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Broadway at Times Square, New York, 1949
Pilot and auto test driver Betty Skelton at McDonnell Aircraft Corp., St. Louis. October 1959, Bob Sandberg
Canadian soldiers returning from Vimy Ridge in France, May, 1917,
Canadians giving a lorry a helping hand on a shell battered road on Vimy Ridge. April, 1917
Able Seaman Carl Carlson with a hull plate of the H.M.C.S. QU’APPELLE, which was pierced by a German shell during action in England, 16 August 1944,
Shaftesbury Avenue near Piccadilly Circus, London, circa 1940
A young German Sommekämpfer 1916, WWI
Battle of Amiens. Tanks advancing. Prisoners bring in wounded wearing gas masks. August, 1918,
Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank revisiting their hiding place, Amsterdam, 1960
F.G. Banting and C.F. Best's laboratory, room in Medical Building, 2nd floor, University of Toronto, where insulin was discovered, ca. 1920,
New Year's Eve, 1943, New York City
British Mark I male tank near Thiepval, 25 September 1916, WWI
British soldiers on the Western Front wear paper hats from Christmas crackers while a sentry uses a mirror to keep watch on No Man's Land, 1916,
An unidentified allied soldier sharing cigarettes with four members of the imperial palace guard at Tokyo, 1945,
Capitol Records Tower, Hollywood and Vine, Los Angeles, 1963
Broadway, New York, 1949
“Going down the salt mines”, Berchtesgaden, Germany, June, 1889
Canadian and German wounded help one another through the mud during the capture of Passchendaele. November, 1917,
Savannah, Georgia, circa 1907
Men of the 10th (Service) Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment of the 31st Division marching to the frontline, 28 June 1916, WWI
Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) member tracking aircraft via radar, England, 1944
1951 Royal Visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, Hart House, University of Toronto,
Neil Armstrong, Lunar Module, the Moon, July, 1969
Amelia Earhart, 1917, served as a nurse WWI, Toronto, Canada, , story linked in post
Children in an English bomb shelter, England, 1940-41,
Woman looks out her door, Belhaven Street, London's East End, 1977,
Soldier and his girl waiting for a train at Chicago Union Station by Jack Delano, February 1943
Lena Horne performs at a Parisian jazz club in 1947, France,
Margaret Atwood, Writer-in residence at Massey College, University of Toronto, 1972
Cotton Gin at Dahomey, Mississippi, circa 1897-1924
A Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London, 1947,
Junk Dealer With Horse-Drawn Wagon, Three Colt Street, London's East End, 1975,
Group of women at George Washington University, Washington, D.C., circa 1924,
CANADA’S WWI NURSING SISTERS: Nursing sisters and patients outside a ward tent, No. 2 Canadian General Hospital, Le Tréport, France, unknown date,
Billboard outside Manhattan Project’s Nuclear Suburb, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1943
U.S. service man shown with the sign expressing typical U.S. humor on the war fronts: The fastest men are also the safest once they learn to dive quickly into foxholes, 1943,
Rollerskating on a Saturday night in Chicago, April 1941,
Men of the 15th Battalion posing with a captured German artillery piece during battle of Amiens, France, August, 1918, WWI,
German prisoners carrying Canadian wounded. Advance east of Arras, France, August, 1918,
War correspondents Janet Flanner and Ernest Hemingway at the Les Deux Magots café located in the 6th arrondissement, 1945, France
Two U.S. marine privates with portable flame-throwing equipment throw a wall of fire into a Japanese-held pillbox, which blocked the way to lwo Jima's Mount Suribachi, 1945,
5-year-old David Rowan visits the moon-like landscape of the space research laboratories at Republic Aviation in Farmingdale, Long Island, N.Y.June 13, 1963, United Press International Telephoto,
John and Jackie Kennedy, official state visit, Ottawa, Ontario, 1961
Broadway Ave, north from Cortlandt Street and Maiden Lane, New York ~ 1913,
Elevated train structure and buildings:Lower Manhattan by Arthur Rothstein, December 1941,
John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy, American Embassy in Paris, 1961
B-25 bomber model in a wind tunnel, Inglewood, California, October 1942
C. H. Best and F. G. Banting, discoverers of insulin, ca. 1924, University of Toronto
Baseball game in San Augustine, Texas, 1939,
Base Hospital No. 7 at Tours, France. American Red Cross Chaplain the Rev. F.M. Eliot with interned German prisoners. October 30, 1918 by Lewis Hine
Orange Packing at Redland, Southern California, circa 1897-1924
First Avenue and East 62nd Street, 1939, New York City, current location of the Ritz Diner. Photo by Sheldon Dick
Jackie Kennedy Onassis, with her husband Aristotle Onassis at right and her son John at left as they emerge from the church following their wedding, Scorpios, Greece, 1968
Broadway from Bowling Green by Arthur Rothstein, December 1941
Dormitory of interned Germans, Fort Douglas, between ca. 1915 and ca. 1920,
Spitalfields Market, London's East End, 1973,
Regal Theater and Savoy Ballroom in the Southside neighborhood, Chicago, 1941 by Russell Lee
Enola O'Connell: the only woman welder at Heil and Co., Milwaukee, maker of gasoline trailers for the Army Air Forces, February 1943
Canadian Prime Minister, William Lyon McKenzie King, American President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Quebec Conference, April 1943, WWII
Sidewheeler Seeandbee at the Detroit Ship Building yard in Wyandotte, 1913
Hotel Imperial, Broadway and West 32nd Street, Union Dime Savings Bank at right and Metropolitan Life tower in background, New York circa 1909,
“Is your journey really necessary”? Battle of Rhinehand, Canadian Personnel Carrier, Rhineland, 1945, WWII
Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity), Servants at Prince de Joinville's quarters, May 1862
Production of a Boeing B-17F (Flying Fortress) heavy bomber, Seattle, 1942
House one mile from harbour after two ships colliding in the Halifax Harbour causing death and destruction in Halifax, Nova Scotia, December 6th, 1917,
Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1930, Toronto
Console of the FERUT computer at the University of Toronto, ca. 1958,
Fire Hall, Court St., north side, between Toronto & Church Sts. Toronto, 1860
Funeral of unidentified dead after two ships collide in the Halifax Harbour causing death and destruction in Halifax, Nova Scotia, December 6th, 1917,
Pier damage caused by a torpedo fired by the German submarine U-518, Bell Island, Newfoundland, 1942,
Armoured car of the Canadian Independent Force during the Battle of Amiens, August, 1918, France, WWI,
Injured and exhausted assault troops are helped ashore at Sword Beach on D-Day, 1943
Macy's department store at Herald Square, by Marjory Collins for the Office of War Information, New York, New York, September 1942,
Central Park: Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, New York, 1901
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