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A US Marine gives a cigarette to a Japanese soldier buried in the sand. Iwo Jima, 1945.
Workmen remove a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS that was found buried in the yard of a home in LA, Feb 1978. The car has been reported stolen in 1974.
Mugshot of John Wojtowicz who unsuccessfully tried to rob a bank in 1972 to pay for his wife Eden's gender reassignment surgery.
Fenian Brotherhood members from Chicago serving in the Irish Brigade of the Boer Republics against Great Britain. @1900.
A horse-drawn street cleaner making the rounds, New York City, 1907
"Big Nims" of the 3rd Battalion, 366th Infantry, who found great amusement in contemplating the grotesque appearance of his comrade with a gas mask adjusted over his face and head. Western Front, @1918.
Exhibit at the Great Apes House, Bronx Zoo featuring "the most dangerous animal in the world." (@1963-67)
Two women on their motorcycles in Great Britain pause for a smoke, 1930's.
Two young punks attending the Sid Vicious memorial march in London, 1979.
M4A3E8 Shermans, with their distinctive unit paint jobs, belonging to C Company, 89th Tank Battalion otherwise known as “Rice’s Red Devils” after its commander Capt. Clifford Rice on the move with accompanying infantry, Korea, 1951.
Members of the Watford Home Defense Unit practicing marksmanship, Watford, 1942
A Lone car passing Soviet tanks during the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia during Prague Spring, Aug 21, 1968.
A generational exchange, London, Kings Road, 1982.
Two Austrian officers in a tunnel carved out of a glacier, part of the Austrian fortifications, on the highest mountain of Tyrol, the Ortler with a hight of 3905m, September 1916.
Rosemary Mariner standing in front of her A-7 Corsair II, 1976. Mariner was the very first female Naval Aviator, the first to fly a front line attack aircraft, the first to land on an aircraft carrier, first to serve aboard a warship and the first to gain command of an aviation squadron.
A child plays with a homemade swing in a vacant lot, Eagle and Westchester Avenues, Bronx, 1970
US Marines pause for a smoke break during fighting in Seoul. September, 1950.
Mary Wells Lawrence, one of the few female ad executives on Madison Avenue during the 1960s sits in her office at Wells-Rich-Greene (of which she was a founding partner), during a presentation, 1966. At the time she was the first and only female CEO of a firm listed on the NYSE.
Frankie Groves suiting up to play football for Stinnet High School in 1947, she played eight plays in the second half against Groom High School
Students in music class listening to an album, 1970.
French troop march past a dog dressed as a German officer, complete with googles and pipe, 1915.
George Metesky, AKA The Mad Bomber, smiling behind bars after his arrest in 1957 for planting 33 bombs in New York City between 1941 and 1957.
A German soldier inspects an 18th century cannon in Jersey, Channel Islands, carrying the monogram "GR" for "Georgius Rex", @1941.
British sentry standing at his post at dawn. France, March 20th 1915.
Marshall Taylor, known as "The Black Cyclone", poses for a photo before a race, 1906-1907.
Afrika Korps tank crewman sits atop his Panzer III, credited with shooting down a British Hurricane fighter aircraft of 274 Squadron on May 16, 1941, in North Africa.
A pair of West Virginian coal miners man a machine gun position during the Battle of Blair Mountain, 1921.
Finnish troops engage Soviets during street fighting in Medvezhyegorsk, Russia.
The skyline of New York City during the Blackout of 1965.
British troops queue on the beach awaiting evacuation at Dunkirk, 1940.
Wehrmacht motorcycle courier equipped for a Russian winter, 1942.
Members of the NYC street gang "The Dirty Ones", Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1970's.
Shanty town dwellings sit in Central Park at the height of the Great Depression, 1933.
German and Soviet soldier converse with Polish railroad workers during the invasion of Poland, September/October of 1939.
Marilyn Monroe posing with an H-19 helicopter during her February 1954 tour in Korea.
62-year-old Finnish-American volunteer soldier Hyvönen on his way to the front, in Mikkeli, Finland, on September 4, 1941
Anti-Soviet Lithuanian partisans Pranas Končius (on the right) with Kazimieras Kontrim-Monte, 1948. Končius would be the last Lithuanian partisan killed in combat with Soviet forces in 1965.
Valérie André, posing with her medical evacuation helicopter in Indochina, 1952-1953. She was veteran of the French resistance, a neurosurgeon, an aviator, earned 7 Croix de Guerre and the first woman to have piloted a helicopter in a combat zone.
Arab slave trader in Royal Navy custody aboard HMS Sphinx off the Zanzibar and Mozambique coast in about 1907., 1907.
Soviet armor entering Budapest in response to the Hungarian Revolution, November 4, 1956
A Boeing P-12 of the U.S. Army Air Corps 55th Pursuit Squadron sporting the units original insignia, 1929.
A French Soldier from the Waffen-SS "Charlemagne" division Eastern Front, 1945
U.S. paratroopers of the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team executing a parachute drop behind enemy lines in the Sunchon area of North Korea in an attempt to cut off retreating North Korean troops. October 25, 1950.
Troops of Company M, 27th U.S. Infantry, American Expeditionary Force Siberia, train in the snow in their muskrat hats, ca. 1918.
Theodore Roosevelt about to begin an exploration of the previously unknown River of Doubt with famed Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon, Matto Grosso, Brazil, 1913.
Portuguese paratrooper nurse (Paraquedista), Rosa Serra treats a young boy. Guinea-Bissau, @mid-1960's.
Members of a chain gang building roads for the state of South Carolina. Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, SC 1917.
The last hut of the Bergen-Belson Concentration Camp burns after being set afire by a British flamethrower. May, 1945
Russian Emperor Tsar Nicholas II looking through a periscope at the enemy position on the front line of the Eastern front, @1916, Colorized.
Japanese Special Naval Forces at the Battle of Shanghai in 1937.
Marines of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines "The Walking Dead" rest in an An Hoa Church, May 1967.
Residents of Prague surround Soviet tanks in front of the Czechoslovak Radio building during the first day of the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia, on August 21, 1968.
US troops patrol Washington, D.C.'s Seventh Street on April 6, 1968, amid the rioting caused by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
The ruins of Major-General Wheelers entrenchment after the relief of Cawnpore, 1857 Indian Mutiny.
The Jewish Blankett brothers, who all fought for Finland 1939-1945
Downtown Kilgore, Texas, 1942.
The German village of Friesoythe, razed by Candian troops in misguided revenge, April 14, 1945
October 22, 1964, the United States government detonates an underground nuclear device in Lamar County, in south Mississippi.
A young boy observes the Bronx River from a vacant lot. Bronx, NY, @1970
A North African volunteer of the Wehrmacht's Free Arabian Legion, most likely in occupied Greece, @1943
Troops of the Boer Staatsartillerie (State Artillery) pose with their QF 1-pounder (37mm) pom-pom in Ermelo, South Africa, 1900.
The Sex Pistols making their debut in London at St Martin’s School Of Art. They opened for a band called Bazooka Joe, which included the future Adam Ant, Stuart Goddard. The Pistols’ set lasted 10 minutes, November 6, 1975
USMC beach wreckage in the aftermath of the initial landings, Iwo Jima, 1945
German detainees in a beer garden in the Crystal City Internment Camp in Crystal City, Texas, 1944.
Mobot Mark II! The mobile robot was built by the Hughes Aircraft Company, 1961
Soviet APCs in Afghanistan at a small encampment near Kabul, Jan. 7, 1980, after elements of the Soviet armed forces made their controversial entry into Afghanistan territory.
William Sanford Mhoon wife standing outside their combination furniture-undertaking store in Honey Grove, Texas, circa 1910.
Shinpan Gusukuma leads Karate training in front of Shuri Castle, Okinawa, Japan, circa, 1938
A French Soldier from the Waffen-SS "Charlemagne" division during the Battle of Berlin, - April 23rd, 1945.
Members of Major Jean "Black Jack" Schramme's mercenary 10 Commando. Congo, @1967
Members of the Spanish Legion pose for a photo during the Ifni War in Western Sahara, 1957-58.
A Cossack officer observing the advance, Eastern Front, @1942.
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