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Hitler declares war on the United States - 11th December 1941
The torpedoed Japanese destroyer Yamakaze, as seen through the periscope of an American submarine, USS Nautilus, in June 1942.
German paratroopers with an 88mm FlaK. Southern Italy, 8 November 1943
Luftwaffe Heinkel 111 waist gunner (Circa 1942)
U-185 sinking after being struck by 2 depth charges, dropped by a US Grumman Avenger - 24th August 1943.
"Muklug" - Siberian Husky trained to carry Machine Guns in the event of Japan invading Alaska - 1942.
Wermacht General Anton Dostler being tied to a stake, prior to firing squad execution by the United States - December 1st 1945
12 snipers from the Soviet 3rd Shock Army with 775 confirmed kills. Germany, May 4th 1945.
French women pours a hot cup of tea for a British soldier. Normandy, 1944
British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. A broadcast to the nation announcing that a state of war existed between Britain and Germany. September 3rd 1939.
US Navy A-7E attacking the Hai Duong bridge in North Vietnam during Operation Linebacker - 1972.
A6M Zero about to strike the hull of USS Missouri, April 11th 1945.
United States A-20 Havoc deploys bombs against a Japanese Ki-21 during an airfield bomb run. Circa 1944.
US B-25J of 499th 'Bats Outta Hell' Bomb Squadron attacking Japanese Type-C Escort Vessel No.1 - Taiwan Strait, 6 April 1945.
Men of US 255th Infantry Regiment move through Waldenburg, W├╝rttemberg-Hohenzollern, Germany. April 1945
C47 burning after crashing into Jagdpanther - Eindhoven, 17th Sept 1944.
Surrendered German troops and vehicles, Brenner Pass, Italian-Austrian Border. May 1945.
Pfc. Alfonso Ortega, painting white the crosses used in the first American Military Cemetery at Vierville-sur-Mer. July 7th 1944.
Saddam Hussein press conference, during the Iran/Iraq war, April 2nd 1982, Baghdad.
Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless dive bombers of bombing squadron VB-12 on the flight deck of the USS Saratoga (CV-3) - October 1943.
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