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Mother and baby of family of nine living in field on U.S. Route 70 near the Tennessee River, March 1936,
Spanish Influenza, Medical staff and workers in Surry Hills, Sydney, April 1919 ,
Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, Washington, DC, ~ 1952
Apsáalooke peoples, delegation to Washington, 1880
Long Beach, California, 1910,
Blizzard of 1977: Port Maitland, Ontario, January 28th, 1977
American soldiers in Papau New Guinea with their homemade Christmas tree that is decorated with surgical cotton wool and cigarette cartons in 1942, ,
Telephone operators in High River, Alberta, Canada, Spanish flu pandemic, circa 1918-1920,
Albert Einstein, age 5, Munich, circa 1884 ,
Evacuation of Japanese and Japanese-Americans under United States Army war emergency order, Santa Anita Reception Center, Los Angeles County, California, April 1942
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