, 1917
The German National Football Team Performs the Nazi Salute Before Their Game Against the Netherlands, Amsterdam, 1935.
Lighting the Olympic flame for the first time since the ancient Olympic Games. Amsterdam, 28th of July 1928
German soldiers salute a Pontifical Swiss Guard at the entrance of Vatican City, April 1941
Dutch resistance member hiding rocket launchers in a baby carriage for transport, Amsterdam 1945
A laughing member of a German bombing crew after a succesful hit, 1941
The last wedding in a synagogue defaced by swastika graffiti, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1942
Dutch soldiers examine a painting that the Germans had confiscated from the Netherlands, a depot in Nuremberg, Germany, 1945
Police raid a hotel in search for opium, Shanghai French Concession, 1936
A man balances on a piece of wood off the edge of a skyscraper, United States, 1939
Joseph Stalin with two of his children: his son Vasily and daughter Svetlana, USSR, 1935
Prisoners of the Georgia State Prison during meal hour, United States, 1937
American military chaplain administering last rites to a dying German soldier, Normandy, France, 1944
American and Soviet soldier embracing eachother and posing for the camera on the day their two armies met, Germany, 1945
Medical transport craft for men wounded in the first wave of American troops landing on D-Day, off Omaha Beach, Normandy, 1944
Fidel Castro embracing Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, USSR, 1974
"To the Axis from USSR and USA", American and Soviet military personnel write messages on bombs at a Soviet airbase, USSR, 1944
18-year-old Bertha Maddock walks a tightrope over a cage with wild lions, Los Angeles, US, 1929
A French biplane stuck in a tree after the pilot tried to make an emergency landing, Belgium, 1915
A couple dances on the ledge of a skyscraper at a height of 650 feet (200 metres), New York, 1931
A Soviet soldier taking a nap against a machine gun, Stalingrad, USSR, 1942
Joseph Stalin enjoying a day out in nature with his wife and other prominent Soviets, USSR, 1930
Street artists painting in the streets of Paris, France, 1952
German soldiers having a beer after the invasion of the Netherlands, 1940
A nurse of the Red Cross shares coffee with a group of soldiers during the Spartacist uprising, Berlin, Germany, 1919
Fidel Castro with Che Guevara's daughter Aleida, Cuba, 1965
Fidel Castro wearing a Native American feathered war bonnet during a visit of Oklahoma Creek missionary W.A. Reiford, Cuba, 1959
Che Guevara giving a speech in North Korea, 1960
Two Navajo code talkers transmit messages during the Bougainville Campaign, New Guinea, 1943
Wing walkers Gladys Roy and Ivan Unger pretend to play a game of tennis on top of a flying biplane, USA, 1925
Crew members of a U.S. Navy submarine attend Mass before starting on a war patrol in enemy waters, Pacific Ocean, 1943
Two Tanimbarese men play the drum while performing a traditional dance, Dutch East Indies, 1940
Dutch resistance members posing with a collaborator in the courtyard of a prison in Amsterdam, Netherlands, May of 1945
A man burns a picture of Lenin during the Hungarian Revolution, 1956
Two women lay flowers on the grave of a soldier at the American Military Cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands, 1946
An American soldier wrestles with a bull during a rodeo in Foggia, Italy, 1944
The corpse of a collaborator after he was shot by the Dutch resistance, Haarlem, Netherlands, 1944
German prisoners of war being paraded through the streets of Moscow, USSR, 1944
A Vietnamese man paddles through a mangrove forest defoliated by Agent Orange, Vietnam, 1970
Turkish and Arabic residents celebrate the treaty of Lausanne between the Allies and Turkey by ritually slaughtering a goat, Wünsdorf, Germany, 1923
Woman offers a flower to a soldier during an anti-Vietnam war demonstration, USA, October 21, 1967
Ronald Reagan and Virginia Mayo performing in "She's Working Her Way Through College", US, 1952
A Russian family looks on as a motorcade transporting Fidel Castro passes by, Moscow, USSR, 1963
Locals welcoming Allied troops, Alençon, France, August 12, 1944
Adolf Hitler greets a saluting crowd, Berlin, Germany, 1934
American soldiers and French people sing songs to celebrate the liberation of Cherbourg, France, 1944
A soldier is carried to the hospital by a group of civilians during the Battle of Dublin, Ireland, 1922
Staff members of a first aid post doing their exercises in the street, United Kingdom, 1939
A leopard tamer shows the teeth of a small leopard to a group of children, the Netherlands, 1926
Soviet officer standing next to graffiti reading: "Berlin stays German", Germany, May of 1945
A German soldier looking at the burning port of Rouen from the other side of the Seine, France, 1940
American soldier selling a watch to a Soviet soldier, Berlin, Germany, 1945
German soldiers leading a group of people away through a burning street, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943
German soldiers surrending to French forces after the liberation of Paris, 1944
A wounded American soldier being bandaged during the Vietnam War, 1967
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