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German Jewish soldiers celebrate the 7th night of Hanukkah on the Eastern Front, Russia; 1916
Jewish tomes hidden in the attic of Riga's last synagogue; Latvia, 1991
Polish prisoners toast to their liberation from Dachau concentration camp; 1945
A Jewish man trudges past the ruins of the main synagogue on Wolborska Street, Łódź Ghetto; Winter 1940
Jewish children at Hebrew School in Harlem; c.1940s
Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel as part of Operation Solomon, arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel; 1991
Shabbat service, lead by Rabbi Herschel Schacter, for the newly liberated inmates of Buchenwald; 1945
Ottoman officials surrender the city of Jerusalem to the British, 1917
Yiddish storefront signs in the Jewish Ghetto, Lower East Side, NYC; 1908
Slit trenches at a German strongpoint lined with desecrated Jewish tombstones, Thessaloniki; 1944
Mothers with their newborn children following the liberation of Dachau, 1945
A Haganah soldier, also an Auschwitz survivor, stands on sentry duty in Jaffa, (now Tel Aviv-(Yafo); 1945
Danish resistance to German occupation turns to violent protest; Odense, Denmark; 1943
Prisoner weeps upon being told he is not leaving with the first group to the hospital, Wöbbelin concentration camp; 1945 (Colorized)
Indian Jewish scholars in Mumbai, British India; 1856
Liberated prisoners of Ebensee concentration camp, Austrian Alps; 1945 (Colorized)
Protesters barricade Cable Street against a British Fascists' march through the Jewish neighbourhood of Stepney, East End of London; 1936 (Colorized)
Chinese soldiers moving via the Great Wall, northwest of Japanese-occupied Beijing; October, 1937
Jewish schoolchildren, Mukachevo, Ukraine; 1938
Passover Eve at the Displaced Persons Camp in Feldafing, Germany; 1947
The last Jew of Vinnytsia, Ukraine; 1941
Crate containing thousands of Jews' wedding rings discovered by U.S. soldiers amidst a Nazi treasure cache, Heilbronn Salt Mines, Germany; 1945
Liberated Jews of Bergen-Belsen hold an outdoor service to celebrate Shavuot, at the former German Panzer Training School; May 1945
Jews and British soldiers make amends to celebrate the UN resolution declaring the partitioning of a Jewish state, 1947.
PM David Ben-Gurion of Israel visits Albert Einstein at his home in Princeton, NJ; 1951
Danish Jews being smuggled across the Øresund into Sweden by the Danish Resistance; 1943
Jewish children studying Torah in a cave, Haidan A-Sham, Yemen; 1992
Rabbis march on the American Capitol calling for Allied intervention to prevent the destruction of European Jewry, in Washington, United States; 1943
Impoverished Jews outside a soup shelter in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1942
Rabbis captured for interrogation during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, rounded up on Nowolipie St, Warsaw; 1943
Jewish soldiers of the French Foreign Legion with the Jewish community in Sousse, Tunisia; Passover 1940
Jewish American soldier attends synagogue for Rosh Hashanah, post-war Berlin; 1945
Jewish soldiers dancing at the Western Wall shortly after the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem; 1967
Jewish children studying with their Rabbi, Samarkand, Uzbekistan; 1911
Israelis pour into the streets in celebration after Maccabi Tel Aviv's against-all-odds victory in the European Cup; February, 1977
Markets in the Mellah (Jewish Quarter) of Fez, Morocco; 1894
A nurse reads from the newspaper to newly arrived Yemeni refugees in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel; 1950
Jewish veteran of the Soviet Union - honourably discharged - arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel; 1992
Jewish men arrested following the Kristallnacht pogroms stand for roll call, Buchenwald concentration camp; 1938
Jewish Wedding at Waterford Courthouse, 1901
Albert Einstein and his sister, Maria, at the World's Fair; 1939.
U.N. and South Korean boats evacuate North Korean refugees from the Communist advance on Hungnam; Christmas, 1950
Besieged by the Arab legion, artillery fire and flares light up the Old City of Jerusalem; July 1948
Family of Danish Jews smuggled into Sweden having Christmas dinner with their host Swedish family, Landskrona; 1944
Sigmund Freud with his daughter, Anna, fleeing Nazi-occupied Vienna for London; 1938
Husband and wife separated upon deportation in 1941, reunited in Haifa, Israel; 1946
Paratroopers who fought at the Battle of Jerusalem attend a comrade's wedding at the Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem, Israel; 1967
Russian inmate liberated by the U.S. Army identifies a former guard who was brutally beating prisoners, Buchenwald concentration camp; 1945 (OP u/brasaretheoppressor, link is in comments)
The Jewish flag is hoisted at the Israeli Embassy in London, following Britain's public recognition of the newly formed Jewish State; 1949.
German police humiliate rabbi, forcing him to pray barefoot wearing his defiled shawl and phylacteries, Olkusz, Poland; Bloody Wednesday, 1940
Four generations of Bukharan Jews celebrate Hanukkah in Tel Aviv, Israel; 1959
Scholar and his pupils in Jerusalem, Israel; 1955
Berber Jews gather for Torah study, Taznakht, Morocco; 1954
Weaving workshop at a Yeshiva in Sighet, Hungary (now Romania); 1930s
Jewish 'Kindertransport' being called for dinner, United Kingdom; 1939
Chinese Jews in the courtyard of the Trinity Cathedral in Kaifeng, China; 1924
Buchenwald survivors aboard the refugee ship 'Mataro'ah' docked in the port of Haifa, facing arrest by the British; 1945
Jews taking shelter in an East End wine cellar, London, UK; 1940
Aftermath of the Great Fire of Thessaloniki; 1917
Soviet tanks outside the Brandenburg Gate, shortly after the fall of Berlin; 1945
Armenian repatriates in Haifa, British Mandate, awaiting transport to Armenia; 1947
Albert Einstein plays violin for a charity concert at the New Synagogue, Berlin; 1930
Zejneba Hardaga, hides the yellow Star of her Jewish friend, Rivka Kavillo, behind her Burqa veil. Sarajevo, Bosnia; 1941
Tearful Jewish soldiers embrace and kiss the Western Wall after capturing the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordan; 1967
Onlookers crowd an overhead pass to witness the forced relocation of Japanese-Americans, Seattle; 1942
Kosher Chinese restaurant on the Lower East Side, New York, United States; c. 1960s
Baby born en route to Israel during Operation Solomon, Ben Gurion Airport; 1991
Funeral procession carrying ashes of Holocaust victims to be laid to rest in Jerusalem, Israel; 1948
Haganah Dispatch Rider, Drora Harehuveni, Israel; 1948
Rabbi and student in Haidan, Yemen; 1983
Jewish pilgrims mourn at the hallowed Wailing Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem; 1870s
Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill meet to discuss the postwar re-establishment of the nations of Europe in Yalta, USSR; 1945
Rabbi Avraham Alter with his entourage in Karlsbad, Czechia; 1930s
Greek Jews gather to read the newspaper, Thessaloniki, Greece; 1916
Jews lighting the Chanukah candles in the Westerbork transit camp, Occupied Netherlands; 1943
The Great Synagogue of Sydney, Australia; 1890
Jewish soldiers on guard in Tel Aviv near the border with the neighbouring Arab city of Jaffa; 1948
Welcoming the Sabbath at the Mevaseret Zion Absorption Center, Jerusalem, Israel; 1990
The 6th Chabad Rebbe, Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, plays a game of chess with his son-in-law and successor, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria ; 1937
Jewish American soldiers commemorating Tisha B'av, Miami Beach; 1943
Sukkot Pilgrimage through the Old City of Jerusalem; 1945
Villagers helping a boatload of Jewish refugees to the shore of Nahariya, Israel (roughly 30km north of Haifa); 1948
Vietnamese Refugees in transit to the arrivals terminal, Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel; 1977
Jews congregating outside a New York synagogue on the eve of the Jewish New Year, 1912
Habbani Yemenite Jews celebrating Passover at their new home in Tel Aviv; 1946
Mahatma Gandhi attends the Round Table Conference to discuss constitutional reform of a self-governing India, London; 1931
Israel's Prime Minister Eshkol and members of the Knesset greet Pope Paul VI and ambassadors of the Vatican, in Megiddo, Northern Israel; 1964
Shabbat evening in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, USSR; 1988
Jewish Israelis gathered at the Western Wall celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem, Israel; 1967
Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel, 1959
LEFT-RIGHT Lord Balfour, Herbert Samuel (British High Commissioner), Judah Magnes (University Chancellor), and Chaim Weizmann; Inauguration of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1918
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