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Lt. Col. Robert Stirm, is greeted by his family, returning home after more than five years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. 1973
Troops of the Eight-Nation Alliance in 1900. Left to right: Britain, United States, Australia,India, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Japan
Anti-Apartheid protesters sprayed with a water cannon shooting purple dye to mark the demonstrators for arrest. South Africa, 1989.
Fall of the Berlin Wall, November 1989.
Red Army soldier with a kitten during WWII
10-year-old japanese boy carries his deceased brother to a cremation pyre, Nagasaki, 1945.
Sicilian peasant telling an American soldier which way the Germans had gone. Siciliy, 1943.
The decapitated head of Joseph Stalin statue during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
Tsar Nicholas II, 1899.
Falklands War. Steel helmets abandoned by Argentine armed forces who surrendered at Goose Green. May 1982.
League of German Girls dancing during the Reichs Party Congress
Protesters march during prohibition. Chicago 1920's.
A Royal Air Force pilot at Fairlop airfield in Essex has a haircut during a break between sweeps. 1942.
Tsarevich Nicholas (future Tsar Nicholas II) at Nagasaki during his eastern journey, 1891.
Memphis Sanitation Workers marched during a strike for better wages and working conditions. March, 1968.
Dr. von Braun stands by the five F-1 engines of the Saturn V Dynamic Test Vehicle on display at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The engines measured 19-feet tall by 12.5-feet at the nozzle exit. 1960s.
Kaiser Wilhelm snowman with a knife stabbed into it during WW1. Udine, Italy, 1916
Rosalind Franklin, English chemist and X-ray crystallographer who made contributions to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA. 1950s
Liberation of Auschwitz, 1945. Photo by Boris Ignatovich
Reich Party Congress, Nuremburg, 1938.
American antiwar protestors splash around in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool during a rally against the war in Vietnam, Washington, DC, May 9, 1970.
Ms. Grace Weaver, a civil service worker at the Naval Air Base, and a school teacher before the war. Weaver paints the American insignia on repaired Navy plane wings. 1942
A small boy strolls down a road lined with dead bodies near the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, 1945.
Women Parliamentarians of Iran in front of the gate of the Iranian Parliament (Baharestan), mid 1970s.
Aerial view of the road through Mitla Pass dotted with wrecked Egyptian vehicles and armour after Israel air force attacks. June 1967
A trampled star on Palace Square in Saint Petersburg during Russian Revolution, 1918.
The Liberation of Bergen-belsen Concentration Camp: women inmates collect their bread ration from one of the five camp cookhouses. 1945.
Gold seekers during Klondike gold rush, 1897.
A Viet Cong guerrilla stands guard in the Mekong Delta. 1970s.
Women needing care in the hospital huts, after the liberation of Bergen Belsen extermination camp, 1945.
U.S. Army officer in Vietnam using a cigarette to burn leeches off his forearms, photograph by Larry Burrows. 1960s
Czech protesters hold a banner in 1968 reading "USSR, never again"
To spread political views, soldiers release balloons holding leaflets in Taiwan, January 1969
Aged civilians confronting the german paratroopers at Kondomari, Crete, 1941.
US marine Sgt. Jeremiah Purdie reaches to help an injured comrade after a fierce firefight for control of Hill 484 in South Vietnam. Photo by Larry Burrows. 1966.
Nicholas II of Russia, Grand Dukes Boris, Andrei and Kirill of Russia, Grand Duke Ernst and Prince Nicholas of Greece. Hess, 1899.
A soldier in the ''Ice City'' on Dolomites during WWI. 1917.
A company of men has set up its office between the columns of an ancient Greek temple, built about 700 B.C. Paestum, Italy. September 1943.
A Soviet soldier surrounded by colleagues photographs May Day parades in Moscow, March 1966.
Overview of the mass roll-call of SA, SS and NSKK troops. Nuremberg, November 9, 1935.
A Detroit firefighter collapses against the side of a department vehicle after battling one of the 1,609 structures that were damaged in the city during July 1967 protests.
Apollo 17 Saturn V rocket on Pad 39-A at dusk. This was the last human flight to the moon. Cape Canaveral - 1972.
Bucharest’s residents protect themselves from the crossfire during clashes in the Republican square in Bucharest, Romania, December 23, 1989. . © Charles Platiau
A photograph which purports to show Republican militiamen shooting at the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Cerro de los Ángeles near Madrid, Spain during the Spanish Civil War. The photograph was given wide distribution by the Nationalists during the war. 1930s.
A pyramid of barrels prepared for a bonfire to celebrate July 4th, on Gallows Hill, Salem, MA, 1940's
Dorothy Counts, the first and at the time only black student to enroll in the newly desegregated Harry Harding High School in Charlotte (NC), is mocked by protestors on her first day of school. 1957
Queen Elizabeth II is amused. 1974
Serbian Paramilitary kicks a dead woman's body, Bosnia, 1992
Annaliese Kohlmann, former Nazi female guard noted for her cruelty, Bergen-Belsen, 1945.
German troops climbing Mount Elbrus in Russia, Europe's highest peak. August 1942.
East German border policemen refusing to shake hands with a Berliner over the border fence in November, 1989
Troops watch the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Naples, Italy, 1944.
Pope Pio XII visits citizens of Rome after a bombing during Second World War. July 20, 1943.
Police officer Don Acton weeps at the funeral of Sergeant Brian Dawson, who was shot during an armed siege in Leicester. 1975
Hans Bonarewitz being led to his execution by the Mauthausen Concentration Camp orchestra following a failed escape attempt. He was locked in the crate for a week before finally being executed, 1942.
Life photographer Larry Burrows attaches cameras to helicopter Yankee Papa 13 prior to a mission during the Vietnam War in 1965.
Reich Party Congress, Nuremburg, Germany, 1938
Italian civilians are arrested in Rome by German troops following the partisan attack on occupying soldiers, 1944
Baker standing in front of the "American Bakery" which displays signs in Armenian, Ladino (in Hebrew characters), English, Ottoman Turkish, Greek and Russian with samples of bread attached to the mullions. Ortaköy, Istanbul, Turkey, 1922
Highway near Saingon strewn with combat boots and uniforms abandoned by South Vietnamese soldiers, hoping to hide their status after the loss of the war. 1975.
Maiori (near Salerno). September 19th, 1943. A British surgical unit works in an operating room set up in a church.
A Bosnian special forces soldier returns fire in downtown Sarajevo as he and civilians come under fire from Serbian snipers during Bosnian war. April 1992.
Paris Mayor Jacques Chirac with a young Nicolas Sarkozy, 1981.
A British soldier hiding from the rain under an overturned Tiger tank. Italy, 1944
Nixon meets anti-war protestors at Lincon Memorial he morning after a televised press conference on the Kent State shootings, May 9 1970.
The painter Theodor Rosenhauer in the midst of ruins in Dresden working on his oil painting "View of the Japanese Palace after the Bombing". Photo by Richard Peter sen. 1945.
Auschwitz aerial view, RAF reconnaissance picture, 1944.
Barber at work after an Allied bombing, Milan (Italy), August 1943.
People look up into the sky as Apollo 11 rocketed into space, 1969.
Emiliano Zaata and his Staff. ca. 1910-1919.
Nicholas II of Russia, Empress Alexandra, Grand Dukes Boris, Andrei and Kirill of Russia, Grand Duke Ernst and Grand Duchess Victoria Melita of Hesse, and Prince Nicholas of Greece in 1899
American Nazis parade on East 86th St. in New York City around 1939
A member of Lotta-Svard. It was a Finnish voluntary auxiliary paramilitary organisation for women. During the Second World War, it mobilized to replace men conscripted into the army. It served in hospitals, at air raid warning positions, and other auxiliary tasks. 1940s.
Surrounded by government troops, Hmong rebels beseech the help of journalists arriving at the camp in the jungle of Laos. 1970s.
Dachau concentration camp inmates on a death march, April 1945, photographed walking through a German village, heading in the direction of Wolfratshausen, Bavaria. April 1945.
Class held in a train wagon, Ontario, Canada, 1932
Indigenous Bolivian cholitas check out the latest merchandise in a La Paz appliance store. 1943. Photograph by Fenno Jacobs
President and Mrs. Johnson and Vice President Agnew watch Apollo 11 lift off at Cape Canaveral, 1969.
The body of Heinrich Himmler lying on the floor of British 2nd Army HQ after his suicide on 23 May 1945.
Italian Soldier during WWI. April 1916 - Vinigo di Cadore.
Young Winston Churchill in uniform, 1890s.
Immigrants arrive Camp Upton on Long Island for induction into the U.S. Army. Photo by F.M. Stefano. 1917.
England. Coventry. 1940. World War II. After a night bomber raid, a tea car serves tea to rescue workers the following morning.
Hiroshima bomb, 72 years today.
Police throw tear gas at a group of chanting Modderdam squatter camp residents protesting against the demolition of their homes outside Cape Town. South Africa, 1977
A silent protest on the day that troops of the Warsaw Pact have entered Prague to put an end to the Prague Spring. 1968.
Milan, 1943, war propaganda of the RSI after the armistice: "The war continues against Great Britain and will continue until the victory"
Rock n' Roll in Teheran, 1960s.
Belgium, Near Bastogne. December 23rd-26th, 1944. A US soldier with a German prisoner of war during the Battle of the Bulge.
Cranes lift the face of a statue from the Abu Simbel Temples in Egypt, May 1966.
De Gaulle and Lyndon B. Johnson meeting at Konrad Adenauer's funeral, with President of West Germany Heinrich Lübke (center), April 1967. In September 1966, in a famous speech in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, he expressed France's disapproval of the US involvement in the Vietnam War.
A German soldier checks the documents of an Italian civilian near Milan in 1944.
September 19, 1943. Two soldiers in a hospital set up in a church. Maiori, Italy.
Two German officers partake in a drunken drinking game in a bar in Norway in July 1942
Workers swarm over scaffolding to erect the Nagarjuna Sagar dam in India, May 1963.
Philippe Petit walk on a wire between the roofs of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, a quarter mile above the ground. August 6, 1974.
Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero Molina orders everyone to remain seated and be quiet after 200 armed Guardia Civil soldiers stormed the Assembly Hall of the Spanish Parliament. Mdrid, Spain, 1981
A soldier on patrol during ''The Trobles'', North Ireland, 1974.
A PIDE secret policeman is arrested during Spinola's coup against Salazar's regime. Portugal, 1974.
German soldiers examine helmets left on the beach at Dunkirk by British and French soldiers. 1940.
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